Date/Time Event Type Location Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker Host
05/23/2022 Department Colloquium Pharmacy Building 305 and Zoom Generalizations of the Alder-Andrews Theorem in Partition Theory Holly Swisher Nathan L. Gibson
05/16/2022 Department Colloquium Pharmacy Building 305 and Zoom Positive Curvature and Discrete Abelian Symmetries Catherine Searle Christine M. Escher
05/09/2022 Department Colloquium Pharmacy Building 305 and Zoom Nonuniqueness for the Navier-Stokes equation Alexey Cheskidov Radu Dascaliuc
05/02/2022 Department Colloquium Pharmacy Building 305 and Zoom Moduli spaces of positive curvature in Riemannian geometry Jackson Goodman Christine M. Escher
02/24/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Some aspects of random walks, particle systems and application to rainfall Ruojun Huang
02/21/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Laplacian quadratic forms, function regularity, graphs, and optimal transport Nicholas Marshall
02/17/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Improved Guarantees and Rates for Sparse Recovery Christian Kuemmerle
02/14/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Existence of Probabilistically Strong Solutions to the 3D Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in L^p Fanhui Xu Radu Dascaliuc
02/10/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Black holes: the inside story of gravitational collapse Maxime Van de Moortel Radu Dascaliuc
02/07/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Long time behavior of nonlinear Schrodinger equations Xueyin Yu Radu Dascaliuc
02/03/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Optimal Mass Transport and Time-Dependent Monge-Ampere Equations Farhan Abedin
01/31/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Challenges of multi-persistence Mickaël Buchet Christine M. Escher
01/27/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Geometry, Topology, and Data Osman Okutan Christine M. Escher
01/26/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Random Persistence Diagram Generation Farzana Nasrin Christine M. Escher
01/24/2022 Department Colloquium on Zoom Topological Perspectives on Collective Behavior Chad Giusti Yevgeniy Kovchegov
01/10/2022 Department Colloquium Zoom Navier-Stokes equation: determining wavenumber, Kolmogorov’s dissipation number, and Kraichnan’s number Mimi Dai Radu Dascaliuc
11/22/2021 Department Colloquium KEAR 112 On Bertrand's Theorem Patrick De Leenheer
11/15/2021 Department Colloquium KEAR 112 Inhomogeneous interacting particle systems Leo Petrov Axel Saenz Rodriguez
10/18/2021 Department Colloquium KEAR 112 Recent problems in partitions and other combinatorial functions Larry Rolen Holly Swisher
07/12/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Calculus Remodel: A Step Forward Sara Clark, Michael Gilliam, & Elizabeth Jones Michael Gilliam
05/24/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Colloquium movie: Secrets of the Surface: the mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani Christine M. Escher
05/17/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Mathematics and the Future of Biomedical Imaging Melody Alsaker Nathan L. Gibson
05/10/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom What do Riemann-Hilbert problems tell us about nonlinear waves? Deniz Bilman Patrik Nabelek
04/26/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Average-Case Behavior of Iterative Methods on Sample Covariance Matrices Tom Trogdon Patrik Nabelek
04/12/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Orthogonal Polynomial Ensembles, Random Matrices, and Random Tilings Ken McLaughlin Patrik Nabelek
02/01/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Homological Tools for Data Robert Ghrist Christine M. Escher
01/25/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Kinetic models of particle systems Cory Hauck
01/11/2021 Department Colloquium Zoom Horofunctions, Fixed Points, and Illuminating the Unit Ball Bas Lemmens Patrick De Leenheer
11/23/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom The mathematics behind the basic reproduction number R0 Patrick De Leenheer
11/09/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Multiscale Modeling and Dimension Reduction Nathan L. Gibson
11/02/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom A new life of Pearson's skewness Yevgeniy Kovchegov
10/26/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom Building (learning of) logic on the foundation of mathematics: A summary of ongoing research Paul Dawkins Elise Lockwood
10/12/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom Collective behavior and ecosystem stability Benjamin Dalziel
05/11/2020 Department Colloquium Zoom Sophie Germain's grand plan to prove Fermat's Last Theorem David Pengelley
03/09/2020 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 364 Representation of integers by binary forms Shabnam Akhtari Holly Swisher
03/02/2020 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 364 Codes, lattices, and modular forms Jim Brown Holly Swisher
02/24/2020 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 364 Topology and Neuroscience (the talk is cancelled) Chad Giusti Christine M. Escher
02/10/2020 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 364 Area-minimizing surfaces and the one-phase free boundary problem Mark Allen
01/13/2020 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 364 H-spaces, Loop spaces and Curvature Mark Walsh Christine M. Escher
10/28/2019 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 350 Ancient solutions to mean curvature flow of isoparametric submanifolds Xiaobo Liu Christine M. Escher
10/14/2019 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 350 What I Tell You K Times is (sometimes) True Paul Cull
06/03/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Algebra and Origami Adriana J.Salerno Holly Swisher
05/20/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Bailey pairs: from q-series to modularity Jeremy Lovejoy Holly Swisher
05/13/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Wellposedness of SDEs with multiplicative noise Liping Xu Juan M. Restrepo
05/06/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Instantons in nonlinear stochastic systems: Stochastic Burgers equation and cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Tobias Schäfer Vrushali A. Bokil
04/29/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 What’s new with the wave equation? Daniel Appelö Vrushali A. Bokil
04/22/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 What is category theory? An elementary (school) approach Leanne Merrill Christine M. Escher
04/19/2019 Lonseth Lecture CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Willamette Room Using abstract mathematical structures to study algorithmic complexity questions Mai Gehrke
04/15/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Building Information Literacy Practices into Numeracy Instruction (and vice versa!): A Student-Centered Investigation into College Access Ander Erickson Elise Lockwood
04/08/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Mixing and transport by incompressible flows Anna Mazzucato Elaine Cozzi
03/11/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Epidemic Dynamics of Cholera in Non-homogeneous Environments Xueying Wang Vrushali A. Bokil
03/04/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Free boundary problems Mariana Smit Vega Garcia Christine M. Escher
02/25/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 What is data assimilation, why is it important and why is it difficult to do in high-dimensional problems? Matti Morzfeld Juan M. Restrepo
02/11/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Liquid Crystals and Living Systems Maria-Carme Calderer Malgorzata Peszynska
02/04/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Modeling the Melt: What Math Tells Us About Disappearing Polar Sea Ice Ken Golden Malgorzata Peszynska
01/28/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Geometric realizations of cyclic branched covers as infinite regular polyhedral surfaces Dami Lee Thomas A. Schmidt
01/14/2019 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Asymptotic Geometries in General Relativity Paul Allen Christine M. Escher
11/26/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 A Finite Element Method on Exotic Meshes Jeff Ovall Vrushali A. Bokil
11/19/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 Mathematics of “talking microbes”
11/05/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 Mathematical Creativity in Proving and Problem Solving - Use of the Creativity-in-Progress “Rubric” (CPR) Gulden Karakok Mary Beisiegel
10/29/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 Minimal blowup data for potential Navier-Stokes singularities on the half-space
10/22/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 Snakes & Spiders, Robots & Geometry Ross L. Hatton Christine M. Escher
10/15/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 Compressive sensing and metagenomics
10/08/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 What does "less than or equal" really mean? Felix Hausdorff and The Skeptic David Pengelley
10/01/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 No Colloquium. There will instead be a student event, "The Why, How, and Where of Professional Internships" Juan M. Restrepo
09/24/2018 Department Colloquium Kearney 212 No Colloquium. There will be a "Departmental Welcome Meeting" William A. Bogley
07/06/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Dynamics of Complex Singularities of Nonlinear PDEs Andre Weideman Enrique A. Thomann
06/04/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 A Key to the Secret Garden of Partial Differential Equations Adam Larios Elaine Cozzi
05/14/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Persistent Cohomology and Circular Coordinates Vin de Silva Christine M. Escher
05/07/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Finite or Infinite? An Introduction to Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory Jens Harlander William A. Bogley
05/03/2018 Lonseth Lecture Linc 200 Of Predator and Prey Henri Berestycki Patrick De Leenheer
04/30/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The Shape of Medicines to Come Bryn Keller Christine M. Escher
04/23/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Predictable differences in the intensity of influenza epidemics among US cities Benjamin Dalziel
04/16/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Symmetries of Spaces with Lower Curvature Bounds Catherine Searle Christine M. Escher
04/09/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Linear Programming in Geometric Measure Theory Bala Krishnamoorthy Christine M. Escher
04/02/2018 Department Colloquium Johnson Hall From sequential homogenization to multiscale data reconstruction Ilenia Battiato Juan M. Restrepo
03/12/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Challenges in super-resolution microscopy Daniel Coombs Juan M. Restrepo
03/05/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Mathematics of Collective Behavior: From Cucker-Smale to Topological Models Roman Shvydkoy Radu Dascaliuc
01/29/2018 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Applied topological data analysis Dev Sinha Christine M. Escher
01/22/2018 Department Colloquium GLSN 200 Fitting the Linear Preferential Attachment Model Sid Resnick
11/27/2017 Department Colloquium Balanced Processes and their Place Among the Trees Robert Burton
11/13/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall 350 From Lecture to Active Learning David Pengelley
11/06/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Compatible Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations in Complex Materials Vrushali A. Bokil
10/30/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The Incompressible Euler Equations and the Serfati Identity Elaine Cozzi
10/23/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder Hall Room 350 Motion of Fluids: Applications in astrophysics, in medicine and in other areas Sarka Necasova
10/16/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 To know or not to know? To lead or not to lead? Important questions and findings from a video-based professional development study Mary Beisiegel
10/02/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Quantum Modular Forms Holly Swisher
09/25/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Isn't It Just Intuitive? Investigation Subtleties of the Multiplication Principle Elise Lockwood
05/16/2017 Milne Lecture LINC 128 On Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and Data Science Michael I Jordan Enrique A. Thomann
05/08/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Describing Group Actions without Group Theory Aaron Wootton Thomas A. Schmidt
05/02/2017 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center Lonseth Lecture Series William Yslas Vélez Enrique A. Thomann
04/24/2017 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Some 4-dimensional questions in 3-dimensional topology. Robert Lipshitz Christine M. Escher
04/06/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Viruses and Geometry: New Insights into Virus structure, Assembly and Evolutions (Joint Colloquium with Integrative Biology) Reidun Twarock Vrushali A. Bokil
02/27/2017 Department Colloquium Weniger 116 Pilot-Wave Hydrodynamics (Joint with Physics) John Bush Juan M. Restrepo
02/20/2017 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Bailey's Lemma
01/30/2017 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 So you think you understand fractions? Quick, does 23/67 equal 33/97? A mathematician's secret from Euclid to today David Pengelley
01/23/2017 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Mathematical and Numerical Study of Plasmonic Structures with Corners Camille Carvalho Vrushali A. Bokil
11/28/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 On vortex sheets and mean field games David Ambrose Elaine Cozzi
11/07/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 New Perspectives in Discrete Probability and Its Applications Yevgeniy Kovchegov
10/31/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Discrete conformal geometry of polyhedral surfaces Ren Guo
10/24/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Non-Archimedean dynamical systems Clayton Petsche
05/27/2016 Department Colloquium GILK 113 A Non-Conforming Virtual Element Method for Stokes Equations Vitaliy Gyrya Vrushali A. Bokil
05/23/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Analysis of Processor Sharing Queues via Relative Entropy Amber Puha Edward C. Waymire
05/10/2016 Lonseth Lecture Construction and Engineering Hall, LaSells Stewart Center The Remarkable Journey of Isoperimetric Problem: From Euler to Steiner to Weierstrass Richard Tapia Enrique A. Thomann
05/02/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Quantum and Fluid Mechanics of Global Warming Brad Marston Vrushali A. Bokil
04/25/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Increasing Student Engagement in Learning Calculus - A Pilot Study Mary Pilgrim Thomas P. Dick
04/18/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Groups of Fibonacci type Gerald Williams William A. Bogley
04/11/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Rank Driven Dynamics Peter Veerman Patrick De Leenheer
04/04/2016 Department Colloquium Rectangular Billiards and Universality Jayadev Athreya Thomas A. Schmidt
03/28/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Open questions regarding Kähler-Einstein metrics Heather Macbeth Christine M. Escher
02/29/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Applications of optimization and optimal control to some fundamental problems in mathematical fluid dynamics Charles Doering Enrique A. Thomann
02/22/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Heat Transport in Rayleigh Benard Convection Jared Whitehead Radu Dascaliuc
01/25/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 How is a projective space fitted together? David Pengelley
01/11/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 On the Specificities of Mental Mathematics Strategies Jerome Proulx Mary Beisiegel
01/05/2016 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Affine Automorphisms of Rooted Trees (Note the scheduling change!) Dmytro Savchuk William A. Bogley
11/30/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Some geometric inequalities and identities
11/23/2015 Milne Lecture MU Horizon Room Statistics, the transfer science, Big Data, and an experience with ENCODE Peter Bickel
11/20/2015 Department Colloquium GLK 113 Exact location recovery for a problem from machine vision (Joint with AMC Seminar) Paul Hand Malgorzata Peszynska
11/13/2015 Department Colloquium LINC 302 "Best" in a Biological Context: Optimization across the Biological Hierarchy Lou Gross Vrushali A. Bokil
11/09/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Mathematical modeling of biological systems with partially known or poorly understood molecular mechanisms Alexander Ratushny Enrique A. Thomann
11/02/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 On the role of dynamics in the Navier-Stokes regularity. Radu Dascaliuc
10/26/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Object recognition and symmetry detection in digital images Peter Olver Petri Juha Pohjanpelto
10/22/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 A Tale of Two Fluids. (Joint with AMC Seminar - note the unusual date&time) Noel Walkington Ralph E. Showalter
10/12/2015 Department Colloquium KIdder 350 The motion of fluid around moving rigid body Šárka Nečasová Enrique A. Thomann
10/05/2015 Department Colloquium the University of Oregon Campus Joint UO-OSU Colloquium: PDE, stochastic cascades, explosions, and the issue of symmetry breaking. Radu Dascaliuc
09/28/2015 Department Colloquium KIdder 350 Second order properties of the Boolean model and related models of stochastic geometry Günter Last Edward C. Waymire
06/01/2015 Department Colloquium Pharmacy 305 Who gets to participate in the mathematics classroom? Martha Civil Mary Beisiegel
05/18/2015 Department Colloquium Pharmacy 305 Kolmogorov, Onsager and a stochastic model for turbulence Susan Friedlander Radu Dascaliuc
05/15/2015 Department Colloquium TBA What’s new (and old) about elliptic curves Mike Bennett Clayton Petsche
05/12/2015 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center C&E Hall Plateau's Problem and the Geometry of Soap Films Harold R. Parks Enrique A. Thomann
05/11/2015 Department Colloquium Pharmacy 305 Self-similar solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations. Zachary Bradshaw Radu Dascaliuc
05/04/2015 Department Colloquium Pharmacy 305 Homotopy theoretic perspectives on groups and varieties. Kyle Ormsby Christine M. Escher
04/28/2015 Department Colloquium LaSells Stewart Center 2015 Gilfillan Lecture: Blending Scientific and Mathematical Curiosities Edward C. Waymire
04/27/2015 Department Colloquium Weniger 116 Department of Physics Colloquium: The Geometry of Relativity Tevian Dray
04/13/2015 Department Colloquium Pharmacy 305 On the motion of a rigid body with a cavity filled with a viscous liquid. Giovanni P Galdi Enrique A. Thomann
03/30/2015 Department Colloquium MU 49: Horizon Conference Room Milne Lecture in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science: DNA Sequencing in the 21st Century Michael S. Waterman Edward C. Waymire
03/30/2015 Milne Lecture MU 49: Horizon Conference Room DNA Sequencing in the 21st Century Michael S. Waterman Edward C. Waymire
02/23/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Simple groups simplified Robert A Wilson Tevian Dray
02/16/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Fractional Calculus, Anomalous Diffusion, and Probability Mark M. Meerschaert Enrique A. Thomann
02/09/2015 Department Colloquium KIdder 350 The arithmetic of postcritically finite maps Patrick Ingram Clayton Petsche
01/26/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Efficient and Accurate Numerical Solutions for Helmholtz Equation Yau Shu Wong Vrushali A. Bokil
01/16/2015 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Covering systems of congruences - (Note the unusual time) Robert Hough
11/10/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Classifying smooth manifolds: applications of topology to geometry and physics. Christine M. Escher
11/03/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Reduced Decompositions - Joint UO/OSU Colloquium. Ben Young Radu Dascaliuc
10/27/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Inquiry oriented linear algebra: Coordinating research and curriculum development Michelle Zandieh Tevian Dray
10/13/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Isomorphism and disjointness in interval exchange transformations and flows on flat surfaces Jon Chaika Thomas A. Schmidt
10/06/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 A multiscale method coupling network with continuum models for flow in porous media Masa Prodanovic Malgorzata Peszynska
09/29/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Hilbert Sixth Problem Tai-Ping Liu Enrique A. Thomann
08/11/2014 to 08/14/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 TBA Henry Warchall Enrique A. Thomann
07/21/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Cyclically presented groups and circulant graphs and matrices Dr. Gerald Williams William A. Bogley
06/09/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Lessons learned from instruction: Results from a study of upper-elementary mathematics classrooms Heather C. Hill Mary Beisiegel
05/20/2014 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center C&E Hall Sophie Germain’s grand plan to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem Dr. David Pengelley
05/19/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 PiMuEpsilon Colloquium: Symmetry, strings, and the most beautiful untangling of a double twist David Pengelley Thomas P. Dick
05/12/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 K3 surfaces and the irrationality of zeta(3) Matt Kerr Yevgeniy Kovchegov
05/05/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Why do algebraic topologists care about categories? Angelica Osorno Christine M. Escher
04/28/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 How does Google google? The math behind the internet Margot Gerritsen Malgorzata Peszynska
04/21/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 How to build an Exotic Sphere. Mark Walsh Christine M. Escher
04/07/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The Three Musketeers meet Navier-Stokes. Michael Jolly Radu Dascaliuc
03/10/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 p-adic parametrization of orbits and the dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture Thomas Tucker Clayton Petsche
03/03/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Modeling hydrodynamic interactions between swimming micro-organisms Vitaliy Gyrya Vrushali A. Bokil
02/10/2014 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Evolutions, Dynamical Systems, and Semigroups: A Partial Differential Equations Case Study from the Ground Up Justin Webster
01/13/2014 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Finite element error estimation for boundary value and eigenvalue problems associated with a Schr\"odinger operator Jeffrey Ovall
11/22/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 ICM: an interdisciplinary concept and its implementation viewed by an applications-driven mathematician Marek Niezgodka Malgorzata Peszynska
11/18/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Uncertainty Quantification Techniques in PDE Systems Nathan L. Gibson
11/11/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 TBA Jens Harlander William A. Bogley
11/11/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Combinatorial Topology in Dimension 2 Jens Harlander William A. Bogley
11/04/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 How to define random continued fraction expansions Cornelis Kraaikamp Thomas A. Schmidt
10/21/2013 Department Colloquium The University of Oregon Joint UO-OSU Colloquium: The Dynamical Mordell-Lang Problem Clayton Petsche
10/14/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Reconstruction of dynamic SPECT images from slow-rotation data Thomas Humphries
09/30/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Einstein metrics on homogeneous spaces. Michael Jablonski Catherine Searle
05/21/2013 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center C&E Hall Extreme Calculus Dr. Paul Zorn
05/20/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Communicating Mathematics Paul Zorn Thomas P. Dick
05/05/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Existence Results for Free-Surface Problems in Fluid Dynamics David Ambrose Elaine Cozzi
04/29/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Pi Mu Epsilon talk: An Exploration of Images Roger Nelsen Mary Beisiegel
04/22/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 A new approach to Stein's method for Normal approximation and its application to Energy Landscapes Partha Dey Edward C. Waymire
04/15/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Representations, convolutions, and Hecke algebras. Aaron Wood Mary E. Flahive
04/08/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Human Lymphocyte Proliferation Using CFSE Data H.T. Banks Nathan L. Gibson
04/01/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Stability, Finitness, and Dimension 4 Fred Wilhelm Catherine Searle
02/19/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Pressure and Incompressibility Gautam Iyer Elaine Cozzi
02/11/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Calculus at Michigan Karen Rhea Tevian Dray
02/04/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Noise Sensitivity of Boolean Functions and Critical Percolation Jeff Steif
01/28/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Stable numerical methods by test space design Jay Gopalakrishnan Malgorzata Peszynska
01/07/2013 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Euclid's 5th Postulate, the drama of ideas and the drama of people Oleg Gleizer Yevgeniy Kovchegov
11/30/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Topology via Two Discrete Methods Conrad Plaut Catherine Searle
11/19/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Probability and Dynamics--A survey and open problems. Manfred Denker Edward C. Waymire
11/12/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences: Forming a Graduate Program Group Philip Kutzko David V. Finch
11/05/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Wolfgang Doeblin - A mathematician rediscovered VideoMath (80 min) Edward C. Waymire
10/15/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Joint UO/OSU Colloquium: What's the fuss over random matrix theory? Chris Sinclair
10/08/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Algebraic models in systems biology Reinhard Laubenbacher
10/04/2012 Department Colloquium TBA Dynamic Models Explaining Social Balance Patrick De Leenheer Robert L. Higdon
10/01/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Multi-scale modeling in biology Mark Alber Robert L. Higdon
09/24/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 OSU Honors College Panel Bill Bogley, Toni Dolen, Tevian Dray, Dennis Garty
06/26/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Ramanujan: his life, the last letter and beyond (Special REU Colloquium) Robert Osburn Holly Swisher
05/21/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Algebraic Dynamics Lucien Szpiro Clayton Petsche
05/15/2012 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center C&E Hall Proofs and Confirmations: The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture David Bressoud
05/14/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Characteristics of Successful Programs in College Calculus Preliminary Findings Dr. David Bressoud Thomas P. Dick
05/07/2012 Department Colloquium WGNR 149 Boundary Behavior of PMC Surfaces: The Concus-Finn Conjecture
04/30/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Geodesics in Outer space Alexandra Pettet Nicholas Michalowski
04/23/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Mutual Attractions Between Floating Bodies: An Idealized Case Robert Finn
04/16/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 PME Induction Ceremony Lecture: The ABC Conjecture Jeffrey Vaaler Clayton Petsche
04/09/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 The Development of High-Order Accurate and Scalable Models for the Atmosphere and Ocean Frank Giraldo Malgorzata Peszynska
04/08/2012 Department Colloquium 0
02/27/2012 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Topological summaries for biological data: the Why, the What, and the How Yuriy Mileyko Vrushali A. Bokil
02/21/2012 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Symbolic Dynamics and DNA David Koslicki
02/20/2012 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Proof and Proving: Logic, Impasses, and Incubation Milos Savic
02/16/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Coverage statistics for sequence census methods Valerie Hower William A. Bogley
02/14/2012 Department Colloquium Weniger 212 Informing Instruction and Instructional Design: A Framework for Student Thinking about Matrix Multiplication Christine Larson
02/13/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Merging paths of research: Connecting contexts to support student engagement in mathematical practices Mary Beisiegel
02/10/2012 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Modeling Students' Ways of Thinking about Directional Derivative Eric Weber
02/07/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 A Model of Students’ Combinatorial Thinking: The Role of Sets of Outcomes Elise Lockwood Thomas P. Dick
02/06/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 A flow cross-section for Moeckel's theorem on continued fractions Albert Fisher Thomas A. Schmidt
01/30/2012 Department Colloquium Weniger 153 The power of small quantum information processors (Physics Colloquium) Robin Blume-Kohout
01/09/2012 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 FAST APPROACH SYSTEM (FAS) FOR LEARNING CALCULUS (Subject: Solving Ordinary Differential Equations) Carlos Corvini Thomas P. Dick
11/28/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Isometric Torus Actions on Manifolds of Non-Negative Curvature Catherine Searle Christine M. Escher
11/21/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The (non)-Mathematics of Language Robby Robson
11/07/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Models of Methane Evolution in Subsurface Malgorzata Peszynska
10/31/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 The Moore conjecture and related problems Dusan Repovs Dennis J. Garity
10/24/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Analysis of High Order FDTD Methods For Maxwell's Equations in Dispersive Media Vrushali A. Bokil
10/10/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Zeros of Eisenstein series Holly Swisher
10/03/2011 Department Colloquium UO - Deady 208 Zeros of Eisenstein series (Joint OSU-UO Colloquium) Holly Swisher
05/24/2011 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center Favorite Chance Encounters J. Michael Shaughnessy Dennis J. Garity
05/09/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Evolving predator-prey systems John Mayberry Edward C. Waymire
04/18/2011 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony Christine Guenther Nathan L. Gibson
04/05/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 280 From permutations to Kac-Moody geometry Walter Freyn Mark Walsh
03/31/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Variational principles of circle packing Ren Guo Christine M. Escher
03/30/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 The Topology of a Space of Geometries Mark Walsh
03/28/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Coherence of Groups and Actions on 2-dimensional Spaces Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza William A. Bogley
03/15/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Discretized configuration spaces Aaron Abrams Dennis J. Garity
03/04/2011 Department Colloquium Finiteness results in arithmetic dynamics Clayton Petsche
03/03/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Existence and uniqueness theory for the incompressible Euler equations Elaine Cozzi
02/24/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Integro-differential operators and applications Dr. Clayton Bjorland
02/22/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Turbulence in physical scales of Navier-Stokes equations Dr. Radu Dascaliuc
02/17/2011 Department Colloquium KIDD 350 Mathematical Challenges in Magma Dynamics Dr. Gideon Simpson
02/10/2011 Department Colloquium KIDD 364 Discrete conformal geometry Professor David Glickenstein Dennis J. Garity
02/07/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Polyhedral cell complexes in mathematics and biology Valerie Hower
01/24/2011 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Pseudo-pseudodifferential Operators, Weights, and the game of cricket Nicholas Michalowski
11/29/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Euclidean Cubic Fields and the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis Kevin J. McGown
11/22/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Convergence to stationary state Yevgeniy Kovchegov
11/01/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Diophantine approximation and the divided cell algorithm Mary E. Flahive
10/18/2010 Department Colloquium Kelley 1003 Learning Mixtures of Gaussians (Joint with EECS) Mikhail Belkin Yevgeniy Kovchegov
10/04/2010 Department Colloquium Scalar curvature and topology Mark Walsh
05/24/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 (tea in 302) Exchangeability and continuum limits of discrete random structures David Aldous
05/17/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Leavitt (Path) Algebras and Lie Algebras The Simple Truth Darren Funk-Neubauer
05/11/2010 Lonseth Lecture When Mathematics Changed Us Dr. Keith Devlin
04/23/2010 Department Colloquium Special Colloquium "The algebraic geometry of sandpiles" David Perkinson Nathan L. Gibson
04/18/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 TBA TBA Malgorzata Peszynska
04/12/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 PME induction ceremony "Area-minimizing surfaces" Harold R. Parks Nathan L. Gibson
04/05/2010 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Partition Theory and the Lebesgue Identity Michael Rowell
03/01/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Animating Everyday Calculus Lyle Cochran
02/22/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 Notions of periodicity for translation surfaces Kariane Calta
02/15/2010 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 From Large Deviations to Statistical Mechanics What Is the Most Likely Way for an Unlikely Event To Happen Richard S. Ellis Yevgeniy Kovchegov
02/01/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 You Can't Hear the Shape of an Orbifold Liz Stanhope
01/25/2010 Department Colloquium Kidder 350 PME induction ceremony talk TBA
01/11/2010 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Radial deformations of Dirac operators Hendrik De Bie
11/30/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 New proof of Shannon's entropy power inequality Mark Kelbert
11/16/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 (Joint with Statistics) Problems for the clairvoyant demon Geoffrey Grimmett Edward C. Waymire
11/02/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Demonstrating Numerical Methods in the Classroom, and the Open Source Project FEMhub Pavel Solin
10/26/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 An algebraic operator approach to risk theory Corina Constantinescu Enrique A. Thomann
10/12/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 (Joint with Statistics- note room) Tree Polymers Some Recent Results and Problems Edward C. Waymire
06/08/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Average Frobenius distributions for elliptic curves David Penniston
05/19/2009 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center Mysteries of the Cantor Set Robert Daverman
05/17/2009 Department Colloquium TBA Darren Neubauer
05/13/2009 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Mathematical Models for Stem Cell Preservation and Differentiation Karl-Heinz Hoffmann
05/11/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Introduction to motivic topology (Joint UO/OSU Colloquium) Dan Dugger
05/04/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Unexpected Properties of Dense Packings of Spheres Charles Radin
04/27/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Stochastic Shell models and related topics. Hakima Bessaih
04/27/2009 Department Colloquium Weniger 153 The Geometry of Special Relativity Tevian Dray
04/24/2009 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Permutations and Tableaux Algorithms in Combinatorics David C. Sutherland Nathan L. Gibson
04/20/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Self-similar trees: Genesis, structure, dynamics Ilya Zaliapin
04/13/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 Merging of time inhomogeneous finite Markov chains Jessica Zuniga
04/05/2009 Department Colloquium TBA Michael Rowell
03/01/2009 Department Colloquium TBA Lyle Cochran
02/16/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 A combinatorial analysis of interacting diffusions Soumik Pal
01/26/2009 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (Joint with IGERT) Increasing the number of mathematics majors Bill Velez
01/21/2009 Department Colloquium 1001 Kelly Engineering The Impact of Space in Models of Resilience Colleen Webb
12/08/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Matrix valued special functions Juan Alfredo Tirao
11/24/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Some results and techniques in Diophantine approximation Mary E. Flahive
10/13/2008 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Orbits of interval exchanges and a new induction process Sebastien Ferenczi
10/06/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Hurricane storm surge modeling: The state of the art and future development Clint Dawson
06/06/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (Jointly sponsored by OSU Department of Mathematics and OSU Ecosystems Informatics) A Hierarchy of Mathematical Models for Stud Dargan Frierson
05/30/2008 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Combinatorial rigidity and the molecular conjecture Brigitte Servatius
05/27/2008 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center Weierstrass Approximation Theorems John W. Lee
05/09/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Interactions of geometry and topology in cohomology Jeremiah Heller
04/25/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Manifolds with lower curvature bounds Lorenz Schwachhoefer
04/15/2008 Department Colloquium *In Eugene* Willamette 100 (UO) Euclidean triangles and affine diffeomorphisms of Riemann surfaces Thomas A. Schmidt
03/14/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Mimetic discretization method for PDEs Konstantin Lipnikov
03/07/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 A stochastic Lagrangian approach to the Navier-Stokes equations. Gautam Iyer
02/29/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 The Bing-Borsuk and the Busemann Conjectures Dusan Repovs
02/15/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorems Matthias Beck
02/01/2008 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Descents and Peaks Rosa Orellana
01/11/2008 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 This colloquium by Dušan Repovš is canceled. Dušan Repovš
11/30/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Dirichlet's class number formula and generalizations Jim Brown
11/16/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Some Maximal Subgroups of Symmetric Groups Bret Benesh
11/09/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 From One-Face Maps to Planar Trees: An Investigation of the Eigenvalue Statistics of Random Three-Regular Graphs Erin McNicholas
11/02/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Polygonal Billiards and Surface Topology John Smillie
06/01/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Numerical Solution of a Homogenization Model for Spatially Periodic Dispersive Dielectrics Vrushali A. Bokil
05/18/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations and their mixing rates Yevgeniy Kovchegov
05/08/2007 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center The Role of Capillarity in Multiphase Flow in Porous Media Professor Jim Douglas, Jr.
05/04/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Covering Spaces of the Figure Eight and Normal Subgroups of F_2 Dennis J. Garity
04/27/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Classical ensembles of random matrices: from the threefold way to a &beta future I. Dumitriu
04/20/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Fast Coin Simulation S. Nacu, Jointly hosted with Ecosystems Informatics IGERT
04/06/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Singular integrals along surfaces with rough kernels on product spaces
03/16/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Rational Polygons with minimal non-uniquely ergodic directions Y. Cheung
03/02/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Electromagnetic characterization of damage in Space Shuttle foam Nathan L. Gibson
02/23/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Singular Integrals, Integral Equations and Stochastic Processes associated with the Navier- Stokes equations Enrique A. Thomann
02/16/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Homogenization and field concentrations in heterogeneous media Robert Lipton
02/09/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Keeping the faith - fidelity constructs and representational issues in the use of technology in mathematics learning and teachi Thomas P. Dick
02/02/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 On the stochastic heat equation D. Khoshnevisan
01/26/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 On the POD approach to reduced-order variational data assimilation D. Daescu
01/19/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Monstrous Moonshine Meets Rogers-Ramanujan Functions Holly Swisher
01/12/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Symmetries of the hypergeometric function mFm-1 O. Gleizer
01/11/2007 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 The Bing-Borsuk and the Busemann Conjectures Dusan Repovs
12/01/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Computational Homology and Nonlinear Dynamics K. Mischaikow
11/17/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Factorization in Generalized Power Series Rings J. Pommersheim
11/10/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Quantum bluffing in entangled poker - An introduction to quantum game theory S. Bleiler
11/03/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 UO/OSU Joint Colloquium: Temperley-Lieb algebras and ADE classification Victor Ostrik
10/20/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 A Model for Vibrio Cholerae Colonization of the Human Intestine A. Spagnuolo
06/06/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Finite Subgroups of Mapping Class Groups A. Wootton
05/30/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Uses of the Ergodic Theorem in Probability C. Hoffman
05/23/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 ODEs and Optimal Control in disease and treatment modeling H. Moore
05/18/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 High-order discontinuous finite element methods for incompressible flows B. Riviere
05/09/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 U-Substitution in One Dimensional Riemann and Lebegue Integrals S. C. Williams
05/02/2006 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center Degenerate Symmetric Matrices Professor Peter Lax
04/26/2006 Department Colloquium Kidder 364 Maximal rates of divergence of ergodic averages along subsequences Anthony Quas
04/25/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Multiscale modeling and thin film growth R. Caflisch
04/18/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Elliptic curves and algebraic topology M. Ando
04/11/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 On the Robin problem in fractal domains K. Burdzy
04/04/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Generalized Modular Forms Marvin Knopp
03/14/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 Conformally compact Einsten metrics with symmetry in dimension 5 M. Javaheri
03/07/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 Pricing Issues in the Energy Markets J. Rodriguez
02/28/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 Primary Decomposition Irena Swanson
02/21/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 How to construct your personal elliptic curve Peter Stevenhagen
02/14/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 OF MICE AND MEN,... and random walks Nathanael Berestycki
02/13/2006 Department Colloquium Stag 107 Computational analysis of morphogen gradients during embryo development Yong-Tao Zhang
02/07/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 A Computational and Statistical Framework for Multidimensional Domain Acoustooptic Material Interrogation Vurshali Bokil
02/02/2006 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (NOTE: unusual day and time) The Spectral Volume Reconstruction on Simplex Qian-Yong Chen
01/10/2006 Department Colloquium Dearborn 118 Boundary distance rigidity and Ray transform on Riemannian manifolds Vladimir Sharafutdinov
11/29/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Experimental Mathematics and the Normality of Pi David H. Bailey
11/22/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Adaptive modeling in porous media Malgorzata Peszynska
11/15/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Navier-Stokes equations: short-time existence and stochastic representations of solutions Mina E. Ossiander
11/08/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Surfaces in finite covers of 3-manifolds: the Virtual Haken Conjecture Nathan Dunfield
11/01/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Dynamical Random Walks David Levin
10/25/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Adjoint methods are particle methods: Implications for Eulerian-Lagrangian modeling of multiphase multicomponent transport Thomas F. Russell
10/18/2005 Department Colloquium 208 Deady, Univ. of Oregon JOINT COLLOQUIUM Integral Geometry and Medical Imaging David V. Finch
10/11/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Can you hear the density of a body, and what's inside the sun? William Rundell
10/04/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 The Stochastic Theory of Fluvial Landsurfaces Bjorn Birnir
06/03/2005 Department Colloquium 113 Gilkey The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the Financial Markets Allan Lane
05/31/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods and Applications to Tsunami Modeling Randall J. LeVeque
05/17/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 Bounds for the Principal Eigenvalue of the Generalized Robin Problem. Tiziana Giorgi
05/12/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 Weak Numerical Schemes for Stochastic Differential Equations in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Brian Ewald
05/10/2005 Lonseth Lecture LaSells Stewart Center The New Mathematical Gravitational Astronomy Doug Arnold
05/09/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 Computational Algorithms for Spatially-Extended Predator-Prey Systems Marcus Garvie
05/05/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 Discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic conservation laws Lilia Krivodonova
05/03/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Pi, e^pi, and Gamma(1/4) Rob Tubbs
05/02/2005 Department Colloquium STAG 106 The problem of coexistence in multi-type competition models George Kordzakhia
04/28/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 On multi-particle edge-reinforced processes Yevgeniy Kovchegov
04/19/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (<b>NOTE: unusual time</b>) Using Conceptual Questions to Aid Classroom Discussion Maria Robinson
04/12/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (<b>NOTE unusual time for this Joint OSU/UO Mathematics Colloquium </b>) Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 4-manifolds. Peng Lu
03/31/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 <b>(COLLOQUIUM CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS)</b> High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods and Applications to Tsunami Modeling Randall J. LeVeque
03/08/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Multi-Scale Modeling of Physical Phenomena: Adaptive Control of Models J. Tinsley Oden
03/03/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (<b>Note: unusual day and time</b>) Answers to Questions of Andrews on Stanley's Partition Function. Holly Swisher
02/28/2005 Department Colloquium Covell 221 <b>(NOTE: unusual day, time, and location)</b> Homotopy and Nonlinear Analysis Andrzej Granas
02/24/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 (<b>NOTE: unusual day and time</b>) Construction of surfaces in projective fourspace. Hirotachi Abo
02/22/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 The p-torsion of Hyperelliptic Curves. Darren Glass
02/08/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Vector Field Design on Surfaces Eugene Zhang
01/25/2005 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 A Mathematical Analysis of Some Problems Related to Liquid-Particle Flow. Giovanni P.Galdi
12/07/2004 Department Colloquium Kidd 350 (<b>NOTE: Unusual location</b>) Colloquium Matjaz Zeljko
11/16/2004 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Pseudogroup Actions and Their Invariants Petri Juha Pohjanpelto
11/10/2004 Department Colloquium Gilkey 104 (<b> NOTE: unusual day, time, and location </b>) On the topological Helly theorem. Dusan Repovs
11/09/2004 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Introduction to Hybrid Mixture Theory Lynn Benethum
11/02/2004 Department Colloquium Kidd 364 Billiards and Riemann Surfaces Thomas A. Schmidt
08/13/2004 Department Colloquium Some properties of the set of steady-state solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations past an obstacle Giovanni P. Galdi
07/07/2004 Department Colloquium The Background Radiation Process and the Calderon Reproducing Formula Richard Gundy
06/11/2004 Department Colloquium Cellular Exclusion Algorithms Eugene L. Allgower
06/11/2004 Department Colloquium Thirty Years of the Attenuated Radon Transform Frank Natterer
06/01/2004 Department Colloquium Joint OSU-UO Colloquium Ralph E. Showalter
05/11/2004 Lonseth Lecture A Matter of Gravity Steven G. Krantz
05/04/2004 Department Colloquium Fitting Unstable Models of Bond trading to Market Data Victor Goodman
04/27/2004 Department Colloquium Randomized Algorithms Yuval Peres
04/20/2004 Department Colloquium Inverse Problems, Adjoints and Identifiability Paul DuChateau
04/12/2004 Department Colloquium Horning Lecture: Einstein as Cultural Icon and his Role in the Relativity Revolution David Rowe
03/02/2004 Department Colloquium Geometrical Modeling of Aging Phenomena Serge Preston
02/24/2004 Department Colloquium Mathematical Theory of Uniform Material Structures and Modeling the Evolution of Defects in Solids Marek Elzanowski
02/17/2004 Department Colloquium Ricci flow and the geometrization of 3-manifolds Peng Lu
02/10/2004 Department Colloquium Conjugacy and boundary rigidity, and related isoperimetric problems. Christopher Croke
02/03/2004 Department Colloquium Quit work, play poker, sleep till noon Steve Bleiler
01/27/2004 Department Colloquium Representation theory of finite dimensional Hopf algebras over fields of positive characteristic. Julia Pevtsova
11/25/2003 Department Colloquium Spherical Means and Thermoacoustic Tomography David V. Finch
11/18/2003 Department Colloquium Stochastic differential equations driven by stable processes Zhenqing Chen
11/11/2003 Department Colloquium Encoding communications to minimize message bit error rates Larry Dunning
11/04/2003 Department Colloquium How to Construct Multidimensional Wavelets with Good time-Frequence Localization Marcin Bownik
05/27/2003 Department Colloquium Penetration of Rigid Bodies into Sandy Soils Ronald B. Guenther
05/23/2003 Department Colloquium Nonlinear water waves with two-dimensional surface patterns: experiments and theory Diane Henderson
05/06/2003 Department Colloquium The Vector Calculus Bridge Project Tevian Dray
04/30/2003 Department Colloquium Fast Elliptic Curve Arithmetic Peter L. Montgomery
04/30/2003 Department Colloquium A Block Lanczos Algorithm and its Parallel Implementation Peter L. Montgomery
04/29/2003 Lonseth Lecture The Mathematics Inside Your Computer John H. Ewing
04/22/2003 Department Colloquium String Theory for Mathematicians Greg Landweber
04/15/2003 Department Colloquium Topological complexity and robotics Sergey Yuxvinsky
04/08/2003 Department Colloquium Transverse Fano Structures Ricci Curvature and Einstein Metrics Krzysztof Galicki
03/18/2003 Department Colloquium A Method for Assimilation of Lagrangian Data Leonid Kuznetsov
03/14/2003 Department Colloquium Boundary Harnack Principle for Semilinear Partial Differential Equations Siva Athreya
03/07/2003 Department Colloquium The Role of Symbolic Manipulation Deb Hughes Hallett
02/25/2003 Department Colloquium Peer-Led Team Learning Scott L. Peterson
02/18/2003 Department Colloquium The Differential Approach to Panoramic and Omnidirectional Sensor Design R. Andrew Hicks
02/13/2003 Department Colloquium Reduced Order Controllers for PDE Systems: Approaches, Challenges and Open Questions Belinda King
02/07/2003 Department Colloquium Sedimentation of Symmetric Particles in Newtonian and Viscoelastic Liquids: A Mathematical Analysis with Applications Giovanni P. Galdi
02/04/2003 Department Colloquium Iterated Polynomials and Two Famous Conjectures in Number Theory Burton Fein
12/03/2002 Department Colloquium Stochastic Cascades applied to the Navier-Stokes Equations Enrique A. Thomann
11/26/2002 Department Colloquium The Implications of Undergraduate Mathematics Majors' Understanding of the Role of Definitions in Mathematics Barbara E. Edwards
11/19/2002 Department Colloquium Markov Branching Process Zenghu Li
11/12/2002 Department Colloquium Resolutions of Low Dimensional Polyhedra Dusan Repovs
11/05/2002 Department Colloquium Colloquium Nandini Ranganathan
10/29/2002 Department Colloquium Dynamical Systems Arising from the Composition of Partially Defined Rotations Arek Goetz
10/22/2002 Department Colloquium Theoretical Epidemiology Richard Crandall
06/04/2002 Department Colloquium Using an Electronic Communication System to Make a Large Lecture Interactive
05/28/2002 Lonseth Lecture Real Estate in Hyperbolic Space: Investment Opportunities for the New Millennium Colin Adams
04/02/2002 Department Colloquium Colloquium Maria Schonbek
11/27/2001 Department Colloquium Some Remarks about the Calculus of Variations Gregor Weingart
11/20/2001 Department Colloquium Primes in Arithmetic progressions Michael Drinen
11/13/2001 Department Colloquium Geometric Group Theory Jens Harlander
10/16/2001 Department Colloquium Lorentz Wave Maps Tadg Woods
07/19/2001 Department Colloquium Mathematics of Electromagnetism Ernest (Fritz) Roetman
06/05/2001 Department Colloquium Derangements and (0,1)-matrices with line sum two Douglas G. Rogers
05/29/2001 Department Colloquium Geodesic Laminations and symbolic dynamics Victor F. Sirvent
05/24/2001 Department Colloquium Matrix Diffusion Heavy tailed residence time distributions and their influence on solute transport Roy Haggerty
05/15/2001 Department Colloquium Technology in vector calculus - zoom in to see the curl Matthias Kawski
04/17/2001 Department Colloquium Random Continued fractions and their equilibria Rabi Bhattacharya
04/12/2001 Department Colloquium A constructive approach to hydrodynamics of attractive asymmetric processes with a c1 flux Krishna Ravishankar
04/10/2001 Department Colloquium Super Brownian motion and catalytic super Brownian motion Don Dawson
04/05/2001 Department Colloquium From Synthetic towards real fully developed turbulence-learning from phenomenology Martin Greiner
04/03/2001 Department Colloquium Splines with free knots, a sort of an one sweep approach
03/13/2001 Department Colloquium Homological vector fields, their normal forms and applications Arkady Vaintrob
03/05/2001 Department Colloquium At U of O Enrique A. Thomann
02/27/2001 Department Colloquium Inside Math Excel at OSU: A video Visit Thomas P. Dick
02/20/2001 Department Colloquium Crystal bases and infinite dimensional lie algebra Jon Brundan
02/19/2001 Department Colloquium On the leray-Schauder principle in the ANR spaces Andrzej Granas
02/13/2001 Department Colloquium Limits to ecological modeling: a homage to Richard Levins Philippe A. Rossignol
11/28/2000 Department Colloquium High-resolution tomography from efficient sampling Adel Faridani
11/21/2000 Department Colloquium Gluing wormholes onto your universe Jim Isenberg
11/14/2000 Department Colloquium Minimal surfaces and conformal geometry Matthias Weber
11/07/2000 Department Colloquium Homological decision problems for finitely generated groups William A. Bogley
10/10/2000 Department Colloquium Probabilities for primes Peter Stevenhagen
09/26/2000 Department Colloquium Open problems in polygonal billiards Dr. Eugene Gutkin
05/16/2000 Lonseth Lecture The Improbable Life of Richard Courant Constance Reid
05/09/2000 Department Colloquium Math Excel - OSU's emerging scholars program Thomas P. Dick
04/04/2000 Department Colloquium Sewn up link exteriors: dehn surgery presentations and formulas for Lescop's invariant Gowri Meda
05/18/1999 Lonseth Lecture The Mathematics of Card Shuffling Kenneth A. Ross
06/02/1998 Department Colloquium Preconditioning of karush-kuhn-tucker systems arising in optimal control problems Astrid Batterman
05/27/1998 Department Colloquium Monte carlo improvements of quasi-monte carlo sequences Art B. Owen
05/19/1998 Department Colloquium Modeling and optimization in preparative chromatography Ajoy Velayudhan
05/05/1998 Lonseth Lecture The Power of Calculus: The legacy of Newton Philip A. Anselone
04/28/1998 Department Colloquium Pointwise fourier inversion, the wave equation and fourier-bessel expansions Mark A. Pinsky
04/21/1998 Department Colloquium Math Excel, or how your students can nail a tough math course and have a really good time doing it Michael Freeman
04/15/1998 Department Colloquium Spiral Patterns in Reaction-Diffusion Systems Ian Stewart
03/17/1998 Department Colloquium Laying out radio telescopes - and pool ball triangles Douglas G. Rogers
03/03/1998 Department Colloquium Computational Radiation Transport: Methods development and applications Todd S. Palmer
01/27/1998 Department Colloquium On the automated signature verifications system B.M. Herbst
01/20/1998 Department Colloquium Cocycles in measurable dynamics Isaac Kornfeld
01/13/1998 Department Colloquium The cell discretization algorithm for solving partial differential equations: a survey and some new results Howard Swann
05/20/1997 Department Colloquium Maximal inequalities for weakly dependent random variables Magda Peligrad
05/13/1997 Department Colloquium Specialized preators or parasites can equalize the competitive ability of their victims Fred Adler
05/06/1997 Lonseth Lecture Model, Speed up, Optimize, Remodel: Fun and Profit for Mathematics and It's Friends Margaret Wright
04/29/1997 Department Colloquium Exploiting Symmetry in BEM Eugene L. Allgower
04/22/1997 Department Colloquium Boundary behavior of nonparametric capillary surfaces Kirk Lancaster
04/08/1997 Milne Lecture Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function: Conjectures and Computations Andrew Odlyzko Mary E. Flahive
03/10/1997 Department Colloquium Classifications of holonomies of affine connections Lorenz Schwachhofer
02/25/1997 Department Colloquium The topographic coordinate transformation - a new analytic solution method for nonlinear landform pdes Dr. Scott Peckham,
02/25/1997 Department Colloquium The Topographic coordinate transformation - a new analytic solution method for nonlinear landform pdes Dr. Scott Peckham
02/18/1997 Department Colloquium Orbits, representations, and involutory automorphisms of algebraic groups
02/11/1997 Department Colloquium Soft mathematics: the mathematics of people Dr. Keith Devlin
01/21/1997 Department Colloquium Iterated function systems with overlaps Boris Solomyak
12/04/1996 Department Colloquium Computational mathematics in the 21st century: finite vs. infinite computations Nick Trefethen
11/19/1996 Department Colloquium The octonionic eigenvalue problem Tevian Dray
06/04/1996 Department Colloquium Nonlinear economic models of corruption control Gustav Feichtinger
05/23/1996 Department Colloquium Biholomorphic self-maps of domains Stephen Krantz
05/20/1996 Department Colloquium Summation and integration: a topological perspective Julius Shaneson
05/07/1996 Lonseth Lecture The Shape of the Universe Robert Osserman
04/30/1996 Department Colloquium Rigorous results on spin glass models, Francis Comets
04/23/1996 Department Colloquium topological censorship Donald M. Witt
05/25/1995 Lonseth Lecture Mathematics and Computers: Recent Successes and insurmountable Challenges Ronald L. Graham
05/24/1995 Department Colloquium Searching for the Shortest Network Ronald L. Graham
01/31/1995 Department Colloquium Privacy and Authentication in Cyberspace Joe Buhler
01/31/1995 Department Colloquium Juggling, Permutations, and Affine Weyl Groups Joe Buhler
10/19/1994 Department Colloquium Data Punctuation Trees Elwyn Berlekamp
10/18/1994 Department Colloquium Games! Elwyn Berlekamp
05/24/1994 Lonseth Lecture Mistakes We all Made: How Error-Free is Mathematics? Tsit-Yuen Lam
05/18/1993 Milne Lecture Links Between Number Thoery and Numerical Analysis Peter L. Montgomery
04/27/1993 Lonseth Lecture Dimension Mary Ellen Rudin
05/19/1992 Lonseth Lecture On the Shape of Things John Horton Conway
05/14/1991 Lonseth Lecture Four Encounters With Sierpinski's Gasket Ian Stewart
05/01/1990 Lonseth Lecture A B C Conjecture Serg Lang
01/08/1990 Milne Lecture The Search for Randomness Persi Diaconis
05/16/1989 Lonseth Lecture Ramanujan's Lost Notebook George Andrews
10/18/1988 Milne Lecture On the Mathematics of Computation Stephen Smale
05/18/1988 Milne Lecture Computers & Combinations Ron Graham
05/17/1988 Lonseth Lecture Cantor Dust Under a Binary Tree G. D. Chakerian
05/19/1987 Lonseth Lecture Chaos: Strange Attractors and Fractuals Gilbert Strang
01/13/1987 Department Colloquium Complex geometry and harmonic analysisi on lie groups David Collingwood
12/09/1986 Department Colloquium The problem of ringing or oscillations in both finite difference and finite element approximations to a one dimensional convecti F. Tome Lindstrom and Joel Davis
12/02/1986 Department Colloquium Absorbing Boundary conditions for the move equator Robert L. Hieplan
11/18/1986 Milne Lecture Are Probability Limits Identifiable? David Blackwell
10/28/1986 Department Colloquium Periods of decimals, primes dividing Fibonacci numbers, and density questions Robby Robson
05/20/1986 Lonseth Lecture Some Surprising Results in Elementary Mathematics Ivan Niven
04/30/1985 Department Colloquium A free boundary value problem related to the combustion of a solid John R. Cannon
04/23/1985 Department Colloquium An alogorithm for the solution of ill-posed integral equations J. T. Marti
04/09/1985 Department Colloquium Characterizing manifolds: the general strategy John Walsh
03/05/1985 Milne Lecture Some Computational Studies of Bifurcation Phenomena Werner C. Rheinboldt
02/25/1985 Department Colloquium The Numerical solution of a nonlinear Ill-posed problem arising in inverse scattering theory Curtis Vogel
02/12/1985 Department Colloquium Spatial visualization and its relationship to mathematics learning and achievement-some results and implication of recent resear Thomas P. Dick
02/05/1985 Department Colloquium Non-Central Limit Theorems for Functions of Moving Averates of I.I.d. sequences Florin Avram
12/01/1984 Department Colloquium Using Models on the Bethe Lattice Edward C. Waymire
11/13/1984 Department Colloquium Isoperimetric inequalities in Riemannian manifolds M. Burger
11/06/1984 Department Colloquium Problems and Trends in Teaching Probability and Statistics George Selrege
10/09/1984 Department Colloquium Paradoxes in Constructive Mathematics David S. Carter
09/24/1984 Department Colloquium Local Semi analytic Geometry over complete Valued Real Closed fields Robby Robson
05/22/1984 Milne Lecture Understanding Computers Using Algorithmic and Mathematical Ideas Dr. Ralph L. London
05/07/1984 Department Colloquium Some General Results in Convex Analysis Audrey Frances
04/03/1984 Department Colloquium Modeling the Transport and Fate of Toxic Chemicals in Unsaturated/Saturated Porous Media Tom Lindstrom
03/18/1984 Department Colloquium Nonlinear Wave Diffraction A. N. Williams
02/01/1984 Department Colloquium Existence of Solutions to Nonlinear BVP's John W. Lee
01/31/1984 Department Colloquium Hyperbolic Structures on 3-Manifolds Colin C. Adams
01/24/1984 Department Colloquium Slide show from Ivory Coast Karen A. Swenson
01/17/1984 Department Colloquium The Real stellensatz Bill Jacob
11/15/1983 Department Colloquium Ergodic Theory in a nutshell Daniel J. Rudolph
11/08/1983 Department Colloquium Affine Perimeter for Plane Convex Bodies William J. Firey
11/03/1983 Department Colloquium Mathematics and Natural Resource Management: The Issue of Controllability Robert McKelvex
11/01/1983 Department Colloquium Integral Equations in Ship Motion Ralph Kleinman
10/24/1983 Department Colloquium A Periodicity Problem for Polygons Daniel B. Shapiro
10/18/1983 Department Colloquium Nonlinear Operator Approximation Theory P.M. Anselone
05/05/1981 Milne Lecture Algorithms That Toss Coins Richard M. Karp
05/20/1980 Department Colloquium Milne's Query Arvid T. Lonseth