Welcome 2021-22 New Math Graduate Students!

Dear First Year Math Graduate Students: Welcome to OSU! Below we provide useful information that can help you get settled at Oregon State and prepare for your first year in our department. Please continue checking this page for updates as new information becomes available.

  • COVID-19 Update: We are in the process of preparing for a return to in person learning for Fall, 2021. You can find the most current information about Oregon State's resumption plans here.
  • Schedule for Fall: 
    • Graduate School Orientation: Monday, September 13
    • GTA Workshop: Wednesday, September 15-Friday, September 17 [Participation in the GTA workshop is required for all prospective GTAs and recommended for all new Math graduate students.]
    • First Day of Classes: Wednesday, September 22
  • Mathematics Core Course Boot Camp: We will hold a review of material needed for first year core courses Sept. 8-10, 2021. Each day we will hold a morning and afternoon session. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as you can. The "boot camp" review will include topics from Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, and (time permitting) Complex Variables, to ensure that everyone shares the same vocabulary and problem solving skills necessary for MTH 511-2, MTH 543, and MTH 611. Attendance is not required, but is recommended for all incoming students. If you are interested in attending, please let Nikki know by June 30, 2021.
  • Paperwork:
    • All GTAs should first receive an official offer letter that you will need to DocuSign. This will be sent to your Oregon State email address. Once you have signed this, you will receive more forms from Human Resources to complete and send back. Please take care of this paperwork promptly.
    • Once GTAs have completed their HR paperwork, they will need to log into their MyOregonState account. At that point, there will be FERPA training assigned within the MyOregonState account. This must be done for us to be able to finish processing your information.
  • The Graduate School provides a wealth of information on their website and also organizes a Graduate Welcome Week for those entering OSU graduate programs. The OSU library is able to provide many resources remotely, so you may find the Library Day workshops helpful. (They are scheduled on September 14.)
  • OSU Email: Once you have received your letter of admission from the Graduate School, please make sure to set up your ONID account.
  • Registration: You will find out about what courses to register for at an initial advising appointment that will be scheduled for you with a member of the Graduate Committee during May or June. If you wish to review the requirements prior to the appointment; the information about program requirements is provided in the Graduate Handbook. Please make sure that you take care of getting all official transcripts to the Graduate School or there will be a registration hold on your account.
  • Preparation for Coursework: The majority of our first year grads take MTH 511/512(Real Analysis, Fall-Winter), MTH 543 (Abstract Linear Algebra, Fall), and MTH 611(Complex Analysis, in Spring). If you are rusty on the prerequisites for any of these courses, please consider doing a self-study during the summer. The prerequisites are MTH 311/312, MTH 341, MTH 342, and MTH 343.
  • Qualifying Exams: Some PhD students who enter our program with enough advanced coursework under their belt choose to take the qualifying exams upon their arrival in fall. Please discuss this option with the Graduate Chair if you are interested. You will be able to sign up to take these exams on September 8th and 10th - these will be scheduled for late afternoon/early evening.The qualifying exams can be taken in person on the Corvallis campus; it has not yet decided whether there will be a remote option for these exams.
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship: NSF Graduate Fellowship applications: Some PhD students enter the program knowing enough about the research they want to specialize in that they are ready to submit the NSF GRFP applications which have deadlines in October. If this concerns you, the Graduate School, College of Science, and Mathematics department have resources that can help you in this endeavor.. You can review the solicitation here.
  • What to Expect in Your First Year: If you are new to graduate study, it can be intimidating. See this AMS blog. The department runs a seminar for the first year graduate students in which we discuss your teaching duties, provide an introduction to Mathematics profession, and help you explore research and other professional opportunities available in the department (MTH 507).

Practical Information For Your Move