Topology-Geometry Seminar, 2012-2013

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Winter: Seminar will meet at 12:00 on Monday in Gilkey 104

Here are comments and suggestions by faculty for possible topics for students to present:

Catherine Searle:

The Wild World of 4-manifolds):  
I have a copy of this book and have found it to be relatively easy to pick up and 
read and I would certainly love to learn more about this topic myself.  
It might then make a natural bridge for students to be able to read Milnor's 
paper about exotic 7-spheres.

Tushar Das:

A few source textbooks and survey articles in Geometry/Topology:

Martin R. Bridson Andre Haefliger
Metric Spaces of Non-Positive Curvature

"Sign and geometric meaning of curvature"

comparison theorem in riemannian geometry

Dennis Garity

Mapping class group of the torus
or Classification of simple curves on surfaces
from :
Stillwell, John.
Classical topology and combinatorial group theory -2nd ed. Chapter 6
ISBN 0-387-97970-0

I have a copy