On Monday, May 17th, 2021 the OSU Pi Mu Epsilon chapter honored and inducted 33 undergraduates, who have shown exceptional scholarly activity in mathematics, into the national mathematics honor society.

Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) is dedicated to the promotion of mathematics and recognition of students who successfully pursue mathematical understanding. To promote mathematics, the National Pi Mu Epsilon Council sponsors an annual conference in conjunction with the Mathematics Association of America’s (MAA) annual MathFest. Pi Mu Epsilon also sponsors a journal devoted to topics in mathematics accessible to undergraduate students. Papers from OSU students and faculty have appeared in this refereed forum. OSU's chapter, Oregon Beta, was installed in 1938 and has been active since its re-installation in 2008.

The ceremony featured a colloquium lecture, "Mathematics and the Future of Biomedical Imaging" by guest speaker Prof. Melody Alsaker of Gonzaga University.

Congratulations to the following students inducted to PME this year:

 Anneli N. Brackbill
 Yu Chen
 Dominic W. Daprano
 William R. Dettmer
 Jack H. Dickinson
 Michael P. Dugan
 Jingjin Fan
 Matthew R. Gradwohl
 Nolan D. Gunter
 Seth W. Johnson
 Ryan J. Little
 Yinjie Liu
 Erik M. Lo
 Evelyn  McCue
 Tyler Midcalf
 Carson J. Mowrer
 Saki C. Nakai
 Eli J. Nicholas
 Josie E. O'Harrow
 Richard L. Puro
 Trevor S. Reid
 Kyra A. Rodak
 Henry W. Sprueill
 Mingming Su
 Elaine  Swanson
 Ya-Heng Tai
 Felix H. Tyson
 Ryan M. Unitan
 Philip G. Warton
 Wyatt D. Whiting
 Kayla-Rose Witzke
 Youli Zhao
 Qianzhu Zhou