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Graduate Student Summer Seminar
Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 14:30 to 15:30
Zoom. Please contact Elaine Cozzi for the link.

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In this talk, I analyze a narrative of an inquiry-based learning undergraduate Real Analysis class’ discussions on the use of algebra in their first proof. The students’ work proving a statement on the uniqueness of the additive inverse for every real number took an interesting turn when one student cited what she called “the Law of Cancellation” to cancel like terms on both sides of an equation leading the students to question whether they could assume the use of cancellation or alternatively whether their proof of the statement was justification for using cancellation in future proofs. My research goal is to share a nuanced picture of how students’ spontaneous mathematical ideas can occur within and impact the course of an IBL classroom. In particular I highlight how these conversations and the instructor’s role in these conversations afforded opportunities for the class to engage in the creation of social and sociomathematical norms (Cobb & Yackel, 1996).