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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
01/17/2018 Mathematics Education Seminar Tall and Vinner's paper on Concept Image and Concept Definition Elise Lockwood
01/17/2018 Mathematical Biology Seminar TBA
01/16/2018 Number Theory Seminar Continued fractions for rational torsion in Jacobians Thomas A. Schmidt
01/12/2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Phase field models: a tutorial Malgorzata Peszynska
01/11/2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar (SIAM PNW Section seminar) Mathematical models for cell shape Leah Keshet
01/08/2018 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting
01/08/2018 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational meeting.
12/19/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Supporting graduate students for successful teaching experiences Emily Braley and Robin Gottlieb
12/07/2017 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar SIAM PNW Section Seminar: Singular value analysis of Joint Inversion Jodi Mead
12/05/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Active Learning at Penn: 2013-2017, an Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar (EMES) presentation Robin Pemantle
12/01/2017 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Introduction to the theory and algorithms of computed tomography Adel Faridani
11/29/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar Competing Interactions, Periodic Patterns, and Traveling Waves in Discrete Systems Aijun Zhang
11/29/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Discussion of Proofs and Refutations by Imre Lakatos Thomas P. Dick
11/28/2017 Number Theory Seminar No meeting this week
11/27/2017 Colloquium Balanced Processes and their Place Among the Trees Robert Burton
11/27/2017 Analysis Seminar no meeting this week
11/27/2017 Geometry-Topology Seminar Compact Non-negatively Curved Manifolds With ''Large'' Isometry Groups. Zheting Dong
11/21/2017 Number Theory Seminar Genus numbers of cubic fields Kevin McGown
11/21/2017 Probability Seminar When 4th Moments Are Enough Ed Waymire
11/21/2017 Mathematics Education Seminar Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar presentation Teena Gerhardt