23rd Annual
Workshop in Geometric Topology
June 2-3-4, 2006
Oregon State University

The principal speaker is Professor Ruth Charney of Brandeis University.  She will give three lectures.

Title: Right-Angled Artin Groups

 Abstract: Artin groups, defined by presentations of a simple form, span a wide range of groups from braid groups, to free groups, to free abelian groups. They are closely related to Coxeter groups and mapping class groups and are associated with a variety of geometric objects. After a brief, general introduction to Artin groups, the lectures will focus on a class of Artin groups known as "right-angled" Artin groups. These groups have proved particularly versatile and interesting, in part because of their actions on CAT(0) spaces.

Details on how to register and request funding are provided in the registration link at that left.
There will be a registration/refreshment fee on a sliding scale ($15 for graduate students and $25 for faculty) to cover expenses that can not be covered with NSF or university funds.

Funding is partially provided by the National Science Foundation and by Oregon State University.
Limited funds will be available to support travel and living expenses of participants. Priority will be
given to graduate students and those without other funding sources.

Location of Conference:
The Friday talks will be in the LaSells Stewart Center.
The Saturday and Sunday talks will be in Kidder hall, room 350.
The campus map shows the location of these buildings and also shows parking possibilities.
This is a link to Instructions on how to check in at the dorm.

Time periods of 25 minutes will be allotted for participants to give talks. 

Dennis Garity
Department of Mathematics 
Oregon State University 
Christine Escher
Department of Mathematics 
Oregon State University 

 William Bogley
Department of Mathematics
Oregon State University


Fredric Ancel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, ancel at uwm dot edu
Dennis Garity, Oregon State University, garity at math dot oregonstate dot edu
Craig Guilbault, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, craigg at uwm dot edu
Frederick Tinsley, Colorado College, ftinsley at ColoradoCollege dot edu
Gerard Venema, Calvin College, venema at calvin dot edu
David Wright, Brigham Young University, wright at math dot byu dot edu