The Mathematics Department offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The department is small enough so that mathematics majors have the opportunity to get to know and work closely with faculty members.

Undergraduates can obtain either a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Secondary Teaching Emphasis.  The mathematics department also offers minors in Mathematics and in Actuarial Science. Detailed information about these degrees can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook via Undergraduate Programs.  The Undergraduate Advising link explains how to contact a mathematics advisor.

Graduate students can earn Master of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Major fields of study are actuarial science and financial mathematics, analysis, computational and applied mathematics, geometry, mathematics education, number theory, numerical analysis, probability, and topology. There are about 65 graduate students in residence and about 55 are supported by teaching assistantships or research assistantships. Faculty interests are diverse and several faculty and students are involved in interdisciplinary research projects across the campus. Detailed information about both degrees can be found in the Graduate Pamphlet via graduate programs and graduate resources.

Each year the Department awards the most successful undergraduate and graduate students. See the list and archives of Mathematics Awards.