This program initiates students into graduate-level study of mathematics. It is the place to begin graduate work, unless you are transferring from another program. The two year program is designed to provide both breadth and depth in mathematics. Students completing the Master's program are prepared to proceed into the workforce, enter a PhD program in the mathematical sciences, or to pursue an advanced degree in an allied discipline. Breadth is attained through completing a specified number of "core" courses, while depth is normally attained by writing an expository paper or a thesis. (There is also an exam option.) Students may receive a MA degree rather than an MS by showing proficiency in a language other than English.

Here's a checklist that gives an overview of requirements for a Masters in Mathematics: checklist for Masters students. See the current graduate handbook for a more detailed explanation of departmental and university requirements.

Mathematics Graduate Program

MS Degree Program Learning Outcomes

Accelerated Master's Platform in Mathematics