On this website we post links and information about various current events and professional opportunities for graduate students available both on our campus and elsewhere. In particular, here is a link to the Upcoming Opportunities.
Our department encourages and awards graduate student excellence. In particular, we nominate and select our students for Mathematics Department Graduate Awards and external Graduate Awards.


Mathematics graduate students looking for employment should consider these fundamental resources: Employment Services for PhD Mathematicians including a link to mathjobs.org. For those interested in applied and computational mathematics, the website SIAM jobs is great resource of postings and information, including that about internships. The jobs and positions are also advertised in various journals and electronic newsletters such as NA Digest and through the email list SIAM CSE, the biggest Activity Group in SIAM. Students interested in teaching and more broadly academic positions should consult the job search engine at Chronicle of Higher Education. Graduate School and Career Services have provided a link to PhD Student Seeking an Academic Position timeline, and a more general extensive website on Career Services.

Some information is not available through these general postings and is sent to our faculty directly. See the Archive of Opportunities.


You are welcome to attend various events organized by the department, Graduate School, and University. Some require registration, so please watch out for the deadlines


See Graduate Travel, an archive of recent graduate student travel.

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in a variety of professional activities on campus and elsewhere, with various travel support available. Our students participate in the mathematical events local to Pacific Northwest, have traveled to summer schools (e.g., to MSRI (of which we are a member) and to IMA), and participated in various internships and national and international conferences. See the recent list of students who were successful in getting travel and other awards. We advertise the events for graduate students in the Newsletter, by occasional email, and we keep track of these in the list of graduate opportunities.Graduate School maintains a professional development website.

See the variety of possibilities for Graduate Student Travel support.


  • OSU Graduate School Awards are listed here. See also Graduate School 2018-19 awards matrix with deadlines and other information. Students interested in being nominated should discuss it with their adviser.
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship information (Deadline for Mathematics October 27, 2017). [Please talk to your adviser about this]. You can also participate in sessions organized by Graduate School that can help you to write the proposal. These sessions are periodically advertized
  • Another opportunity is to apply for the Department of Energy's Office of Science graduate Student Research http://science.energy.gov/wdts/scgsr , with deadline May 16, 2017
  • MSRI Graduate Summer School [Department deadline Nov.12, 2017 for advisers to nominate their students to Graduate Committee]. MSRI deadline: December 1, 2017 at 10:00am Pacific Time through February 1, 2017.
  • Wei Family Private Foundation scholarships, for students of Chinese heritage pursuing a degree in the College of Science. Deadlines are communicated by College of Science to Graduate Committee
  • There is a variety of scholarships and fellowships available for incoming students, and prospective students are considered for these. Some are administered by Graduate School, and soem are administered by College of Science.