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Graduate Teaching Assistant
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(541) 737-0517
Kidd 266
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Spring 2016 Office Hours (Kidd 266)

Mon: 11-12, 3-4

Tues: 12-1

Spring 2016 MLC Hours (Kidd 108)

Wed: 9-11, 12-1


MS in Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 1997
BA in Mathematics and Physics, Portland State University, 1993


Research Field: 
Translation Surfaces
Research Description: 

My current work involves a new characterization that I have introduced for elements in the Veech group of a translation surface. This new characterization uses the fact that the set of directed saddle connections are preserved under affine automorphisms of the surface. I am developing an algorithm (with an implementation in Sage) for calculating Veech groups of lattice translation surfaces defined using parameters in a number field over the rationals. I also hope to use my new characterization to answer theoretical questions related to Veech groups.

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