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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
12/05/2014 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Effect of porous medium topology and morphology on residual non-wetting phase trapping Linnea Andersson
12/04/2014 Mathematical Biology Seminar Computational identification of disease-associated structural features in long noncoding RNAs David Hendrix
12/02/2014 Number Theory Seminar Deterministic Primality test for Gaussian Mersenne Numbers and Eisenstein Mersenne Numbers Boris Iskra
12/01/2014 Analysis Seminar Sobolev regularity of solutions to the Euler equations Elaine Cozzi
12/01/2014 Geometry-Topology Seminar Introduction to the Kontsevich Integral Allison Stacey
11/25/2014 Number Theory Seminar Low degree eigenvalues Thomas A. Schmidt
11/25/2014 Probability Seminar Phase transition in ferromagnetic Ising model with a cell-board external field Anatoly Yambartsev
11/24/2014 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Adventures of P-adics. Thomas Morrill
11/24/2014 Analysis Seminar Control and the wave equation David V. Finch
11/21/2014 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Predicting the fate of leaky wells near geologic CO2 sequestration operations Nicolas Huerta
11/20/2014 Mathematical Biology Seminar Computational modeling of biofilms Malgorzata Peszynska
11/18/2014 Number Theory Seminar Dobrowolski's lower bound for Mahler measure Chris Sinclair
11/17/2014 External Physics Colloquium: Investigating student understanding at the upper division: thermal physics and the related mathematics John Thompson
11/17/2014 Special Tea Meet IPC Organizers
11/17/2014 Geometry-Topology Seminar Computing bases for homology groups of surfaces. Amir Nayyeri
11/17/2014 Analysis Seminar An Introduction to Sobolev Spaces Zackery Reed
11/14/2014 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar The Law of Diminishing Returns and Other Variations on Weierstrass (maximization) Theorem Rolf Fare
11/13/2014 Mathematical Biology Seminar Discrete-Time Models for Honeybee Swarm Site-Selection Torrey Johnson
11/11/2014 Probability Seminar Applying Dynkin's isomorphism: an alternative approach to understand the Markov property of the de Wijs process Debashis Mondal
11/11/2014 Number Theory Seminar Finite groups arising in the study of asphericity William A. Bogley