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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
08/12/2015 Seminar An Arithmetic Perron-Frobenius Theorem (Final REU Presentation) Robert Costa and Patrick Dynes
08/12/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar (Two-Year )College Instructor Preparation: Enough to Feel Comfortable? Eric Fleming
08/12/2015 Seminar Large Induced Forests in 2-outerplanar Graphs (REU Final Presentation) Kai Lei and Melissa Sherman-Bennett
08/11/2015 Seminar Even-Odd Quantum Walks on the Line (REU Final Presentation) Autumn Asay and Jenia Rousseva
08/11/2015 Seminar Rank Difference Inequalities of Partitions (REU Final Presentation) Ethan Alwaise and Elena Iannuzzi
08/11/2015 Seminar Cryptography (REU Final Presentation) Jessica Covington and Megan Golbek
08/10/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Graduate Student Summer Seminar Zackery Reed
08/07/2015 Seminar Places and Heights (REU Colloquium) Emerald Stacy
08/05/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Math Placement Tests with an emphasis on the ALEKS test Raven Walker
08/05/2015 Seminar Connecting spectral geometry and graph theory through the idea of singular points (REU Colloquium) Liz Stanhope
08/03/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Symmetries In Generalized Combinatorial Maps Stephen Krughoff
07/31/2015 Seminar Semi-groups of Operators and Linear Differential Equations (REU Colloquium) Dwight Holland
07/30/2015 Probability Seminar Piecewise deterministic Markov processes in hydrology Jorge Ramirez
07/29/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Zero-Knowledge Proofs and the Feige-Fiat-Shamir Identification Scheme Sharon Green
07/29/2015 Seminar Topological data analysis using persistence homology (REU Colloquium) Inga Johnson
07/27/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Shannon and metric entropy applied to subshifts of finite type Abby Pekoske
07/27/2015 to 07/31/2015 Conference Computational Representation Theory in Number Theory Workshop
07/24/2015 Seminar Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Disease Dynamics (REU Colloquium) Vrushali A. Bokil
07/22/2015 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Graduate Student Summer Seminar Jesse Andrews
07/22/2015 Seminar Ideal class groups and Cohen-Lenstra heuristics (REU Colloquium) Derek Garton