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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/22/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Buffered Frobenius Representations Thomas Morrill
07/22/2016 REU Colloquium Uncertainty Quantification Techniques in Electromagnetics Nathan L. Gibson
07/20/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Mathew Titus
07/20/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Mathew Titus TBA
07/20/2016 REU Colloquium Kolmogorov Complexity, and Interactions with Computability Charlie Robson
07/18/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Optimal barrier strategy of dividend paymend discounted by a class of exponential levy processes. Huanqun Jiang
07/18/2016 REU Colloquium The Rankin and Swinnerton-Dyer method on the location of zeros of the Eisenstein series E_k Jetjaroen Klangwang
07/15/2016 REU Colloquium This Colloquium is canceled
07/13/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Triangle Groups Charles Camacho
07/13/2016 REU Colloquium What is the simplest dynamical system and what are some of its methods of construction? Robert M. Burton
07/11/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar On totally p-adic algebraic numbers of degree 3 Emerald Stacy
07/11/2016 REU Colloquium Investigating Mathematical Subtleties of the Multiplication Principle Elise Lockwood
07/08/2016 REU Colloquium An Introduction to Dessins d'Enfants Charles Camacho
07/06/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Student Attitudes Toward Listing as a Strategy for Solving Counting Problems. Sarah Erickson
07/06/2016 REU Colloquium Exploring Group Theory Via Rubik's Cube David Wing
06/29/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar William Felder Branching Brownian Motion in a Strip: Modeling a Population's Response to Climate Change.
06/27/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Kirk McDermott On Decomposable Cyclically Presented Groups
06/22/2016 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Sampling Bandlimited Functions of Polynomial Growth Hussain Al-Hammali
06/10/2016 Department Event Mathematics Graduation Celebration
06/03/2016 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Nonlocal and Mixed-Locality Multiscale Finite Element Method