Brief Biography (Acoustics)

Juan M. Restrepo

Expertise in acoustics, computational sciences, fluid dynamics.
Department of Mathematics  
and Statistics Department Tel: (520) 990-4866
Oregon State University, Corvallis OR,97331  



Dec 1992:                             PhD, Physics. The Pennsylvania State University
Dec 1987:                             MS, Acoustics. The Pennsylvania State University (engineering/physics)
May 1985:                             Electrical Eng., Columbia University, New York (architectural acoustics, with Prof. Cyril Harris)
May 1983:                             BS, Music. New York University, New York

Employment Highlights

2003-2008                 Associate Professor , Department of Atmospheric Sciences, U. Arizona
2002-2008                 Associate Professor , Physics Department, U. Arizona
2002-2008                 Associate Professor , Department of Mathematics, U. Arizona
1997-2001                   Assistant Professor , Department of Mathematics, U. Arizona
1995-1997                   CAM/PIC Visiting Assistant Professor , Department of Mathematics, UCLA
1992-1995                   Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
1987-1992                   Research Assistant , The Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State
1985                             Electronics Technician, Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Laboratory, Columbia University, NYC
1983                             Technical Staff, Record Plant, NYC
1982                             Recording Engineer, Soundworks, LTD. NYC
1980-1982                     Recording engineer, Eastern Artists Recording Studio, E. Orange, NJ


2002-2005, Department of Energy, Young Investigator Award.
1992-1995, ORISE/Deparment of Energy Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship
1987, Ruth Homeyer Graduate Student Award, Penn State University.

Membership in Professional Societies

SIAM, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
AMS, American Mathematical Society
ASA, Acoustical Society of America
AGU, American Geophysical Union

Subcontracts in Acoustics Consulting

2002-present, Riske and Associates, Mesa AZ
1999-2003, Architectural Design Associates, Tucson AZ
1987, CEAM, LTDA, Bogota, Colombia

Computational Skills

Published several papers on scientific computing techniques.
UNIX/Linux programming and scripting
MPI parallel programming, C++, c, Fortran
Matlab, Maple
tcsh scripting, html, java scripting.