Classes Instructor
Math 312: Advanced Calculus II (S17) Vrushali A. Bokil
Math 656/659: Computational Wave Propagation (S17) Vrushali A. Bokil
MTH 355 - Discrete Mathematics (Section 001) Elaine Cozzi
MTH 355 - Discrete Mathematics (Section 002) Elaine Cozzi
MTH 256H: Differential Equations Radu Dascaliuc
MTH 228 Calculus and Probability for the Life Sciences Patrick De Leenheer
MTH 254H: Vector Calculus I (Fall 2016) Tevian Dray
MTH 434/534: Differential Geometry (Winter 2017) Tevian Dray
MTH 437/537: General Relativity (Spring 2017) Tevian Dray
MTH 323 Spring 2017 Nathan L. Gibson
MTH 251 spring 2017 ecampus Ryan A. Hass
MTH 306 spring 2017 Ryan A. Hass
MTH 351 spring 2017 Ryan A. Hass
MTH 306 Matrix and Power Series Methods (to be posted online) Yevgeniy Kovchegov
MTH 341 Linear Algebra I (to be posted online) Yevgeniy Kovchegov
MTH 607 Probability Seminar Yevgeniy Kovchegov
MTH 252 - Integral Calculus Giang Le
MTH 341 - Linear Algebra Giang Le
Math 252H (CRN 23577) Filix Maisch
Math 306 (CRN 19322) Filix Maisch
Math 306 (CRN 19942) Filix Maisch
Math 342 - Linear Algebra II Kevin J. McGown
MTH 355, Discrete Mathematics Mina E. Ossiander
MTH 463/563, Probability I Mina E. Ossiander
AMC Seminar Malgorzata Peszynska
AMC Journal Club Malgorzata Peszynska
MTH 599: Introduction to Mathematics as a Profession Malgorzata Peszynska
Topic: Fuchsian Groups Thomas A. Schmidt
Applied Mathematics & Computation Seminar Ralph E. Showalter
MTH 311: Advanced Calculus (Fall, 2017) Ralph E. Showalter
MTH 627: Advanced Partial Differential Equations (Fall, 2017) Ralph E. Showalter
Graduate Algebra II Holly Swisher
Introduction to Modern Algebra Holly Swisher