Date/Time Location Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker Host
02/22/2016 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Jared Whitehead Radu Dascaliuc
02/29/2016 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Charles Doering Enrique A. Thomann
04/04/2016 Colloquium tba Jayadev Athreya Thomas A. Schmidt
04/18/2016 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Gerald Williams William A. Bogley
04/25/2016 kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Mary Pilgrim Thomas P. Dick
05/02/2016 TBD Colloquium Quantum and Fluid Mechanics of Global Warming Brad Marston Vrushali A. Bokil
05/10/2016 TBD Lonseth Lecture TBA Richard Tapia Enrique A. Thomann
05/16/2016 KIdder 350 Colloquium TBA Chris Rasmussen Mary Beisiegel
05/23/2016 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Amber Puha Edward C. Waymire