Date/Time Location Event Type Local Speaker Guest Speaker Title
2015-11-30 12:00 Gilkey 115 Geometry-Topology Seminar Brandon Edwards A New Characterization for elements of a Veech Group
2015-11-30 12:00 Gilkey 113 (note unusual location) Analysis Seminar Anushaya Mohapatra Statistical properties of time-dependent dynamical systems
2015-12-01 16:00 STAG 112 Probability Seminar Victor Peñaranda Geometrical Features in the Statistical Structure of Rainfall Patterns
2015-12-01 16:00 Kidder 237 Number Theory Seminar Mary E. Flahive Updating the Divided Cell Algorithm
2015-12-03 12:00 KEAR 212 Mathematical Biology Seminar Ricardo Reyes Grimaldo Cellular Iron Homeostasis: A Mathematical Model
2015-12-03 12:00 KEAR 212 Mathematical Biology Seminar Available
2015-12-04 12:00 GLK 115 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Andre Barbosa Hybrid-mixed stress finite elements and their application in structural dynamics