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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
01/24/2022 Department Colloquium Topological Perspectives on Collective Behavior Chad Giusti
01/24/2022 Geometry-Topology Seminar Seeing Data through the lens of Geometry (Ricci Curvature) Marzieh Eidi
01/21/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Modeling with multiple scales: when to use homogenization (and when not) Malgorzata Peszynska
01/19/2022 Mathematical Biology Seminar R_0 provides no information about important epidemic statistics in structured populations- email Patrick for zoom link Jan Medlock
01/18/2022 Number Theory Seminar Hypergeometric functions over finite fields and a Whipple formula revisited (Remote) Fang-Ting Tu
01/14/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar QuasiMolto - an Open-Source Tool for Circulating Fuel Reactor Kinetics Aaron Reynolds
01/12/2022 Mathematical Biology Seminar The SIR dynamic model of infectious disease transmission and its analogy with chemical kinetics Cory Simon
01/11/2022 Number Theory Seminar On the fractal geometry of the Lagrange and Markov spectra (Remote) Carlos Matheus
01/10/2022 Department Colloquium Navier-Stokes equation: determining wavenumber, Kolmogorov’s dissipation number, and Kraichnan’s number Mimi Dai
01/07/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar On the Equations of Electroporoelasticity A.J. Meir
12/07/2021 Number Theory Seminar JMM Practice Talks- Ben Toomey and Michael Allen
12/03/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Modeling and Simulation of Filtration and Separations Environments Eleanor Jenkins
12/01/2021 Mathematical Biology Seminar Fitting macroparasitic disease transmission models to geostatistical prevalence data Swati Patel
11/30/2021 Number Theory Seminar Plancherel Measure: a basic example of random partitions Axel Saenz Rodriguez
11/29/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Bandedly Nonsingular Matrices and the Cayleyness of Praeger-Xu Graphs Stephen Wilson
11/29/2021 Analysis Seminar Doubly Stochastic Yule Processes (DSY) - A new tool for Partial Differential Equations (Part II) Enrique A. Thomann
11/24/2021 Mathematical Biology Seminar Single Particle Tracking in Live Cells on Multiple Time Scales Keisha Cook
11/22/2021 Department Colloquium On Bertrand's Theorem Patrick De Leenheer
11/22/2021 Analysis Seminar Doubly Stochastic Yule Processes (DSY) - A new tool for Partial Differential Equations Enrique A. Thomann
11/22/2021 Geometry-Topology Seminar Flight, Fraud, and Fusion: Machine Learning Applications of Persistence Images Tegan Emerson