Date/Time Location Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker Host
09/25/2017 Kidder 350 Colloquium Isn't It Just Intuitive? Investigation Subtleties of the Multiplication Principle Elise Lockwood
10/02/2017 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Holly Swisher
10/09/2017 Colloquium The Geometry of Cell Motility for Dictyostelium Cells; an Example of Mathematically Aided Biology John Loustau
10/16/2017 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Mary Beisiegel
10/23/2017 TBD Colloquium TBA Sarka Necasova
10/30/2017 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Elaine Cozzi
11/06/2017 Kidder 350 Colloquium TBA Vrushali A. Bokil
11/13/2017 Kidder Hall 350 Colloquium From Lecture to Active Learning David Pengelley