Research Interests

My research interests are twofold.

1. Mathematically, I am interested in:
Symbolic dynamics in general and substitution dynamical systems in particular.

2. Biologically I am interested int:
Applying tools from symbolic dynamics and other mathematical fields to study questions in genomics. I am currently interested in questions from metagenomics/bacterial community reconstruction which I address via convex optimization methods. I also utilize entropy and topological pressure-based techniques to study genomics questions such as coding sequence density estimation, and other biological problems like the decoding problem in neuroscience.
Markov Chain

Publications and Preprints

[17] Sczyrba, A., Hofmann, P., Belmann, P., Koslicki, D. et al. Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation − a benchmark of computational metagenomics software.
Under review, Nature Methods, 2017.

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Under revision, 2016.

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PLoS ONE 10(10): e0140644, 2015.
Article / Provisional Preprint

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint / Reproducibles

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Preprint / Article

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint

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Article / Preprint


My dissertation: Substitution Markov chains with applications to molecular evolution.


Quikr speed

Most of the methods I have developed can be access on my github page. Note that some of these projects are works in progress, so may not work yet.