ALEKS scores are loaded into the OSU system twice each weekday (at 7:15 am and 3:45 pm). If you took your test today, you will be able to register for your math course either after 3:45 pm today or after 7:15 am tomorrow.

FAQs about ALEKS Math Placement

Find answers to common questions, like “Do I need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Test?”

How to Take the Math Placement Test

Follow these directions to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test.

Placement in a Math Course

Interpret your ALEKS score to determine your eligibility to enroll in a mathematics course.

Improve your ALEKS Score

Access the ALEKS Learning Modules to review before retaking the Math Placement Test or to prepare for your course. 

Technical Support for ALEKS

Get help from ALEKS Customer Support, troubleshoot technical issues, and more.

Help with Math Placement at OSU

For additional assistance with math placement, please call 541-737-5170 or email  Please include your OSU ID number with all communications.


NOTE: The Math Department enforces prerequisites, at C- or better (with few exceptions), for all MTH courses.  The prerequisites for each course, including the math placement score required, are listed on this page.  If you believe you have met the prerequisite, but are receiving a "Prerequisite not yet met" registration error, please contact the Math Department.