Vector Fields

Some typical vector fields are shown below, together with their components using the standard rectangular basis vectors. These vector fields can be useful visual aids when discussing divergence and curl. All of the figures are in fact three-dimensional, and can be rotated by dragging with the mouse.
2006 Renie Award These applets are included in the National Curve Bank (direct link), where they won the 2006 Renie Award. The figures were originally drawn using Maple, then converted to JAVA using JavaViewLib.
F1 = i F2 = x i + y j
F3 = -y i + x j F4 = x i + y j + z k
E = (x i + y j + z k)/r3 B = (-y i + x j)/r2
(Be careful to distinguish the spherical radial coordinate r in E from the cylindrical radial coordinate r in B.)