Introduction to Mathematical Software

Spring 2015

This course is designed as an introduction to mathematical software. Software packages to be covered this terms are: Matlab, Mathematica, and LaTeX.


The syllabus contains detailed information regarding this course (such as about homework, quizzes, and exams). My classroom policies are contained here as well.


The current homework assignments can be found here.

Please note that this document will continually be updated.


Here are notes for the MATLAB portion of the course. A PDF version is also available, but note that MATLAB does not export LaTeX to PDF very well (so some of the equations may not be legible).

These notes are especially helpful if you miss a lecture, and can also be reviewed before/after class to facilitate understanding.

Mathematica notes can be accesses here as a PDF or here as a notebook file.

LaTeX notes will be posted later in the course


As mentioned in the syllabus, there will be a project in lieu of a final exam. You can select from the following projects, as well as suggest your own. I highly recommend starting these early.

Here is an example of a solution to the Mandelbrot set project. Note that this is a minimally complete solution. I.e. It exhibits the minimum amount of work necessary to count as completing the project.


I will be using Blackboard as my course management system.

You will receive emails from me through Blackboard and can also view your grades there.