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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/21/2017 REU Colloquium Interactive Design and Visualization of Branched Covering Spaces Eugene Zhang
07/19/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA Huanqun Jiang
07/19/2017 REU Colloquium The Crossing Number of Complete Graphs Charles Camacho
07/17/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA Michael Renne
07/17/2017 REU Colloquium Lehmer's Conjecture: An Open Problem Emerald Stacy
07/14/2017 REU Colloquium p-adic Henon maps, attractors, and horseshoes Clayton Petsche
07/12/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar An Introduction to Dynamical Galois Theory Jesse Andrews
07/12/2017 REU Colloquium Partitions: Proof by Generating Series Thomas Morrill
07/10/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Understanding Residual Finiteness Samantha Smith
07/10/2017 REU Colloquium When Fourth Moments are Enough Edward C. Waymire
07/05/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Normal Mathematics Allison Arnold-Roksandich
06/16/2017 M.Sc.Defense Amazing Graze: Milking the Cow Problem for Insights about Parametric Integration
06/15/2017 Ph.D.Defense Computable Randomness, and Coding the Orbits of the Collatz Map Charlie Robson
06/15/2017 M.Sc.Defense Improving Min Hash for Metagenomic Taxonomic Profiling Hooman Zabeti
06/14/2017 Student Event MTH 251 Help Session: Review session for final
06/14/2017 Ph.D.Defense Topological and Dynamical Properties of Cyclically Presented Groups
06/13/2017 M.Sc.Defense Kaczmarz and Randomized Kaczmarz Method
06/13/2017 Ph.D.Defense Shift Dynamics of Cyclically Presented Groups with Positive Length Four Relators
06/12/2017 Student Event MTH 112 Help Session: Review session for final
06/12/2017 Student Event MTH 241 Help Session: Review session for final