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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
09/28/2016 Mathematical Biology Seminar IndeCut: A novel method for evaluating independent and uniform graph sampling Mitra Ansari
09/27/2016 Number Theory Seminar introduction/scheduling
09/26/2016 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting
09/26/2016 Geometry-Topology Seminar On Hurwitz's Theorem and Triangle Groups William A. Bogley
09/23/2016 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Women in Data Science: introduction to Data Science
09/21/2016 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational meeting
09/16/2016 M.Sc.Defense Noether's theorems in classical dynamics Michael Griffith
09/15/2016 M.Sc.Defense Hamiltonian cycles in DeBruijn graphs over Galois rings Sharon Green
09/09/2016 M.Sc.Defense Persistence of Populations in Environments with an Interface James Rekow
08/22/2016 Ph.D.Defense Nonuniform Sampling of Band-limited Functions Hussain Al-Hammali
08/12/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Affect Towards Mistakes in Counting Samantha McGee TBA
08/10/2016 REU Colloquium REU Final Presentations REU Students
08/10/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Exact Linear Time Computation of the Unifrac Metric and Identification of Differentially Abundant Organisms Jason McClelland
08/09/2016 REU Colloquium REU Final Presentations REU Students
08/08/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Graduate Student Summer Seminar - This seminar has been cancelled TBA
08/05/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Kevin Cramer TBA
08/05/2016 REU Colloquium Ancient Greek Methods of Astronomical Measurement Sarah Hagen
08/03/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Naveen Somasunderam TBA
08/03/2016 REU Colloquium Topological, Algebraic, and Analytical Aspects of Cantor Sets Dennis J. Garity
08/01/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Jason McClelland TBA