Date Event Type Event Name Abstract
09/07/2017 M.Sc.Defense Optimal Control of a Hydro-Power System
09/01/2017 M.Sc.Defense Student Affect Toward Mistakes in the Context of Counting In this study, I seek to examine undergraduate STEM majors’ beliefs about and attitude towards mistakes in the context of counting. This is a particularly fruitful setting for such an investigation both because combinatorics is widely applicable to various fields such as physics, biology, chemistry...
08/25/2017 M.Sc.Defense A survey of prime-generating functions
08/22/2017 Ph.D.Defense Mixing Times for Diffusive Lattice-Based Markov Chains Markov chains have long been used to sample from probability distributions and simulate dynamical systems. In both cases we would like to know how long it takes for the chain's distribution to converge to within $\varepsilon$ of the stationary distribution in total variation distance; the answer to...
08/16/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Student Affect Toward Mistakes in the Context of Counting
08/14/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Uniform Distribution of Sequences In this talk we explore the notion of uniformly distributed (u.d.) sequences. First we give a measure theoretic definition of this notion on the additive circle $\R/\Z$, and show how this connects with fourier analysis through Weyl's criterion. One realizes that u.d. sequences are intimately...
08/14/2017 M.Sc.Defense Magic Squares and Their Math Roots
08/11/2017 REU Colloquium A mathematical model for opinion dynamics
08/09/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Self-Similarity In Level Set Trees of Geometric Random Walks
08/09/2017 REU Colloquium Exploring Group Theory Via Rubik's Cube
08/07/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA
08/07/2017 REU Colloquium The tragedy of the commons in the chemostat
08/04/2017 REU Colloquium Calculus, Cubics, Conics, Quartics and Quadilaterals: A dynamic look at theorems of Siebeck-Marden and Gauss-Lucas
08/02/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA
08/02/2017 REU Colloquium Machine Learning for Understanding and Managing Ecosystems A new area of computer science has been developing over the last 8 years known as Computational Sustainability. It seeks to apply the tools of computer science to solve problems in biological, social, and economic sustainability of the planet. I will describe three projects at Oregon State that we...
07/31/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar TBA
07/31/2017 REU Colloquium Diffusion in fracture media - Motivation and properties
07/28/2017 REU Colloquium Combinatorial maps as generalizations of Platonic solids
07/26/2017 Graduate Student Summer Seminar From Floyd-Richardson example to Lefschetz fixed-point theorem: with some comments concerning differential topology. One may have known the Brouwer fixed-point theorem from basic courses in Topology or Real Analysis, and found that theories concerning the existence of fixed-points are amazing. In this talk we will start however with an well-known example (Floyd-Richardson) regarding a group action on the disc...
07/26/2017 REU Colloquium So you think you understand fractions?