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Graduate Teaching Assistant
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(541) 737-0517
Kidd 304
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Spring 2017
Office Hours: Monday 10:00- 10:50; Thursday 11:00-11:50; or by appointment
Math Learning Center: Monday 11:00-11:50; Wednesday and Thursday 10-10:50


MSc in Mathematics, Oregon State University, 2013
BA in Mathematics & Geosciences, Earlham College, 2009


Research Field: 
Topological group theory
Research Description: 

McDermott's research is in combinatorial group theory and low dimensional topology. His dissertation focuses on the structure and shift dynamics of cyclically presented groups, where he has developed a topological method for explicitly finding fixed points of the shift. This also includes technical results on cyclically presented groups with composite relations, and the classification of a new family of 3-manifold spines.

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