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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
12/02/2016 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No meeting today
11/30/2016 Mathematical Biology Seminar Malaria Modeling: Eulerian Approach Ricardo Reyes-Grimaldo
11/29/2016 Number Theory Seminar Retrospective
11/28/2016 Colloquium On vortex sheets and mean field games David Ambrose
11/28/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar Belyi Functions have Associated Subgroups of the Free Group of Rank Two Charles Camacho
11/22/2016 Number Theory Seminar harmonic maass forms applied to partition and q-series identities Chris Jennings-Shaffer
11/21/2016 Analysis Seminar Incompressible Euler equations and the effect of changes at a distance Elaine Cozzi
11/21/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar A brief discussion towards the Hsiang-Kleiner's theorem Zheting Dong
11/18/2016 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Stochastic Parametrization in Ocean Dynamics and in Glassy Systems Juan M. Restrepo
11/16/2016 Mathematical Biology Seminar Stationary distribution for Moran process Yevgeniy Kovchegov
11/15/2016 Number Theory Seminar Zeros of the cusp form $E_k^3 - E_{3k}$. Jetjaroen Klangwang
11/14/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Brett Calhoon
11/14/2016 Analysis Seminar Combinatorics in layered media (continued0 Enrique A. Thomann
11/14/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar An Hour with Quivers and Gabriel’s Theorem Brett Calhoon
11/11/2016 Ph.D.Defense Multi-objective Optimization of Reservoir Operation Under Uncertainty with Robust and Flexible Decision Variables Parnian Hosseini
11/09/2016 Mathematical Biology Seminar Modeling the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas. Enrique A. Thomann
11/08/2016 Number Theory Seminar Natural extensions of Hitoshi Nakada's alpha-expansions, and a Theorem of Legendre Cor Kraaikamp
11/07/2016 Colloquium New Perspectives in Discrete Probability and Its Applications Yevgeniy Kovchegov
11/07/2016 Analysis Seminar Combinatorics in Layer media. Enrique A. Thomann
11/07/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar Introduction to compact Lie group actions on smooth manifolds Zheting Dong