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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
12/04/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar TBA Desiree Tullos
12/03/2019 Number Theory Seminar An analogue of k-marked Durfee Symbols for strongly unimodal sequences Holly Swisher
12/02/2019 Analysis Seminar Why are big data matrices approximately low rank? David V. Finch
12/02/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Computing Homology Groups Arthur Mills
11/27/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Computing eigenvectors from eigenvalues Patrick De Leenheer
11/25/2019 Analysis Seminar Energy cascades and Onsager Conjecture for 3D incompressible flows. Radu Dascaliuc
11/25/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Computing Homology Groups with the Smith Normal Form Arthur Mills
11/23/2019 Conference Oregon Number Theory Days Matilde Lalín
11/22/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar $\pi$-line Reconstruction Algorithms in Fan-beam Tomography Adel Faridani
11/20/2019 Outreach Family Science and Engineering Night AJ Rise
11/20/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Conceptual modeling in community ecology: integration of the effects of environmental stress and productivity gradients on structuring processes in the context of climate change Bruce Menge
11/19/2019 Number Theory Seminar Three research problems in number theory Jeff Vaaler
11/18/2019 Analysis Seminar Hysteresis Models of Adsorption and Deformation Ralph E. Showalter
11/18/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar An Introduction to Cubical Homology Chung-Ping Lai
11/15/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Numerical Analysis of Two-Phase Flow Model with Phase Change Choah Shin
11/14/2019 Outreach Family Science and Engineering Night AJ Rise
11/13/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Cohort resonance and the stability of exploited populations in variable environments Will White
11/12/2019 Number Theory Seminar Hypergeometric Supercongruences involving Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms Michael Allen
11/08/2019 Mathematics Education Seminar Discussion of Chapter 8: The Basic Metaphor of Infinity, from 'Where Mathematics Comes From' by Lakoff and Nunez Thomas P. Dick
11/08/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Summer internships, schools and research experiences of OSU Mathematics grads