Name Year Graduated Degree Advisor Thesis/Paper Employment after graduation
Naranjo, Sebastian 2021 Ph.D. Bokil, V.A. Virtual Element Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics in Polygonal and Polyhedral Meshes
Zeng, Jhih-Jyun 2020 Ph.D. Dascaliuc, R A local Perturbation Problem For the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
Birnbaum, Dionysus 2020 Ph.D. Bogley, W.A. On the Logical Independence of DR and CLA
Barbosa, Bruno 2020 Ph.D. Kovchegov, Y Aggregate Path Coupling for the General Curie-Weiss Model
Erickson, Sarah 2020 Ph.D. Lockwood, E. Investigating Provers’ Understandings of Combinatorial Proof
Hagen, Sarah 2020 Ph.D. Dascaliuc, R On the Existence of Solutions to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with Constant Energy and Enstrophy Assistant Professor Western Oregon University
Merzenich, Matthias 2020 Ph.D. Bogley, W.A. A Computational Method for Building Spherical Pictures and Theoretic Results from Explicit Constructions
Krughoff, Stephen 2019 Ph.D. Guo, R. On the Topologies of Moduli Spaces of Polygons: A Taxonomic Approach Oregon State University Mathematics Department (Instructor)
Alhammali, Azhar 2019 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Numerical Analysis of a System of Parabolic Variational Inequalities with Application to Biofilm Growth Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (Assistant Professor)
Dong, Zheting 2019 Ph.D. Escher, C. M. On the structure of the orbit spaces of almost torus manifolds with non-negative curvature Researcher for Huawei in Hong Kong
Camacho, Charles 2019 Ph.D. Guo, R. Enumeration Problems on Symmetries of Riemann Surfaces University of Washington (Lecturer)
Renne, Michael 2019 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Designing and Using Multiplayer Tabletop Mathematics Learning Games Rutgers University- Newark (Assistant Professor)
Jiang, Huanqun 2019 Ph.D. Gibson, N. L. & Waymire E. C. Stochastic and Numerical analysis on optimization problems Michigan State University (Postdoc)
Somasunderam, Naveen 2019 Ph.D. Petsche, C. J. Fourier analysis and equidistribution on the p-adic integers State University of New York (Assistant Professor)
Gibbons, Claire 2019 Ph.D. Beisiegel, M. Mathematics Graduate Student Instructors as a Complex System Pierce College (Instructor)
Umhoefer, Joseph 2019 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Modeling Flow and Transport at Pore Scale with Obstructions VP of Emerging Technology with Solid Modeling Solutions
Arnold-Roksandich, Allison 2019 Ph.D. Swisher, H. Establishing Several Infinite Families of Quantum Modular and Mock Modular Forms: A Tale of Two Cities Boise State University (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Holland, Eleanor 2018 Ph.D. Showalter, R. E. Modeling Porosity: the Visco-Elastic Edition
McClelland, Jason 2018 Ph.D. Koslicki, D. Wasserstein $\beta$-Diversity Metrics over Graphs: Derivation, Efficient Computation and Applications College of Idaho Mathematics Department (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Smith, Samantha 2018 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Rigidity of Vertex-Regular Actions on Fuchsian Buildings Green River College (Instructor)
Reed, Zackery 2018 Ph.D. Lockwood, E. Undergraduate Students' Generalizing Activity in Real Analysis: Constructing a General Metric Oklahoma State University (Postdoc)
Stacy, Emerald 2018 Ph.D. Petsche, C. J. On Small Heights of Totally p-adic Numbers Washington College (Assistant Professor)
Klangwang, Jetjaroen 2018 Ph.D. Swisher, H. Zeros of Certain Combinations of Products of Eisenstein Series Union College (Assistant Professor)
Felder, William F. 2017 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Back to search results Branching Brownian Motion with One Absorbing and One Reflecting Boundary Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Mathew Titus 2017 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Mixing Times for Fiffusive Lattice-Based Markov Chains CEOAS Oregon State (Postdoc)
Robson, Charles 2017 Ph.D. Guo, R. Computable Randomness, and Coding the Orbits of the Collatz Map Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
McDermott, Kirk 2017 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Topological and Dynamical Properties of Cyclically Presented Groups Slippery Rock University
Parker, Forrest 2017 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Shift Dynamics of Cyclically Presented Groups with Positive Length Four Relators Software Engineer at Google, Inc.
Kennedy, Kenneth 2017 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Model Adaptivity and Numerical Solutions Using Sensitivity Analysis Farm owner
Morrill, Thomas 2017 Ph.D. Swisher, H. Overpartition Ranks, Cranks, and Frobenius Representations University of New South Wales, Canberra (Postdoc)
Al-Saedi, Ali 2017 Ph.D. Swisher, H. Periodicity and Partition Congruences
Sakkaplangkul, Puttha 2017 Ph.D. Bokil, V.A. Multiscale Methods and Energy Stable Discretizations for Maxwell's Equations in Linear and Nonlinear Materials Michigan State University (Postdoc)
Edwards, Brandon 2017 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. A New Algorithm for Computing the Veech Group of a Translation Surface Intel
Al-Hammali, Hussain 2016 Ph.D. Faridani, A. Nonuniform Sampling of Band-limited Functions Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Costa, Timothy 2016 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Hybrid Multiscale Methods with Applications to Semiconductors, Porous Media, and Materials Science Intel, Math Kernel Library Team 2016-19; NVIDIA Corp. (2019-)
Do, Hieu 2016 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. New families of pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms with vanishing Sah-Arnoux-Fathi invariant Truckee Meadows Community College
Sherson, Brian 2015 Ph.D. Finch, D. V. Some results in single-scattering tomography Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Loke, Sooie Hoe 2015 Ph.D. Thomann, E. A. Ruin Problems with Risky Investments University of Waterloo (Postdoc); Central Washington University (Assistant Professor)
Kim, Dojin 2015 Ph.D. Finch, D. V. The variable speed wave equation and perfectly matched layers
McGregor, Duncan 2014 Ph.D. Bokil, V. A., Gibson, N. L. Compatible Discretizations for Maxwell’s Equations with General Constitutive Laws Sandia Labs
McGregor, Duncan 2014 Ph.D. Bokil, V. A., Gibson, N. L. Compatible Discretizations for Maxwell’s Equations with General Constitutive Laws Sandia Labs
Wongsason, Patcharee 2014 Ph.D. Finch, D.V. 3-D Cone Beam Reconstruction Formulas for the Transverse-Ray Transform with Source Points on a Curve Ubon Ratchathani University
Medina, F. Patricia 2014 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Mathematical treatment of methane hydrate and adsorption models Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor); Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Postdoc 2016-19), Yeshiva College (Asst. Prof. 2019-)
Gelbaum, Zachary A. 2013 Ph.D. Parks, H. R. Some results in probability from the functional analytic viewpoint Longboard Capital
Bradford, Kyle 2013 Ph.D. Kovchegov, Y. Adiabatic and Stable Adiabatic Times Georgia Southern University (Assistant Professor)
Barrett, Johnner R. 2013 Ph.D. Dray, T. The Local Conservation Laws of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Chemeketa Community College (Instructor)
Rode, Erica S. 2013 Ph.D. Ossiander, M. E. Gaussian random fields related to Levy's Brownian motion : representations and expansions Milliman, Inc.
Wichitsongkram, Noppadon 2013 Ph.D. Ossiander, M. E. Representations of fractional Brownian motion Srinakarintarawirot University
Daowsud, Katthaleeya 2013 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. Continued fractions and the divisor at infinity on a hyperelliptic curve : examples and order bounds Chulalongkorn University
Johnson, Torrey 2012 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Branching random walk and probability problems from physics and biology Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Montagantirud, Pongdate 2012 Ph.D. Escher, C. M. Classifying seven dimensional manifolds of fixed cohomology type Chulalongkorn University
Vasylkivska, Veronika 2012 Ph.D. Ossiander, M. E. & Peszynska, M. Stochastic analysis of flow and transport in porous media Oregon State University Mathematics (Postdoc); Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (Postdoc)
Rockwell, Daniel 2011 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. A reinterpretation, and new demonstrations of, the Borel Normal Number Theorem Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Hatase, Tatsuhiko 2011 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. Algebraic Pappus Curves Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Wing, David 2011 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Notions of complexity in substitution dynamical systems Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor and Advisor)
Seaders, Nicole 2011 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Splittings of skeletal homotopy modules Lewis & Clark College, OSU Mathematics
Arachchi Appuhamillage, Thilanka Iresh 2011 Ph.D. Thomann, E. A. Skew Diffusion with Drift: A New Class of Stochastic Processes with Applications to Parabolic Equations... University of Hawaii-Manoa
Manore, Carrie Anna 2011 Ph.D. Bokil, V. A. Non-spatial and spatial models for multi-host pathogen spread in competing species: applications to barley yellow dwarf virus Tulane University (Postdoc); Los Alamos National Laboratory
Klein, Viviane 2011 Ph.D. Peszynska, M. Two-grid a-priori and a-posteriori error analysis for coupled elliptic and parabolic systems... Univ. Sao Paolo in San Carlos, Brasil (Postdoc); Federal Univ. Rio de Norte, Natal, Brasil (Assistant Professor)
Morales, Fernando A. 2011 Ph.D. Showalter, R.E. Multiscale Analysis of Saturated Flow in a Porous Medium with Adjacent Thin Channel National University of Colombia, Medellin
Hickethier, Don 2010 Ph.D. Dray, T. Covariant Derivatives on Null Submanifolds Flathead Valley Community College (Division Chair)
Kim, Hoe Woon 2010 Ph.D. Thomann, E. A. The Stokes Problem of Fluid Mechanics, Riesz Transform, and the Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Aniruth, Phon-On 2010 Ph.D. Garity, D. J. A thin Codimension-one decomposition of the Hilbert Cube Prince of Songkla University
Hickmann, Kyle S. 2010 Ph.D. Finch, D.V. Unique determination of acoustic properties from thermoacoustic data Tulane University (Postdoc)
Hass, Ryan 2009 Ph.D. Faridani, A. Pi-line reconstruction formulas in computed tomography Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor)
Burger, Lance 2009 Ph.D. Edwards, B. E. Transfer and Meta-Cogitive Intervention in Conceptually Non-Isomorphic Linear Algebra Problem Settings California State University-Fresno (Associate Professor)
Cook, Sam 2009 Ph.D. Dray, T. Killing Spinors and Affine Symmetry Tensors in Gödel's Universe University of Alaska at Anchorage (Associate Professor)
Dietel, Brian Christopher 2009 Ph.D. Flahive, M. E. Mahler's order functions and algebraic approximation of p-adic numbers Lewis-Clark State College (Associate Professor)
Wills, Dean C. 2009 Ph.D. Parks, H. R. Connections between Combinatorics of Permutations and Algorithms and Geometry Engineering Manager, AppDynamics
Ultman, Shari K. 2009 Ph.D. Escher, C. M. The cohomology rings of seven dimensional primitive cohomogeneity one manifolds Visiting Assistant Professor, Boise State University
Strowbridge Cohen, Jessica 2008 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Middle School Teachers' Use of a Formative Feedback Guide in Mathematical Problem Solving Instruction University of Idaho; Western Washington University (Associate Professor)
Pierce, Larry 2008 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Computing Entropy for Z2-actions University of Washington Medicine
Schmurr, Jason Peter 2008 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. Triangular billiards surfaces and translation covers Dalton State College (Associate Professor)
Wangberg, Aaron D. 2007 Ph.D. Dray, T. The structure of E6 Assistant Professor, Winona State College
Ramirez, Jorge M. 2007 Ph.D. Thomann, E. A. and Waymire E. C. Skew Brownian motion and branching processes applied to diffusion-advection in heterogenous media and fluid flow University of Arizona; National University of Colombia, Medellin
Ghimire, Kailash C. 2007 Ph.D. Garity, D. J. An intrinsic codimension two cellular decomposition of the Hilbert cube Georgia Southwestern State University (Associate Professor)
Constantinescu, Corina D. 2006 Ph.D. Thomann, E. A. Renewal risk processes with stochastic returns on investments : a unified approach and analysis of the ruin probabilities RICAM (Postdoc); University of Liverpool (Reader)
Gratton, Larry A. 2005 Ph.D. Faridani, A. Nonuniform sampling problems in computed tomography Associate Professor, Berea College
Orum, John Christopher 2004 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Branching processes and partial differential equations Oregon State University Mathematics (Instructor); University of Utah (Postdoc)
Lin, FuSen F. 2003 Ph.D. Chen, L. L. Numerical inversion of laplace transforms by the trapezoidal-type methods National Taiwan Ocean University
Black, Wendy 2003 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Construction and numerical simulation of a two-dimensional analogue to the KdV equation
Bell, Andrea Moreira 2003 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. Hilbert modular surfaces and uniformizing groups of Klein invariants Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Kim, Seong Kun 2002 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Asphericity of length 6 equations over torsion free groups
Kang, Dong Seung 2002 Ph.D. Reichstein, Z. Trace forms and self-dual normal bases in Galois field extensions Dankook University
Glantz, Wayne L. 2001 Ph.D. Chen, L. L. A singular integral operator along a hypersurface Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab (Software Engineer)
Georgieva, Bogdana A. 2001 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Noether-type theorems for the generalized variational principle of Herglotz Pacific University
Fassett, Jonathon E. 2001 Ph.D. Schori, R. Inverse limits and full families Central Washington University (Associate Professor)
Smith, Katherine M. 2000 Ph.D. Schmidt, T. A. Principal subgroups of the nonarithmetic Hecke triangle groups and Galois orbits of algebraic curves
Lee, Hanku 2000 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. The existence and uniqueness of solutions in a weighted Sobolov space for an initial-boundary problem of a degenerate.....
Le, Hung Viet 2000 Ph.D. Chen, L. L. Maximal operators along surfaces of revolution
Kaul, Anton 2000 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Rigidity for a class of Coxeter groups Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Professor)
Fredericks, Julia D. 2000 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Local indicability and relative presentations of groups Portland State University
Dixon, Leonard 2000 Ph.D. McDougal, W. G. The equations of motion of a deformable saturated porous medium with micropolar structure Clark College
Biskup, Igor Marko 2000 Ph.D. Bogley, W. A. Logical implications between different flavors of asphericity
Limmer, Douglas James 1999 Ph.D. Robson, R. Measure-equivalence of quadratic forms Texas State University
Lan, Ih-Ren 1999 Ph.D. Finch, D. V. On an operator associated to a resticted x-ray transform
Behmard, Hamid R. 1999 Ph.D. Faridani, A. Nonperiodic sampling theorems and filter banks Western Oregon University
Agnew, Alfonso F. 1999 Ph.D. Dray, T. Distributional modes for quantum field theory in curved spacetimes
Krouss, Paul R. 1998 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Dependent site percolation models
Fischer, James P. 1998 Ph.D. Dray, T. A new look at the Ashtekar-Magnon energy condition
Zandieh, Michelle J. 1997 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. The evolution of student understanding of the concept of derivative Arizona State (Assoc. Professor)
Plaehn, David C. 1997 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. One-dimensional Kohonen maps are super-stable with exponential rate
Utter, Frederick W. 1996 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Relationships among AP calculus teachers' pedagogical content beliefs, classroom practice, and their students' achievement
Hale, Patricia L. 1996 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Building conceptions and repairing misconceptions in student understanding of kinematic graphs : using student discourse Cal Poly Pomona (Professor)
Zhang, Qing 1995 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Some tree structure function asymptotics
Senkyrik, Martin 1995 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. A topological approach to dry friction and nonlinear beams
Nam, Kiwon 1995 Ph.D. Garity, D. J. Detecting piecewise linear approximate fibrations
Danielson, Lynda Major 1995 Ph.D. Fein, B. I. The galois theory of iterated binomials College of Idaho (Professor)
White, Peter W. 1994 Ph.D. Weideman, A. The Davey-Stewartson equations : a numerical study
Treuden, Mark Richard 1994 Ph.D. Firey, W. J. Collision probabilities of convex polygons in spherical two-space
Maxwell, Mark M. 1994 Ph.D. Waymire, E. C. Asymptotic enumeration for combinatorial structures University of Texas-Austin (Clinical Professor, Director of the Actuarial Studies)
Krussel, Carolyn E. S. 1994 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Visualization and reification of concepts in advanced mathematical thinking University of Montana (Faculty member)
Boersma, Stuart F. 1994 Ph.D. Dray, T. Parametric manifolds Central Washington University: Assist. Prof., Assoc., Full, then Dept. Chair.
Cho, Yong-Kum 1993 Ph.D. Chen, L. L. Multiparameter maximal operators and square functions on product spaces
Park, Young Kou 1993 Ph.D. Solmon, D. C. On perturbation and location of roots of polynomials by Newton's interpolation formula
Jubran, Isa S. 1992 Ph.D. Shori, R. and Garity, D. J. Chaotic embedding of the Whitehead continuum Associate Professor, State University of New York Cortland
Hagelberg, Carl R. 1992 Ph.D. Bennett, A. Existence of a solution to a variational data assimilation method in two-dimensional hydrodynamics
Goulet, Marc 1992 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. One-dependence and k-block factors
Hwang, Dae-sik 1991 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Large deviation principles for random measures
Hart, Dianne K. 1991 Ph.D. Dick, T. P. Building concept images supercalculators and students' use of multiple representations in calculus
Crow, John A. 1991 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. A nonlinear shallow water wave equation and its classical solutions of the cauchy problem
Choi, In-kyeong 1991 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. On straight line representations of random planar graphs
Shea, Edward Carl 1990 Ph.D. Fein, B. I. Minimal simultaneous embeddings of central simple algebras California State University-Sacramento (Faculty member)
Bodvarsson, Gudrun M. 1990 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Solutions to some linear evolutionary systems of equations : study of the double porosity model of fluid flow....
Andersen, Robert Nels 1990 Ph.D. Schori, R. Homotopy construction techniques applied to the cell like dimension raising problem and to higher dimensional dunce hats
Park, Tae-soon 1989 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Nonlinear free boundary problems arising from melting processes
Smith, Steven J. 1988 Ph.D. Murphy, L. F. Optimal harvesting of continuous age structured populations
Franzosa, Marie M. 1988 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Densities and dependence for point processes
Rohm, Dale M. 1987 Ph.D. Schori, R. Alternative characterizations of weak infinite-dimensionality and their relation to a problem of Alexandroff's
Helfenstein, Franz Hugo 1986 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. A free boundary value problem modeling streambed erosion
Hazou, Irene A. 1986 Ph.D. Solmon, D. C. The exponential X-ray transform Bethlehem University: Assist. Prof., then Assoc. Prof., then Vice President for Academic Affairs
O'Regan, Daniel J. 1985 Ph.D. Lee, J. W. Initial and boundary value problems via topological methods
Kim, Tae-sung 1985 Ph.D. Burton, R. M. Central limit theorems for associated random fields with applications
Keinert, Fritz 1985 Ph.D. Smith, K. T. The divergent k-plane transform
Bottema, Murk J. 1985 Ph.D. Smith, K. T. Median filters and iterative noise elimination with applications to the sharpening of radiographs Flinders University
Kharab, Abdelwahab 1984 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. A nonlinear free boundary value problem King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Treuden, Michael L. 1983 Ph.D. Anselone, P. M. Asymptotically compact operator approximation theory
Mohamed, Fouad Abd El-Aal 1983 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Nonlinear free boundary problems arising from soil freezing in a bounded region
Kiser, Terry 1983 Ph.D. Bodvarsson, G. Fractional powers of the Laplacian with application to small amplitude water waves
Scarborough, Stephen D. 1982 Ph.D. Carter, D. S. A moment rate characterization for stochastic integrals
Ojha, Murari Prasad 1982 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. Smooth approximations and quermassintegrals
Gerlach, Jurgen 1982 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. A free boundary value problem for the gas dynamic equations
Bashir, Mohommed 1982 Ph.D. Flaherty, F. J. Zero-rest-mass fields from the formula of a tube in complex projective three-space
Okada, Kanzo 1981 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Synthetic method in thermal boundary layer transition
Lancaster, Kirk Eugene 1980 Ph.D. Petersen, B. E. On temperate fundamental solutions with support in a nonsalient cone Wichita State University
Kim, Jong-Chul 1980 Ph.D. Flaherty, F. J. Embeddings of Lorentzian manifolds by solutions of the d'Alembertian equations
Lodwick, Weldon A. 1979 Ph.D. Davis, J. Two numerical methods for the solutions of optimal control problems with computed error bounds using the maximum principle...
Summers, Daniel Stewart 1978 Ph.D. Kas, A. On the Picard group of branched coverings of CP^2
McGee, Keane B. 1978 Ph.D. Firey, W. J. Generalized convex bodies of revolution in n-dimensional space
McCay, Brian M. 1978 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Nonlocal electromagnetic theory of fluids with applications to surface waves in a dielectric fluid
Celarier, Donald Allen 1978 Ph.D. Davis, J. A study of the global convergence properties of Newton's method
Stynes, Martin J. 1977 Ph.D. Anselone, P. M. An algorithm for the numerical calculation of the degree of a mapping University College Cork; Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Parker, Phillip E. 1977 Ph.D. Flaherty, F. J. Singular geometry and geometric singularities
Kelley, Thomas E. 1977 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Microcontinuum theory and orientational effects in smectic liquid crystals
Endicott, Patrick C. 1977 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. Simplicial bundles and the homology structure of submersions
Ng, Mary Jeanne Pe 1976 Ph.D. Fein, B. I. The Zp (t)-adequacy of pure plynomials
Matzdorff, Edward Max 1976 Ph.D. Lee, J. W. and Livingston, A. E. Gibbs phenomenon and lebesgue constants for the Quasi-Hausdorff means of double series
Kan, Joseph Ting-che 1976 Ph.D. Petersen, B. E. Paley-Wiener theorems with convex weight functions
Greenfield, Gary Robert 1976 Ph.D. Fein, B. I. Even order subgroups of finite dimensional division rings
Fredricks, Gregory Alan 1976 Ph.D. Andreotti, A. Higher order differential geometry and some related questions
Dranchak, John J. 1976 Ph.D. Newberger, S. M. Properties and integral representations of distributions of operators
Upatisringa, Visutdhi 1975 Ph.D. Ballantine, C. S. The relation between complex matrices obtained by composing similarity and conjunctivity
DuBeau, Donald Gene 1975 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Mathematical aspects of the flow of gases underground
Daily, John 1975 Ph.D. Stalley, R. D. The distribution of certain sequences of n-Tuples of numbers Modulo 1
Banks, Bernard W 1975 Ph.D. Newberger, S. M. Time derivatives of observables and applications
Toms, Ralph Marvin 1974 Ph.D. Davis, J. Globally optimal Runge-Kutta methods
Solmon, Donald C 1974 Ph.D. Smith, K. T. The x-ray transform
Sekino, Junpei 1974 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. Homology theory of submersions
Hartvigson, Zenas Russell 1974 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. The completeness axiom of Lobachevskian geometry
Halfant, Matthew 1974 Ph.D. Lonseth, A. T. Some results in the ergodic theory of generalized expansions of real numbers
Chang, Wei-rong 1974 Ph.D. Petersen, B. E. Generalized Hilbert transforms associated to cones in R [to the nth power]
Baker, Steven Michael 1974 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. Obstruction theory for simplicial bundles Umtanum Enterprises
Battilega, John Anthony 1973 Ph.D. Guthrie, D. Computational improvements to Benders decomposition for generalized fixed charge problems
Yip, Elizabeth Lingfoon 1973 Ph.D. Ballantine, C. S. Matrices conjunctive with their adjoints
Ng, Dina Ng 1973 Ph.D. Ballantine, C. S. An effective criterion for congruence of real symmetric matrix pairs
Jumani, Vishnu Balchand 1973 Ph.D. Stone, W. M. A study of the quantization procedure : higher order information and the conditions for minimum error
Hook, Donald George 1973 Ph.D. Ballantine, C. S. Effects of conjunctivity on the inertia of complex matrices
Akerman, Michael Walter 1973 Ph.D. Simons, W. H. Some results on k-line partitions
Ghandour, Nabil Nassib 1973 Ph.D. Bodvarsson, G. Stability of convective flows in porous media
Dastrange, Nassar 1973 Ph.D. Stone, W. M. On the reconstruction of bandlimited signals from sampled values
Park, Moon Up 1972 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Theory of micromorphic materials and applications
Pandey, Nagendra Nath 1972 Ph.D. Oberhettinger, F. Generalizations of the Watson transforms
Murray, Peter John 1972 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. An extension of Hilbert's axioms of incidence and order to n dimensions
Mueller, T. J. 1972 Ph.D. Gagliardo, E. TEEMAL, an adaptive training procedure for a two layer system of linear threshold elements
Lo, Wen-so 1972 Ph.D. Anselone, P. M. Spectral approximation theory for bounded linear operators
Kerrick, Jerrill Douglas 1972 Ph.D. Brown, J. R. Group automorphisms of the n-torus : a representation theorem and some applications
Hofer, Jack Edward 1972 Ph.D. Brown, J. R. Topological entropy for noncompact spaces and other extensions
Daily, Mary Lou 1972 Ph.D. Stalley, R. D. A fundamental inequality in additive number theory and some related numerical functions
Applebee, Ralph Calvin 1972 Ph.D. Carter, D. S. Finite models of zero order propositional calculi
Van Enkevort, Ronald Lee 1972 Ph.D. Stalley, R. D. Continuous analogues of densisty theorems
Rivera, Dorothy Marguerite 1972 Ph.D. Oberhettinger, F. On a generalization of the Lerch zeta function
Vander Beek, John Wayne 1971 Ph.D. Ballantine, C. S. Isoconjunctivity of hermitian matrices
Swanson, Leonard George 1971 Ph.D. Chow, T. R. Equivalence of finite measures
Olson, Arthur Eugene, Jr. 1971 Ph.D. Stalley, R. D. Density space theory : discrete spaces
Okajima, Isamu 1971 Ph.D. Goldstein, M. Study of the topological structure of the Royden compactification of the unit disk
Margolis, William Edward 1971 Ph.D. Chow, T. R. Topological vector spaces and their invariant measures
Knoshaug, Ronald Norman 1971 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Flows of anisotropic fluids induced by rotating disks
Higdem, Roger Leon 1971 Ph.D. Stalley, R. D. Sums of subsets of certain algebraic systems
Zelver, Jack Solomon 1970 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. The integro-geometric tangent measures of euclidean n-space
Southam, James Lewis 1970 Ph.D. Simons, W. H. The generating function for three-line partitions
Short, Donald Ray, Jr. 1970 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. On the theorems of Sard and de Rham
Nelson, Thomas Clayton 1970 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. Universal computing systems. Part 1, Simulation of any Normal Algorithm by Turing machine. Part 2, A universal Turing machine..
Main, Robert Vaughn 1970 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. A critique of the incidence and order axioms of geometry
James, Ralph Leland 1970 Ph.D. Anselone, P. M. Convergence of positive operators
Gabrielsen, Ralph Edwin 1970 Ph.D. Bodvarsson, G. Numerical aspects of the inverse Sturm-Liouville problem
Elwin, John David 1970 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. Homology theories on the mapping category
Al-Ayat, Rokaya Abdel-Ghani 1970 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Initial and boundary value problem for a third order differential equation of parabolic type
Alameddine, Ahmad Faouzi 1970 Ph.D. Kaplin, E. L. Auxiliary conditions for the convergence of sequences of measurable functions
Gamon, Kenneth Oakland 1969 Ph.D. Oberhettinger, F. The propagation of waves and pulses in the presence of conical structures
Borah, Bolindra Nath 1969 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Thermo-elastic-plastic transition
Bakhshi, Vidya Sagar 1969 Ph.D. Narasimhan, M. N. L. Boundary layer transition
Attia, Farag Abdel-Salam 1969 Ph.D. Stone, W. M. On the distribution function of the interval between zero- crossings of a stationary Gaussian process
Wong, James Teng 1969 Ph.D. Stone, W. M. On the generalization of the distribution of the significant digits under computation
Seethoff, Terrance Lee 1969 Ph.D. Brown. J. R. Zero-entropy automorphisms of a compact abelian group
Middleton, William Adams 1969 Ph.D. Oberhettinger, F. Electronmagnetic radiation and heat conduction fields near coaxial conical structures
Lindstrom, Fredrick Thomas 1969 Ph.D. Stone, W. M. A mathematical model simulating mass transport of chemicals in saturated porous media
Johnson, Robert Carl 1969 Ph.D. Smith, J. W. Equivariant Stiefel-Whitney classes
Green, Beryl Manfield 1969 Ph.D. Carlson, D. H. Characterizations of matrices for which certain determinantal equalities hold
Shiflett, Ray Calvin 1968 Ph.D. Brown. J. R. Loops and points of density in doubly stochastic measures
Shen, Chung-Yi 1968 Ph.D. Carter, D. S. Probability densities and correlation functions in statistical mechanics
McCoy, Michael Franklin 1968 Ph.D. Guthrie, D. Optimal stationary (s,S) inventory policies for stochastically convergent demand sequences
Lindquist, Norman Fred 1968 Ph.D. Firey, W. J. Representations of central convex bodies
Hwang, John Dzen 1968 Ph.D. Goheen, H. E. and Slotta, L. S. On numerical solutions of the general Navier-Stokes equations for two-layered stratified flows
Hill, Richard David 1968 Ph.D. Carlson, D. H. Generalized inertia theory for complex matrices
Farlow, Stanley J. 1968 Ph.D. Guenther, R. B. Periodic solutions of parabolic partial differential equations
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