MTH 482/582:</a> Applied Partial Differential Equations, Winter, 2018

MTH 482/582: Applied Partial Differential Equations (Winter, 2018)

LECTURE: MWF 900 - 950 Kidder 280 CRN 482: 31339, 582: 31288
Instructor: R.E. Showalter Kidder 286
Office Hours: TBD TBD
Topics: Partial differential equations, Bessel's and Legendre's equations, Fourier analysis, separation of variables. PREREQS: MTH 256 or MTH 480 or MTH 481 or MTH 581
Those students wishing to register without the usual prerequisites (480, 481, 581) should send to me (by email) their name and student ID number (without the dashes) so I can get a prerequisite override for them.
Textbook: Boyce and DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 11th ed., Wiley.
The course will cover topics from Chapter 10 (Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series) and Chapter 11 (Boundary-Value Problems). Model problems of diffusion or vibration from various areas will be described in supplementary materials.
Homework will be assigned to indicate the topics for study, but it will not be collected. Two fifty-minute Tests will be given in the Lecture period. Test problems come directly from the assigned Homework. Final Exam counts the equivalent of two Tests. The Grade for the course is determined by the best three of these four scores. Absence from a Test gives a score of 0 for that Test. The Final Exam will be comprehensive and can serve as a make up for one Test.
Test#1: TBD.
Test#2: TBD.
Final Exam: TBD.

The topic and assignments from each lecture will be listed here during the term.