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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/02/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Student Thoughts on Derivatives of Vector Fields Mesa Walker
06/14/2019 Department Event Graduation - End of Year Party!
06/14/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Summation-By-Parts Method for Solving the Wave and Maxwell's Equations
06/13/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Theory and Implementation of Multidimensional Periodic Sampling
06/13/2019 M.Sc.Defense Diversity Optimization Compared with Sparsity-Promoting Reconstruction Algorithms
06/10/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Geometry of Locomotion Suresh Ramasamy
06/10/2019 Ph.D.Defense On Fun and Games: Designed for Learning Mathematics and Beyond
06/10/2019 Ph.D.Defense Stochastic and Numerical analysis on optimization problems Huanqun Jiang
06/10/2019 Ph.D.Defense Fourier analysis and equidistribution on the p-adic integers Naveen Somasunderam
06/10/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Analysis of Coinfection and Optimal Control of Plant Disease Dynamics Brady Bowen
06/07/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Tensor Core Accelerated Mixed-Precision Solvers in CUDA Math Libraries Timothy Costa
06/07/2019 Ph.D.Defense Mathematics Graduate Student Instructors as a Complex System
06/06/2019 M.Sc. Presentation High Order Finite Difference Methods for the Analysis of Nonlinear and Meta Materials
06/05/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Embeddings for Dimensionality Reduction in Microbiome Survey Studies Christine Tataru
06/04/2019 Number Theory Seminar Hypergeometric decomposition of symmetric K3 quartic pencils Adriana Salerno
06/04/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar (JOINT WITH CEAOS) OpenFoam seminar Hrvoje Jasak
06/04/2019 Mathematics Education Seminar Markers of Quality in Online Course Design and Facilitation Katherine McAlvage
06/04/2019 Ph.D.Defense Modeling Flow and Transport at Pore Scale with Obstructions
06/03/2019 Department Colloquium Algebra and Origami Adriana J.Salerno
06/03/2019 Analysis Seminar TBA Patrick Donaghue