Date/Time Location Event Type Local Speaker Guest Speaker Title
2015-08-03 14:30 KIDD 364 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Stephen Krughoff Symmetries In Generalized Combinatorial Maps
2015-08-05 10:00 Kidder 364 Seminar Liz Stanhope Connecting spectral geometry and graph theory through the idea of singular points (REU Colloquium)
2015-08-05 14:30 Kidder 364 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Raven Walker Math Placement Tests with an emphasis on the ALEKS test
2015-08-07 11:00 Kidder 364 Seminar Emerald Stacy Places and Heights (REU Colloquium)
2015-08-10 14:30 Kidder 364 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Zackery Reed Graduate Student Summer Seminar
2015-08-11 14:00 Batcheller 250 Seminar Jessica Covington and Megan Golbek Cryptography (REU Final Presentation)
2015-08-11 14:45 Batcheller 250 Seminar Ethan Alwaise and Elena Iannuzzi Rank Difference Inequalities of Partitions (REU Final Presentation)
2015-08-11 15:15 Batcheller 250 Seminar Autumn Asay and Jenia Rousseva Even-Odd Quantum Walks on the Line (REU Final Presentation)
2015-08-12 14:30 Kidder 364 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Eric Fleming (Two-Year )College Instructor Preparation: Enough to Feel Comfortable?
2015-08-12 14:30 Batcheller 250 Seminar Kai Lei and Melissa Sherman-Bennett Large Induced Forests in 2-outerplanar Graphs (REU Final Presentation)
2015-08-12 15:15 Batcheller 250 Seminar Robert Costa and Patrick Dynes An Arithmetic Perron-Frobenius Theorem (Final REU Presentation)