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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/16/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Ricardo Reyes Grimaldo Malaria Modeling, Stability and Control.
07/13/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - Topological Data Analysis Branwen Purdy
07/11/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Huanqun Jiang Optimal bail-out dividend strategy with restricted rate and its numerical solution by the semi-smooth Newton method
07/11/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - Number THeory Clayton Petsche
07/09/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Claire Gibbons Mathematics Graduate Teaching Assistants and how they learn to teach.
07/06/2018 Department Colloquium Dynamics of Complex Singularities of Nonlinear PDEs Andre Weideman
07/02/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar The ABC pedagogy for teaching mathematics Naveen Somasunderam
06/27/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Dionysus Birnbaum Mathematics of Paper Folding
06/13/2018 Ph.D.Defense On Small Heights of Totally p-adic Numbers
06/08/2018 M.Sc.Defense Topological Data Analysis and Sensor Coverage Problems Branwen Purdy
06/07/2018 M.Sc.Defense Hypergeometric Functions Over Finite Fields Michael Allen
06/06/2018 Mathematical Biology Seminar Detecting emergent behavior in complex systems Mat Titus
06/06/2018 Mathematics Education Seminar An Active Learning Strategy for INTO Calculus Naveen Somasunderam PhD Candidate
06/05/2018 Number Theory Seminar Rauzy Fractals Ayse Yiltekin
06/04/2018 Department Colloquium A Key to the Secret Garden of Partial Differential Equations Adam Larios
06/04/2018 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Davis-Okun conjecture and hyperplane arrangements Giang Le
05/31/2018 M.Sc.Defense "Mathematical and Computational Considerations of a Model of Microbiologically Induced Calcite Precipitation" Zachary Barry
05/30/2018 Department Event Spring Meeting for Graduate Students and the G.C. Chair
05/30/2018 Mathematical Biology Seminar Wavelet Analysis on Graphs and Applications to Complex Systems Zach Gelbaum
05/30/2018 Ph.D.Defense "Zeros of Certain Combinations of Products of Eisenstein Series"