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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
06/16/2017 M.Sc.Defense Amazing Graze: Milking the Cow Problem for Insights about Parametric Integration Kevin Cramer
06/15/2017 Ph.D.Defense Computable Randomness, and Coding the Orbits of the Collatz Map Charlie Robson
06/15/2017 M.Sc.Defense Improving Min Hash for Metagenomic Taxonomic Profiling Hooman Zabeti
06/14/2017 Student Event MTH 251 Help Session: Review session for final
06/14/2017 Ph.D.Defense Topological and Dynamical Properties of Cyclically Presented Groups Kirk McDermott
06/13/2017 M.Sc.Defense Kaczmarz and Randomized Kaczmarz Method Nurideen Abubakari
06/13/2017 Ph.D.Defense Shift Dynamics of Cyclically Presented Groups with Positive Length Four Relators Forrest Parker
06/12/2017 Student Event MTH 112 Help Session: Review session for final
06/12/2017 Student Event MTH 241 Help Session: Review session for final
06/12/2017 Student Event MTH 252 Help Session: Review session for final
06/08/2017 Ph.D.Defense Multiscale Methods and Energy Stable Discretizations for Maxwell's Equations in Linear and Nonlinear Materials Puttha Sakkaplangkul
06/07/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar Exploratory meeting for RFP: NSF MathBioSys
06/06/2017 Number Theory Seminar Minimum Distortion Embeddings into Trees Amir Nayyeri
06/06/2017 M.Sc.Defense Subalgebras of the Split Octonions Lida Bentz
06/05/2017 Analysis Seminar Constant-Energy Solutions of the 3-D Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Sarah Hagen
06/05/2017 Geometry-Topology Seminar Homology of the Loop Space of Spheres Andrey Blinov
06/02/2017 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Convergence and solvers for solving elliptic and parabolic variational inequalities with pointwise constraints Azhar Alhammali
06/01/2017 Student Event MTH 112 Help Session: Exam 2 follow-up
05/31/2017 Mathematical Biology Seminar Mathbio curriculum meeting
05/30/2017 Number Theory Seminar Multipartitions and the Ramanujan Congruences Allison Arnold-Roksandich