Why major in mathematics?

Undergraduate mathematics is essential preparation for graduate study in the mathematical sciences, including mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science.  In addition, many employers and other academic disciplines recognize that a BS in mathematics is evidence of high-level training in problem solving.  More information about career opportunities for mathematics majors can be found at the Mathematical Association of America's website.

Mathematics Degree Programs: Majors, Options, and Minors

  • Undergraduates at OSU can pursue a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics or choose one of three specialized options within the degree program.  Many of our mathematics majors are double majors, especially in other sciences or engineering. 
  • The Department of Mathematics also offers minors in Mathematics and in Actuarial Science.  The minor in Actuarial Science includes courses of interest in the Actuarial and Financial industries.
  • Detailed information about these degrees can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook. Official program requirements for all department programs, including the Mathematics major and its options, as well as the minors in Mathematics and in Acturial Science, are listed in the OSU General Catalog.
  • The upper division requirements for the Math BS degree were revised effective March 2015. Students who have declared a math major during or after Spring 2015 will follow the new degree program as given in the Undergraduate Handbook. Students who entered the program before Spring 2015 can choose between the pre-2015 requirements and the new requirements. See your advisor if you wish to switch to the "new rules." The pre-2015 requirements are given in the Archived Undergraduate Handbook.
  • A new Mathematical Biology option for the Mathematics major was approved effective Winter 2017. The next version of the Undergraduate Handbook (due Summer 2017) will list this new option.

We are happy to talk with you about our programs.  If you have questions about the mathematics undergraduate degrees, including the recent revisions, please email a mathematics advisor at UndergradInfo@math.oregonstate.edu

Learning Outcomes for Math Students and Majors in Mathematics

New Course Offerings

The following sections of new courses are eligible to fulfill upper division elective requirements in the mathematics major and minor programs. Contact MathHeadAdvisor@math.oregonstate.edu to request an exception in MyDegrees.

  • Spring 2014: MTH 499 (CRN 58610) Models and Methods of Applied Mathematics. See course website for course information. Beginning Spring 2015, this course will be offered as MTH 420.
  • Fall 2014: MTH 399 (CRN 20455) Introduction to Mathematical Software. See course website or here for course information.  Beginning in Spring 2015, this course will be offered as MTH 321, Introductory Applications of Mathematical Software.  
  • Fall 2014: MTH 499 (CRN 20004) Introduction to Mathematical Biology. See here for course information.  In the future, this will be offered as MTH 427.