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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
01/17/2019 Mathematics Education Seminar Discussion of Ben Braun's Blog: Aspirations and Ideals, Struggles and Reality
01/14/2019 Department Colloquium Asymptotic Geometries in General Relativity Paul Allen
01/14/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Boundary Regularity for the Singular Yamabe Problem Paul Allen
01/14/2019 Analysis Seminar Stability of diffusively coupled linear systems with an invariant cone - Part I Patrick De Leenheer
01/11/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational Meeting
01/11/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Convergence of High-order Accurate SBP-SAT methods for Hyperbolic Systems with Non-smooth Wave Speeds Brittany Erickson
01/07/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational Meeting
01/07/2019 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting
01/03/2019 M.Sc.Defense "Numerical Study of Convexity Splitting Scheme for Coupled Phase Field and Stefan Free Boundary Problems" Lisa Bigler
11/30/2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Machine learning, soft computing, and complex systems analysis: emerging approaches for discovering and predicting nonlinear phenomena in water resources and climate Sean Fleming
11/28/2018 Mathematical Biology Seminar Global patterns and dynamical implications of the fraction of feeding predators Mark Novak
11/28/2018 Mathematics Education Seminar Software demonstration Team from the College of Engineering
11/27/2018 Department Event “Rauzy fractals as Geometric Representations of Pisot Substitutions” Ayse Yiltekin
11/27/2018 Number Theory Seminar Visualization in the Undergraduate Number Theory Course Roger Nelsen
11/26/2018 Department Colloquium A Finite Element Method on Exotic Meshes Jeff Ovall
11/26/2018 Analysis Seminar Local regularity of strong solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations near blowup time. Tuan Pham
11/26/2018 Geometry-Topology Seminar Visualization of Kaleidoscopic Orbifolds Botong Qu and Jinta Zheng
11/20/2018 Number Theory Seminar Grosswald’s conjecture on the least primitive root Kevin McGown
11/19/2018 Department Colloquium Mathematics of “talking microbes” Blessing Emerenini
11/19/2018 Analysis Seminar Sw-solutions for the Navier-Stokes equations Tuan Pham