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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
09/20/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational meeting
09/07/2017 M.Sc.Defense Optimal Control of a Hydro-Power System
09/01/2017 M.Sc.Defense Student Affect Toward Mistakes in the Context of Counting Samantha McGee
08/25/2017 M.Sc.Defense A survey of prime-generating functions Micah Losee
08/22/2017 Ph.D.Defense Mixing Times for Diffusive Lattice-Based Markov Chains
08/16/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Student Affect Toward Mistakes in the Context of Counting Samantha McGee
08/14/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Uniform Distribution of Sequences Naveen Somasunderam
08/14/2017 M.Sc.Defense Magic Squares and Their Math Roots Bin Zhang
08/11/2017 REU Colloquium A mathematical model for opinion dynamics Matt Sottile
08/09/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Self-Similarity In Level Set Trees of Geometric Random Walks Bruno Barbosa
08/09/2017 REU Colloquium Exploring Group Theory Via Rubik's Cube David Wing
08/07/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA Andrew Jensen
08/07/2017 REU Colloquium The tragedy of the commons in the chemostat Patrick De Leenheer
08/04/2017 REU Colloquium Calculus, Cubics, Conics, Quartics and Quadilaterals: A dynamic look at theorems of Siebeck-Marden and Gauss-Lucas Thomas P. Dick
08/02/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA Charles Camacho
08/02/2017 REU Colloquium Machine Learning for Understanding and Managing Ecosystems Tom Dietterich
07/31/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA Dionysus Birnbaum
07/31/2017 REU Colloquium Diffusion in fracture media - Motivation and properties Enrique A. Thomann
07/28/2017 REU Colloquium Combinatorial maps as generalizations of Platonic solids Stephen Krughoff
07/26/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar From Floyd-Richardson example to Lefschetz fixed-point theorem: with some comments concerning differential topology. Zheting Dong