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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
01/29/2015 Probability Seminar Dynamic resources allocation in wireless links. A MDP formulation. Jesus Perez
01/28/2015 Mathematics Education Seminar Dr. Adiredja's research talk Aditya Adiredja
01/27/2015 Number Theory Seminar Invariant measures for nonprimitive adic transformations Albert M. Fisher
01/26/2015 Colloquium Efficient and Accurate Numerical Solutions for Helmholtz Equation Yau Shu Wong
01/26/2015 Geometry-Topology Seminar 3-manifolds that are unions of tori Dennis J. Garity
01/26/2015 Analysis Seminar Analogies between the Non-Dissipative 2D Quasi-Geostrophic Equations and 3D Euler Equations Zackery Reed
01/23/2015 Seminar Symbolic Dynamical Systems Seminar Robert M. Burton
01/23/2015 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Earthquake Modeling: Successes and Limitations John Nabelek
01/22/2015 Mathematical Biology Seminar Genome Streamlining Steve Giovannoni
01/20/2015 Number Theory Seminar Continued fractions of first return type Thomas A. Schmidt
01/16/2015 Colloquium Covering systems of congruences - (Note the unusual time) Robert Hough
01/16/2015 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Mathematical modeling of mechanics and geomechanics II. Ralph E. Showalter
01/13/2015 Number Theory Seminar A local to global principle for isometries of projective space Clayton Petsche
01/12/2015 Geometry-Topology Seminar On Shift Dynamics for Cyclically Presented Groups with Positive Length 4 Relators Forrest Parker
01/12/2015 Analysis Seminar No seminar this week
01/09/2015 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Mathematical modeling of mechanics and geomechanics I. Ralph E. Showalter
01/08/2015 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational meeting David Koslicki
01/06/2015 Number Theory Seminar Organizational Meeting Clayton Petsche
01/05/2015 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational Meeting.
01/05/2015 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting