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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
04/19/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Interleaving Distance for Graphical Signatures Elizabeth Munch
04/16/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Synchrony for Extracting the Spatial Multilevel/Multiscale Structures in the Power Grid Barry Lee
04/12/2021 Department Colloquium Orthogonal Polynomial Ensembles, Random Matrices, and Random Tilings Ken McLaughlin
04/12/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Persistent Homology of DCE-MRI Data for Early Prediction of Treatment Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients Josiah Blaisdell
04/09/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Locking-free, locally-conservative enriched Galerkin methods for linear poroelasticity Son-Young Yi
04/06/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar SIAM PNW virtual talk: Ethical allocation of ventilators at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Theodore (Ted) Lystig
04/05/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Amir Nayyeri
04/02/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Local Solutions to Completely Integrable Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Patrik Nabelek
03/29/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational meeting.
03/12/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Biot-Pressure System with Unilateral Displacement Constraints Alireza Hosseinkhan
03/09/2021 Number Theory Seminar Bowen - Series Functions Associated with Fuchsian Groups Ayse Yiltekin
03/08/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Of Waves and Curves Patrik Nabelek
03/05/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Seminar cancelled due to SIAM CSE
03/01/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Summaries and Distances for Topological Data Analysis Peter Bubenik
02/26/2021 M.Sc. Presentation Consolidation with Hysteresis in Sedimentary Basins
02/26/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Sampling of bandlimited functions with faster convergence Adel Faridani
02/25/2021 Ph.D.Defense Virtual Element Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics in Polygonal and Polyhedral Meshes
02/23/2021 Number Theory Seminar An Introduction to Symbolic Dynamics: Fun with Markov Partitions and Shift Spaces Mesa Walker
02/22/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Perfect generalized Fibonacci groups H(r,n,s) Ihechukwu Chinyere
02/19/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Multiscale Modeling of Microbial Community Metabolism with Flux Balance Analysis Tianyu Zhang