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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
11/21/2017 Number Theory Seminar Genus numbers of cubic fields Kevin McGown
11/21/2017 Probability Seminar When 4th Moments Are Enough Ed Waymire
11/21/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar presentation Teena Gerhardt
11/20/2017 Analysis Seminar Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons in the Chemostat Patrick De Leenheer
11/17/2017 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Ocean Momentum Exchanges and Dispersion due to Breaking Waves Juan M. Restrepo
11/15/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar Nonlinear functional responses and ecological pleiotropy alter the strength of disruptive selection in consumers Kyle Coblentz
11/15/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Discussion of Proofs and Refutations by Imre Lakatos Thomas P. Dick
11/14/2017 Number Theory Seminar Small non-trivial heights of totally p-adic numbers of degree 3 Emerald Stacy
11/13/2017 Colloquium From Lecture to Active Learning David Pengelley
11/13/2017 Geometry-Topology Seminar A New Family Satisfying the Intersection Graph Conjecture. Allison Katharine Stacey
11/13/2017 Analysis Seminar Uniqueness, Non-Uniqueness, Explosion, and Duality: u'(t) = -u(t) +u^2(\alpha t); u(0) = u_0 in {0,1}; \alpha >0. Ed Waymire
11/09/2017 NRT meeting
11/08/2017 Department Event Grad student social: first years meet others Branwen Purdy
11/08/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar TBA
11/07/2017 Number Theory Seminar Invariant measures for expanding maps, Part 2 Thomas A. Schmidt
11/07/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar MAA's Instructional Practice Guide: Introduction to a new resource Beth Burroughs
11/06/2017 Colloquium Compatible Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations in Complex Materials Vrushali A. Bokil
11/06/2017 Geometry-Topology Seminar A quaternionic unraveling of the double-twist in three-space David Pengelley
11/04/2017 Pacific Northwest Probability Seminar The Nineteenth Northwest Probability Seminar
11/03/2017 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar CANCELLED: Experience as an NRT Fellow 2016-17 and PNNL intern Summer 2017 Will Mayfield