What follows is a list of things that need to be fixed and/or updated on the new DRUPAL 5 version of our website.

To identify who has noticed or is suggesting what please add items with your initials. Thank you!

The most recently revised list of pending items come first. Older lists follow. Strike through indicates the item has been resolved.

(MP) Here is a link to original transition page where we made a list of things done and to be done. Let us not copy those things below.

Continuing To-Do List Re DRUPAL 5 as per Computer/Website Committee Meeting on
20 October 2009:

What follows is a new list of items -- either not previously resolved of having arisen since the new website opened.

  1. (DF) The calendar is broken for November. The "next" link on October points to 'events-calendar/2009/10/all' which is again October. If one enters ./events-calendar/2009/11/all you get a blank calendar page, although its "next" link does point to December (but December's "prev" link points back to October). The weekly views for November seem okay.(NG) seems to all be related to Nov 1st being counted as a second Oct 31st, but I think COSINe must fix. (CJ) The upgrade to php and the Drupal date module were done on 10/30, this problem is now fixed.
  2. (NG) view of events from calendar to teaser to node need to be consistent.
  3. (MP) Probability Group (Yevgeniy) would like to use a node for their research group listing. NG and YK will work on this.
  4. (JWL) The next two items need attention but should wait until the transition to DRUPAL 6, assuming it occurs reasonably soon.
  5. (NG) In people profile page, research descriptions should not have <p>'s (breaks indentation, one at end causes research group link(s) be left justified not indented)..can this be fixed? Also, should we add a space between research field(s) and description, or add the header Research Description? (MP) no opinion here, if Clif can do it (looks to me like a low priority item)
  6. (NG) Possibly related to above, there is something fishy with the <hr> after education. Profiles without images are fine, but for most of those with images (e.g., bogley, bokilv, burton) the line runs past the "margin". some work fine (see mine). it seems that if the bottom line of education is below the links under the image, the line fits, otherwise, not. (MP) some formatting may indeed be necessary. The current look arose after I remembered Friday to ask Clif to remove the double listing of name, name/degree which would have been annoying. In summary: let us do/ask for/ some polishing but with lower priority.
  7. (NG) should anyone be allowed to change their full name? if not, how can this be restricted? (NG) Update: cannot be fixed unless we move some fields to separate content type.
  8. (NG) I suggest internal page be reorganized, it seems overwhelming to me. (JWL) I'll take a stab at the reorganization and content.
  9. (Committee) We should develop a help page and add new items as needed. NG will set up the basic help home page and the committee members can add help items as needed. This will be an ongoing work in progress.
  10. (NG) I instructed Deanne on how to enter incoming students, but I think this info should be put in a web how to eventually, since there are several steps and order is important. (JWL) I have a copy of NG's instructions and will add them to the help page.
  11. (NG) We still need to resolve the issue of people changing all of their info. We may need to consider moving some fields to a restricted content type.
  12. (NG) regularly recurring events seem to still be broken. i think clif was looking into it.
  13. (NG) several additions need to be made to alumni, including Ihsane, Keith Schloeman?, Larry Pierce?
  14. (NG) I suggest a transcript of the grad student tutorial be made into a web page for future reference (perhaps in advance?)(JWL) I will add this to the help page. In advance is a good idea.
  15. (NG) I think the listing of email aliases should have links to the admin pages for the convenience of staff members maintaining them. Some may also benefit by having mailto links.
  16. (NG) Instructions below office hours claim that 100 days old are not displayed..this is not true. Also, to change office hours, users should click their name and then edit. (JWL) I think Dennis wanted this and I think it used to work on the old site. (NG) I'll look into adding filter by timestamp, but I believe it will just not show people who haven't updated recently, rather than blanking out their old office hours.. incidentally, I couldn't figure out how to change the text about 100 day old not displayed!
  17. (DF) The homepage link Research Groups may be a poor choice for outside viewers, such as prospective grad students or faculty. It suggest that all the members of the group are working together on a common research undertaking. That is usually (never) the case. Perhaps a better term would be Research Areas. We should see how other math departments handle this on their websites.
  18. (NG) The homepage link Research for Undergraduates links only to REU. We should make a page that has a link to REU but also allows for other links.
  19. (Old Committee Message to Clif after initial transition to DRUPAL 5. These issues remain outstanding.)
    (a) Deleted Files not really deleted: The process of uploading/renaming/deleting files works not as expected and as we discussed:
    Example: assume there is a file program.pdf which is attached to a node. We want to upload a new version. So we delete the file and upload the new version. Still, the file receives a name program_0.pdf instead of keeping the name program.pdf .

    (b) Listing of Events :
    How do we create a listing of all events for 'this week'? I attempted this myself and did not succeed. There is a URL for this 'events_this_week' which is a result of my unfortunate attempts.
  20. (JWL) Vanishing Status and Positions upon revisions by non-administrators :
    We must now set cck permissions to permit more access than we would prefer due to the fact that someone with faculty or grad status cannot edit their general information fields without losing their status as 'faculty' or 'grad'. Hence they disappear from certain directory lists and maybe elsewhere. To overcome this glitch we have hopefully temporarily allowed people to edit all entries for now or else we'll have to manually bring everybody back 'from dead'. It is our current understanding via Nathan, Clif, and Kris Stephens that there is no fix for this problem yet. Kris' last word on this: This issue seems to be a bug in Drupal 5.x, the 'required' field option makes no difference in preservation of the value. I'm sure Clif will discuss that later with you but I just wanted to let you know beforehand as I had looked into it.
  21. Office Staff setting up User Accounts, People Issues, and Administrator Issues
    Office staff has been given admin user, admin access control, and administer nodes privileges in order for Deanne to be able to create users, assign grad/etc roles, and change author of people nodes to that username. This was done to overcome bugs in DRUPAL 5. If the bug problems can be resolved we need to revisit these settings because, in particular, the admin access control means that staff members (or anyone logging in with their username/password) can make themselves admin now. the alternative is to have a mathweb member assign roles after Deanne creates users. The roles grad and instructor really don't have that much effect since most pages are viewable to any authenticated user, other than the ones restricted to faculty, that is.
  22. (JWL) Internal Link -- Who updates the committee membership lists and e-mail aliases lists? Is there an established procedure? Do we recommend that someone (Deanne) in the office have this responsibility? (JWL) For the present the department chair is managing the committee membership updates and Deanne maintains the email aliases.(NG) instructions will be added to help page in case this changes in the future
  23. (JWL) What should the name of our committee be? Do we want(need)two email aliases. I asked Dennis and he thought we should be just listed as one committee because that is the way we are operating but if anyone has concerns about that I'm sure he be open to discussion. The committee recommends keeping separate committees, a Computer Committee and a Website Committee with separate email aliases. The membership on the two committees may not always be the same and requests from faculty in the past have been targeted to the relevant committee. So if it isn't broken don't fix it.
  24. (CJ via JWL) Good suggestion, and can be done via Drupal:

    Subject: RSS feed

    Name: Jacob Wintersmith
    E-Mail: jacob@wintershaven.net

    You should create an RSS feed for the department colloquia and seminars.

  25. (JWL) Finish Group Midterm page for this term.
  26. (Committee) The website server response is noticeably slower than before. This does not put our (math and COS) best foot forward to those visiting our site who may be prospective students or faculty. Clif indicated that this is a server issue and expensive to fix. Nevertheless, this issue should be considered by COSINe after the transition to DRUPAL 6.
  27. (NG) Check with Deanne to see if anything needs fixing with weekly newsletter. (JWL) I will follow up with Deanne.

Initial List of Transition Issues after moving to DRUPAL 5 about 08/15/2009.

  1. MP: changed the listing (paragraph breaks) to an ordered list so we can delete items when they are done without having to reorder. I will enter my answers in the discussion in a different color (NG) guess i'll be red (NG) Commented out entries that I had started which have been resolved (for easier reading).
  2. (JWL) suggest delete node 41. MP: fine with me (JWL) I'll delete 08/18/2009 unless an issue arises.
  3. (JWL) node 72 (group midterms) needs to be updated for Fall 2009 information. It is related to Classes > Current Term > Group Midterms. Who will have ongoing responsibility for this node? (MP) Deanne always sends out a schedule. Perhaps she can upload the file here (JWL) I'll work with Deanne on this. node 72 is an html page that can be edited with current term data but if it is easier and more reliable for her to post a pdf that is fine too. (JWL) Deanne and I are in process of updating this. When we are finished the Group Midterm Schedule link under Classes > Current Term will take students to a revised page with some term-independent text and a link to a PDF with current term room and date assignments.
  4. (JWL) node 94 suggest delete (MP) fine with me but the node is gone already ? (JWL) OK. It is still on the old website but just didn't get carried forward. I haven't a clue why?
  5. (JWL) the Corvallis map link did work despite what I said. Node 100 now has the alias maps.
  6. (JWL) node 438 (Affirmative Action Information Request) currently is not linked to anything (I believe) and was probably related to hiring. It has some outdated information on it. Perhaps it should be saved as a template for later searches? (MP) I believe it will be used as a template. I saved all our recent hiring pages for algebra, numerical, and probability. They can serve as useful info. (JWL) Fine, I won't do anything.
  7. (JWL) Re-previous item: The correct node is 431 and it already has the alias "hiring/forms". I assume the alias will make it possible for mathweb to find and update it when next the department is able to hire. No action appears to be needed. Correct? correct
  8. (JWL) who will maintain the MLC Tutor links that point to pdf files that need to be updated at least each term? Current pdf's are for Summer 2009. (MP) I would empower one of MLC coordinators to upload files here (NG) I agree. But it doesn't seem straight-forward how to enable individuals to edit this page. Ask Clif, possibly requires creating MLC role?
  9. (JWL) node 473 (Final Exam Schedule for MTH 105 through MTH 390) Probably obselete and not presently referenced from other nodes. I think the current Classes > Current Term exam information covers this item. It used to be linked with a pdf generated each term. What do you think? (MP) I agree to delete it. (JWL) I'll delete 08/18/2009 unless an issue arises.
  10. (JWL) node 514 (Algebra and Precalculus Resources) consists only of a link to pdf answer file for a text for MTH 111 that I don't think is used anymore. Suggest check with Deanne and delete as appropriate. (MP) I agree (JWL) I'll follow up with Deanne and delete if appropriate. (JWL+1) Node 514 whose alias is "algebra_and_precalculus_resources should be kept. I will add a short message at the top of the page stating its purpose. The only current resource (link) on the page is out of date and I will delete it. (JWL) I will look for some useful links to add to this resource.
  11. (JWL) the old left-side menu's first entry was "Home". That choice is missing from the new menu. Do we want it back? (There is usually, maybe always, a small font link of the current path that begins with Home so it can be clicked to get to home.
    (MP) I do not think this is a problem: clicking on the silver background works (JWL) Thanks for the hint. I agree - no change needed here.
  12. (NG) in news archive you can edit and delete items. in recent news you can
    only edit (but then you can click delete at the bottom of the edit page).
    just pointing this out. (MP) That is something that perhaps we can describe in a 'how to' page that should replace 'guidelines' on internal page. But this is an interesting difference; probably will work the same for Events but we shall see. See my entries under Events
    (NG)i would like to know if this kind of thing can be changed. related issues are that "news author" does not display on recent news, but does display on news archive. and listing of uploaded files do not display on either page, but do display on (pre)view (links to uploaded files work fine). UPDATE: added delete link and author index to recent news. disabled file upload (in favor of image attachment).
  13. (NG) question for mathweb: i think attach images should be enabled in create
    news. thoughts? (MP) I agree; this would spice up the news. But we should restrict image to one or so perhaps and upload whole galleries elsewhere (JWL) I agree too, with both comments. Should there be a file size limit for photos? (NG) this will require some explanation in howto since html code must be used. i can write up once we decide what to allow. you can say: "an occasional image uploaded is fine but consult mathweb if a whole image gallery needs to be uploaded"(NG) Done. Default is to allow only one image. Enabled view of attached images on "recent news" and "news archive". (Similar would have to be done on newsletter eventually.) Added (using bokilv's account) announcement of Connie joining math office for an example (is permanent to allow view in archives as well). There is built-in 1000x1000 pixel limit. Click thumbnail view for larger image view.
  14. (JWL) Re Classes>Archives: As Malgo mentioned this may be under control, but I think it would be useful on Monday to ask when Deanne plans to make pdf archive files for the 2007-2008 academic year. Presently there are (about) 2 years of archives on the OSU archive catalog site in "html" form. Do we know when the catalog folks will decide to make the web archive vanish?(JWL) Deanne is on top of this and regularly backs up the current term SOC to a pdf file late in each term.
  15. (JWL) Re Emeritus Faculty: I need to double check on those who have died. Ron is certain that Poole is no longer living and strongly suspect the same for Arnold. Russ Goddard is not listed as Emeritus Faculty in the OSU online catalog. Is he really such as per our list? Also Bert Poole is not listed there; so maybe the catalog folks know something we don't. Finally, is Betty Fein really an Professor Emerita? She is not listed in the online OSU catalog as such. (MP) this is a question to Dennis (about Betty Fein). She was listed on our old page (JWL) Dennis says treat the listings informally; so Betty and Russ are OK. I have so far removed Brunk and Ballantine from the list. I will remove Bert Poole. I'm still checking (hopefully) on Arnold. (JWL) In view of the foregoing, how about adding to the (currently empty) body of the Faculty Directory the sentence "A list of current faculty is followed by a list of retired and Emeriti." or something similar to help folks more easily locate retired faculty. Also, consider -- Do we need a column identifying certain retired faculty as emeritus/a? If not delete that column and rename the header for the list as Retired and Emeriti. If we have an opinion about this matter we should run it by Dennis.
  16. (JWL) I need to update and prune the Private Tutor list before the start of Fall 2009. (NG) should be turned over to staff eventually? possibly MLC people along with tutor schedule?
  17. (NG) Ensure faculty/staff can enter/edit news. (NG) gave faculty/staff create/edit own: news/events content. tested by having bokilv post karen's email about office closing. temporary news is not being displayed, had to make this post permanent to get it to show up at all. [UPDATE: don't know who changed what, but it seems to be working now.]
  18. (MP) Tevian suggests to change style: says the fonts/layout is too big and does not fit in his browser window on his laptop (but it fits on his other computers). Something to think about. We should check different browsers and how they interpret the page ? I have a feeling that the template cannnot be changed and the only think that can be changed is how much stuff we put on the front. So perhaps we can abbreviate links etc. ... All my screens look good .... (JWL) I've viewed on my IMAC 24" screen with Firefox and on my Dell desktop with 19" LCD screen at 1280x1024. Every monitor easily shows the full site page. My HP laptop has a 20" screen with 1400x900 pixel resolution. With Firefox it does fit the full home page except for the links in small font at the bottom. In IE8 it does not display the full homepage -- maybe 7/8 of it. In both cases I think it would display the full home page except for the fact that I have installed 2 or 3 toolbars that both browsers display in an inefficient way. Use of F11 put both browsers in full screen mode and all problems go away.
  19. (MP) EVENTS
    • (MP) I changed the filter in 'Archive of events' to be less than or equal 'now': as the archive should be.
    • (MP)I am also trying to figure out ways to deal with events_this_week and seminar pages but we need to wait for more events to be entered for testing. Also, the list of seminars under URL 'seminars' is a view. I would like to modify it but do not know how. Ask Clif ?
    • (MP) I have just created a new listing of events under events_all_full which lists all events (past and future) in order to be able to edit/delete them. Otherwise, in order to modify an event, one would have to be able to go to 'administer content' which perhaps would require too many privileges. We have to decide soon on how we want the different views for different displays (colloquia, seminars etc.) to be configured.
    • (MP) I believe the work study student finished her project on fixing the events database as much as she could so we can open it up for general comments and fixing after Labor Day.
    • (MP) I added permissions for faculty to edit news and to edit events. I checked that 'show' can do that. (NG) Is there a reason you gave edit permissions to faculty instead of just edit own? (MP) Edit own has the inadvertent effect of creating a cascade of emails if, say, Deanne enters a colloquium of somebody invited by a faculty member, Holly wants to correct it, or the host wants it and vice versa. This happened in the past many times. It is easier to stick to honor code and let people correct those entries that they know something about.
    • (MP) I created on Internal page entries that lead directly to editing news, announcements and events for authorized users without the need to parse through 'content' (for admin users only). Please check if you like it and suggest modifications if needed..
      (NG) Looks fine. Alternatively can use php to only display links to those who would actually be able to access them. This is already implemented several times on this page alone. (MP) Sure, we can do this; I propose this is low priority (after Sep. 15)

  20. (JWL) I'll delete the High Dessert Math Partnership" (Tevian link) on Research Projects page on 08/18/2009 unless something comes up.
  21. (NG) several things on the old howto/guidelines pages need updating, including "login link to left", "option for replacing people page with personal page", and new instructions on events/news. I can update once we finalize all options. (MP) thanks for volunteering. This was one of the "to do" items listed on old transition page
  22. (NG) is newsletter still under construction? (MP) this is low priority for now. we have to first have a list (not calendar) of current events. Check in new term if the 'newsletter' looks good.
  23. (NG) low priority: advisor/host shows up as "advisor" in event detail but "advisor-host reference" in calendar. should this be "advisor/host" in both places instead? We'll ask Clif later how to modify things in calendar. (NG) Update: fixed.
  24. (NG) "research group link" does not appear in people/view (research group reference works fine). i've (temporarily?) disabled edit research group link for faculty/grad until we can figure out if/how to display (still on for us admins for testing).
  25. (NG) i believe we need to decide what privileges web savvy and grad-special-admin are supposed to have. and then who should have these roles (perhaps noone to start?) (MP) web-savvy was introduced when we did not want to approve the entries of (some) grads. The systen appears robust now so it won;t be sensitive to people making mistakes. Suggestion; delete that role. grad-special-admin was introduced when SIAM Chapter wanted to enter News. Now the person granted this privilege is gone. Perhaps we can keep this one just in case we have some grads that would so some special things. Or delete for now. Either way is fine with me. (NG) I agree web-savvy can be deleted (or renamed to MLC??). I could see how grad-special-admin could be useful to our student organizations (SIAM, AWM), e.g. one designee from each group can create/edit own news/events. I would be willing to maintain these assignments.(NG) Chair decided to delete web-savvy and grad-special-admin.
  26. (NG) [low priority] will anyone miss the "print flyer" feature of old events?
    (MP) Nobody will miss it. I created this for Ellen Copeland and afaIk, nobody used it since. Suggest delete.
  27. (NG) do we envision advisors adding their own graduates as alumni? If so, "submit alumni" needs some work and should be disabled in the mean time. (MP) I believe this should be enabled i.e. fauclty to edit/add their own alumni. (NG) in that case, i updated names of fields in "submit alumni" and added some help text. i left advisor reference in tact even though we currently don't do anything with the info.
  28. (MP) I noticed some advisor names were missing in new almni listing and some were in the wrong format. I corrected those from 1990 and newer using old alumni listing. Some are sill missing: Pratt and Holsey and maybe more. (NG) looking at the old page, looks like everything we know is updated on the new page now, in fact, there are several that were blank on the old page, but now have advisor info (see Bishop67, Frederick65, Reed65).. related: should JM Shaughnessy be MJ Shaughnessy, or are these two different people??
  29. (NG) I made a page for viewing and editing committee assignments/past history. see committee_search. Link needs to be added to internal page. Also added edit links to the regular committee listing. Only admin/staff/power users (I added this one) can edit committees.
  30. (NG) I gave staff admin user, admin access control, and
    administer nodes privledges in order for Deanne to be able to create users,
    assign grad/etc roles, and change author of people nodes to that username.
    i am pointing this out because, in particular, the admin access control
    means that staff members (or anyone logging in with a staff username/password)
    can make themselves admin now. the alternative is to have a mathweb member
    assign roles after Deanne creates users. The grad role
    really doesn't have that much effect since most pages are viewable to any
    authenticated user, other than the few that are restricted to faculty, that is.
  31. (NG) Per Holly's request, I changed the default end time in events to blank. Few people use this feature anyway, in fact, the node view for events only shows
    the start time even if an end time is entered (e.g., see node/8276).. Also changed default order of colloquium page to chronological.
  32. (NG) need to have either a better way of editing/deleting an existing event, or better user education.