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Office hours in Summer 2015 by appointment only.


Habilitation, Warsaw University of Technology, 2011
Ph.D., University of Augsburg, 1992
M.Sc., Warsaw University of Technology, 1986


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Applied and Computational Mathematics
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Malgo Peszynska's research interests are in applied and computational modeling of real life phenomena. Originally trained in pure mathematics, she came to applied mathematics projects through her interest in parallel and high performance computing. Since her PhD she has worked on modeling of flow and transport in porous media such as aquifers and oil and gas reservoirs using mathematical and numerical analysis as well as computer simulations to understand these phenomena better across various time and spatial scales. She has worked on a variety of interdisciplinary projects with academic and national lab collaborators from hydrology, oceanography, statistics, environmental, civil and coastal engineering, physics, and material science. Her research projects were funded by NSF, DOE-NETL and by DOE; her current projects include NSF-DMS 1115827 "Hybrid modeling in porous media" . She believes in "paying it forward" and is engaged in external and university service via extensive editorial work and conference organization; she served as Chair (2011-12) and Program Officer (2009-10) of SIAM Activity Group on Geosciences and on the Organizing Committee for SIAM Annual 2014