• The
    COSINe (College of Science Information Network) website contains a lot of useful information on our computer systems, and a way to submit requests online.
  • Please call or e-mail the COSINe Helpdesk for any/all
    computer related problems:

    Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday

    Phone: 7-5574

    e-mail: helpdesk@science.oregonstate.edu

  • When an e-mail is sent to helpdesk@science.oregonstate.edu,
    a ticket is automatically created in the Call Tracking system.
    When sending an e-mail, please include in the subject line a
    few key words describing
    the problem.
  • If you feel that a problem that you have requested help for
    is not being addressed, please
    contact Malgorzata Peszynska and she will follow up with the COSINe
    help staff.

Important: Files on local computers are not backed up. You should copy important files to your Z:drive (Windows machines) or your home directory on frontend.science.oregonstate.edu (Unix machines). These are actually the same.

COSINe (College of Science Information Network) also manages research computing resources for faculty and graduate students involved in research computing projects: