Extensive information about OSU graduate education is available at the OSU Graduate School website.

A program overview can be found at the Graduate Degree Programs in Mathematics page.

Information on progressing towards your degree:

Graduate Handbook

The Mathematics Graduate Program rules and requirements are described in the current graduate handbook.

Some rules change over the years. The rules about degree requirements that apply to a student are determined by the Graduate Handbook (previously called Pamphlet) in effect when they entered a particular program (Master's or PhD). The Graduate Handbook and Pamphlet archives are maintained for your convenience. More questions about rules and their interpretation? See these Frequently Asked Questions.

Qualifying Exams

PhD students are required to take the qualifying exams. Registration for the qualifying exams is required.


Graduate course descriptions are listed in the Online Course Catalog.

Courses planned for 20-21 are summarized here: Mathematics Graduate Courses 2020-21. Students should consult with their advisors when planning coursework; students are required to file a course plan signed by their advisor each fall with the Graduate Coordinator.

Forms, Resources, and Opportunities

We have assembled links to Mathematics program specific graduate resources and to professional opportunities to assist students in their academic and non-academic professional development. The Graduate School posts most of the forms you will need to organize your progress towards your degree and to schedule various exams and events at the exams and meetings page.