MTH 341, Fall, 2019

MTH 341: Linear Algebra, Fall, 2019

LECTURE: MWF 1500-1550 Covell Hall 221 CRN 19676
Instructor: R.E. Showalter Kidder 286
Office Hours: ***
Topics: Matrix algebra, determinants, systems of linear equations, subspaces, an introductory study of eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Chapters *** of the Textbook.
Prerequisite: MTH 254.
Textbook: K. Kuttler, A First Course in LINEAR ALGEBRA ,
Homework will be assigned as a guide for study but not collected. Two fifty-minute Tests will be given. Short Quizs will be given weekly, and their average score counts the equivalent of one Test. Final Exam counts the equivalent of one Test. Test, Quiz and Final Exam problems come directly from the assigned Homework. The Grade for the course is determined by the best three of these four test scores. Absence from a Test or Quiz without prior agreement with the instructer gives a score of 0 for that Test or Quiz.
Test #1: October 16
Test #2: November 6
Final Exam: ***
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