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Marilyn Mackiewicz standing in front of a grey backdrop.

Marilyn Rampersad Mackiewicz

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Marilyn Rampersad Mackiewicz

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry


The Mackiewicz lab consists of modern-day explorers of the molecular world and architects of nanoscale materials. Our research focuses on two primary agendas: developing safe nanomaterials (NMs) for clinical translation, and constructing a systems-level understanding of nanoparticle-biological interactions (NBIs) and toxicity. To solve multivariate challenges in nanotechnologies, we have iteratively evolved NMs closer to clinical translation, by designing NMs with bioinspired ligands enabling tunable libraries of NMs for the nanomedicine community. We have also discovered parameters for safer NMs design with minimal human and environmental impact. The importance of our findings on nanomaterials on the environment and human health has been shared with the scientific community and the public through outreach activities. The lab is a training space for students in bionanomaterials design and study.


Ph. D. (2005) Chemistry, Texas A&M University

B. A. (2001) Hunter College the City University of New York

B.A. (1999) Psychology, Hunter College the City University of New York


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  • Gender Equity in Leadership, College of Science, 2023
  • Loyd F. Carter Award for Outstanding and Inspirational Teaching in Science for Graduate Students, College of Science, 2023
  • Milton Harris Teaching Award, Department of Chemistry, 2022
  • OSU College of Science Inclusive Excellence Award 2022
  • American Chemistry Society Stanley Israel Award (2020)
  • Adjunct Faculty Research Excellence Award, 2018
  • Presidents Diversity Award, 2017
  • Ronald McNair Mentor Award, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • PSU Faculty Enhancement Travel Award, 2014
  • PSU Sustainability Travel Award, 2015
  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Mentor Award
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein-NRSA (NIH) Training Grant, 2004-2005
  • Industry-University Cooperative Chemistry Program (IUCCP) - Best Presenter Award, 2004
  • A.E. Martell Travel Award, Texas A & M University, 2003
  • MARC (Minority Access Research Center) Fellowship, 2000-2001


  • 261st ACS National Meeting, April 5-16, 2021, Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Solving the mystery between silver and silver nanoparticles: Who's toxic?”
  • 259th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Philadelphia, PA, United States, March 22-26, 2020, Zhou, Felica; Caldwell, Adam; Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Optimizing gold nanoparticle-fluorophore Interactions to minimize fluorescence quenching.”
  • 259th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Philadelphia, PA, United States, March 22-26, 2020, Paulin, Kim; Engstrom, Arek M.; Mackiewicz, M. R.* ”Robust nickel nanoparticles shielded from surface oxidation.”
  • 74th Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Portland, OR, United States, June 16-19, 2019, Sawab, Hamzah; Engstrom, Arek M.; Faase, Ryan; Harper, Stacey L.; Baio, Joe; Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Tuning the curvature of hybrid lipid-coated gold nanoparticles to investigate their role in toxicity.”
  • 74th Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Portland, OR, United States, June 16-19, 2019, Marquart, Grant W.; Zhou, Felicia; * Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Teasing apart nanoparticle-protein interactions with hybrid lipid-coated gold nanoparticles.”
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  • 74th Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Portland, OR, United States, June 16-19, 2019, Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Evolving nanotechnologies for ophthalmology applications.”
  • 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Orlando, FL, United States, Mar. 31-Apr. 4, 2019, Wu, Henry; Engstrom, Arek; Harper, Bryan; Harper, Stacey; * Mackiewicz, M. R.* “Teasing apart how specific features of silver nanoparticles contribute to toxicity.”