Malgorzata Peszynska

Students & Postdocs

I had a privilege to work with many talented graduate students, postdocs, as well as with undergraduates doing research. Below you can see their list from OSU and their (selected) accomplishments and activities. (Known positions listed; the numbers refer to publications).

In progress

  1. Choah Shin, PhD expected 2020
    Participated in SIAM CSE Broader Engagement, 2017; AMS Western Section in Pullman, WA, April 2017; presented a poster at SIAM Geosciences 2017 in Erlangen, Germany (COS support); volunteer and poster presenter at SIAM PNW 2017;
  2. Azhar Alhammali, PhD candidate, PhD expected 2020
    participated in PNWNAS 2016, CASCADE 2016; AMS Western Section in Pullman, WA, April 2017 (poster presentation); presented a poster at SIAM Geosciences 2017 in Erlangen, Germany (COS and SIAM support); volunteer and poster presenter at SIAM PNW 2017;
  3. Joseph Umhoefer, PhD candidate, PhD expected 2019
    Graduate research fellow with DOE NETL ORISE Fellowship 2014-; NETL internship Summer 2014; participated in CASCADE 2014, PNWNAS 2014, CASCADE 2015; poster at SIAM Geosciences 2015; oral presentation at CASCADE 2016; poster at PNWNAS 2016; talk at CASCADE 2017. 8th Annual Scientific Software Days, Apr. 27-28 at the University of Texas at Austin; funding: SSD. Poster at Lonseth Lecture, OSU Mathematics, 2017 (best poster award). Poster at SAMSI workshop in August 2017, (funding: SAMSI). Minisymposium presentation at SIAM Geosciences 2017 in Erlangen, Germany (SIAM travel award and COS support).
    Internship, LBNL, Applied Numerical Algorithms Group, Computational Research Division (funding from NSF AGP grant and LBL), summer 2017
  4. Zachary Barry, MS expected 2018.
    Poster at SIAM PNW 2017 and volunteer.
  5. Diana Gonzalez, MS expected 2018
    Internship, LBNL, Applied Numerical Algorithms Group, Computational Research Division (funding from NSF grant and LBL), summer 2017.
    Volunteer and participant at SIAM PNW 2017.
  6. Lisa Bigler, MS expected 2018.
    Volunteer and participant at SIAM PNW 2017.


  1. Ken Kennedy, PhD in Mathematics, May 30 2017. "Model Adaptivity and Numerical Solutions Using Sensitivity Analysis"
    Papers #39, #69. SIAM Geosciences 2011 contributed talk; ACTI workshop on high performance computing, 2009.
  2. Zachary Barry, BS ACM option 2017, "Coupled reactive systems with multiple time scales";
    Poster presentation at Stanford Undergraduate Research Symposium (March 2017); Poster at OSU undergraduate symposium, May 2017 and OSU Mathematics Lonseth day (honorable mention for best poster)
  3. Tim Costa, PhD in Mathematics, May 30 2016 "Hybrid Multiscale Methods with Applications to Semiconductors, Porous Media, and Materials Science"
    Nominated for Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest Distinguished Thesis Award, 2016. Oregon State Lottery Fellowship, 2015. Graduate Achievement Award, OSU Mathematics, 2014.
    Papers #50, #53, #59, #69.
    SIAM Annual 2013 poster, participated in PNWNAS'2013, CASCADE 2014 presentation. Oral presentation at VECPAR 2014, Eugene.
    Participant, IMA Workshop on Careers in Industry, April 2014, and Mathematical Modeling Workshop (PIMS-IMA), August 2014. Minisymposium presentation at SIAM Annual 2014, Oral presentation at WCCM-ECCM-ECFD 2014 Congress, Barcelona; PNWNAS 2014; Minisymposium presentation at SIAM Geosciences 2015.
    Summer 2015: internship at Sandia National Laboratories as an Intern in Multiscale Science project. Year-long part-time intern at Sandia 2015-16.
    Software development including HybGe-Flow3D:
    Intel Math Kernel Library Team and Machine Learning Teams (2016-2017, currently HPC Applications group at Intel )
  4. Erik Theirheimer, BS in Mathematics, 2017, PCA with kernels (undergraduate project Spring 2017)
  5. Ian Goode, Lattice models for phase transitions (undergraduate project Spring 2016)
  6. Joseph Umhoefer, MS in Math, March 2016, "Interpolation Schemes for Two Dimensional Flow with Applications", continuing at OSU towards PHD
    See above for activities
  7. Malgorzata Tyczynska, (visiting undergraduate student from Technical University in Denmark), Winter-Spring 2015, research paper "Numerical Simulation of the Chemotaxis Model for Dispersal of Biological Species"
  8. Clarice Mottet, undergraduate research paper ``Modeling with ODE systems'', Winter 2015, BS in Math 2016, Consultant, Portland
  9. Jessica Armstrong, Honors BS in Mathematics Dec. 2014
    participated in CASCADE 2014; UHC Thesis Fair presentation, ``Modeling and Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Problems Applied to Biofilm Growth'', presented Dec. 2, 2014
  10. Adriana Mendoza, MS in Mathematics, "Numerical Modeling of Biofilms" , July 23, 2014
    participated in PNWNAS'2013, OWHE 2014, CASCADE 2014
    Tenure track Instructor, Green River College
  11. Natalia McClellan, MS in Mathematics, "Nonlinear Finite Difference Schemes for the Klausmeier System", June 5, 2014
    participated in PNWNAS'2013, OWHE 2014, CASCADE 2014
    Faculty at Lassen Community College
  12. David Foster, (PostDoc, co-advised with Guenter Schneider, OSU Physics), 2010-2014
    Papers #50, #53, #59, [various Physics conferences.] Rincor Corp. (2014-)
  13. F. Patricia Medina, PhD in Mathematics, "Mathematical treatment of methane hydrate and adsorption models", May 13, 2014.
    See the movie on adsorption in coalbed methane created by Patricia.
    Paper #51, CASCADE 2014 presentation, PNWNAS invited talk'2013, SIAM Geosciences 2013 poster and contributed talk, SIAM Annual 2012 poster.
    Particpant at OWHE, 1/24/2014
    Accepted participant (with support) in IMA Workshop on Careers in Industry, April 2014; PNWNAS 2014; SIAM-CSE'15 minisymposium talk; SIAM GS15 presentation.
    Instructor at OSU 2014-16. Post-doc scholar at WPI 2016-19.
  14. Timothy Costa, MSc in Mathematics (2/27/2014). `` Analysis of Domain Decomposition Methods for the Simulation of Charge Transport in Semiconductor Structures with Heterojunctions''
    (continuing in PhD program in Mathematics at OSU); see above.
  15. Yi Zhang, MSc in Mathematics (February 2013), "A heterogeneous flow numerical model based on domain decomposition methods",
    Paper #52
    Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2012, Simulation and Supercomputing in the Geosciences, Monterey, California, July 29 - August 10, 2012. (See First on left in the second row).
    PhD in OSU Civil and Construction Engrg., Dec. 2013; Altair Engrg. (2014-)
  16. Veronika Vasylkivska, PhD in Mathematics, 2012; "Stochastic analysis of flow and transport in porous media" (co-advised by Mina Ossiander)
    Paper #54.
    co-presenter IMA Workshop 2011; SIAM UQ 2012, poster at SIAM Annual 2012, co-presenter at SIAM Geosciences 2013.
    Post-doc at OSU Mathematics (2012-14). Postdoc at NETL (2014-).
  17. Viviane Klein, PhD in Mathematics, 2011, Two-grid a-priori and a-posteriori error analysis for coupled elliptic and parabolic systems with applications to flow and transport problems
    Graduate Achievement Award, OSU Mathematics, 2011.
    Papers #38, #42, #45
    Presentations at SIAM Annual 2009, 2010, CMWR Barcelona 2010, DOE Summer School 2008, Multiscale workshop 2007, SIAM Annual 2008
    OSU Mathematics Graduate Achievement Award, 2011
    Postdoc, Univ. Sao Paolo in San Carlos (2011-2013); Asst. Prof. at UFRN, Natal, Brasil. (2013-)
  18. Ken Kennedy, MSc in Mathematics, 2009
    By examination (see above)
  19. Cheryl Woodall, MSc in Mathematics, 2008
    (Expository Paper)
    participated in STOMP workshop 2007 and Multiscale workshop, 2007
    Bonneville Power Admninistration (2007-).
  20. Son-Young Yi, (PostDoc), 2006-2009
    Papers #33, #35, #37, #57
    STOMP workshop 2007, SIAM Geosciences 2007, Multiscale Workshop 2007, CMWR XVII 2008, CMWR XVIII 2010
    Asst. Prof. at University of Texas at El Paso.
  21. Scott Clark, BSc in Mathematics and Physics, 2008
    Finite Element Modeling of Uncertain Interfaces, Senior Thesis presentation in AMC seminar 2008
    OSU URISC Award, "Finite Element Modeling of Uncertain Interfaces", Winter-Spring 2008.
    DOE grad fellowship; Grad student at Cornell University 2008-2014. Cofounder and CEO, SigOpt, Forbes 30 under 30.Young Alumni award, College of Science
  22. Cristiano Garibotti, MSc in Mathematics, 2007
    Paper #34
    STOMP workshop 2007, Multiscale Workshop poster 2007, DOE Multiscale Summer School 2007, Rocky Mountain Summer Research Conference 2007
    Grad student at Univ. of Santa Catarina, Brasil. Current position: faculty member, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
  23. Shannon Biederman. MSc in Mathematics, 2007
    Participated in STOMP workshop 2007, Multiscale workshop 2007, DOE Multiscale Summer School 2007
    Instructor at LBCC, math tutor.
  24. Kyle Augustson, BSc in Mathematics, 2006
    Pore-scale simulations with a vorticity-stream function solver for Navier-Stokes equations, Senior Thesis,
    Paper #36, Presentation in AMC seminar 2006
    Grad student at Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, 2006-
  25. Doug Fettig, BSc in Mathematics, 2005
    DeLoach Honors Scholarship, Winter 2005
    Grad student at Rochester, 2005-

Collaborations & celebrations

From the trip to SIAM-Geosciences conference in Erlangen, Germany, 2017: AA, MP, CS, AA, and MP, AA, JU, CS.

Ken celebration: KK, MP, PM, TC, RS, AH, CS, AA, LB, JU, EU, VV, DG.

At AMS Western Section Meeting at Washington State University: with AA, CH, LS, RES.

At University of Warsaw Data Science/Visualisation Center, with long-term collaborator Dr Anna Trykozko, Fall 2016. We are watching visualization of our porescale simulations done in AT's group with VisNow. Read about our porescale project here.

Celebration 2016

SIAM GS15 Stanford: BI, VV, MP, LB, JU, AS, AT, TC, PM, & SI

PM & VV @ IMA (2012)