Some Resources for a guided discovery class on
Discrete Math Course for Middle School Teachers

Mary Flahive and Reva Kasman

Reva Kasman has used guided discovery at Salem State College in a discrete math course for inservice middle school math teachers. We have described the course in the article, "Guided discovery in a discrete mathematics course for middle school teachers," that we have submitted for publication in a planned resource volume of MAA Notes, Resources for Educating Middle School Teachers.

Abstract of the article: We describe a discrete mathematics course for in-service middle school teachers taught exclusively using guided discovery. The article describes the set of notes used as a textbook, as well as the structure and facilitation of the course itself. We discuss particular benefits of using guided discovery with middle school teachers and student reaction to the experience.

For more information about the course or about the notes please contact either of us:
Reva Kasman (; Mary Flahive (


Links to the supplementary resources referred to in our article:

Ken Bogart's Original Notes
Current adaptation (by Mary Flahive)
Instructor Handbook

Material from the course for middle school teachers:

Rubric for participation grade
Weekly Assignments
Homework 1 Homework 2 Homework 3
Worksheet on recursive patterns
Worksheet on Euler cycles
Instructions for the module project