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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
10/18/2019 Mathematics Education Seminar Discussion of Chapter 3 of "Where Mathematics Comes From" Thomas P. Dick
10/18/2019 to 10/20/2019 Conference SIAM PNW 2019 Conference at Seattle University October 18-20, 2019
10/18/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No seminar today: attend SIAM PNW
10/15/2019 Number Theory Seminar Arboreal Galois representations II Clayton Petsche
10/14/2019 Department Colloquium What I Tell You K Times is (sometimes) True Paul Cull
10/14/2019 Analysis Seminar On smallness condition of initial data for Le Jan-Sznitman cascade of the Navier-Stokes equations. Tuan Pham
10/11/2019 Outreach Singu-Hilarity: A Robot Comedy Variety Show Sarah Hagen
10/11/2019 OSU Alum Dr. Warren Washington to Give Distinguished Lecture
10/11/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Coherence structure of vorticity and regularity problem of the NSEs Jhih-Jyun Zeng
10/09/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar TBA
10/08/2019 Number Theory Seminar Arboreal Galois representations Clayton Petsche
10/07/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar On The Logical Independence of DR and CLA Dionysus Birnbaum
10/04/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Multi-Layer Ocean Modeling: Viscosity and Thin Layers Robert L. Higdon
10/03/2019 M.Sc. Presentation Predicting Conductivity in a Resistive Unsteady MHD Channel Evan Rajbhandari
10/02/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational Meeting
09/30/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational Meeting
09/30/2019 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting Radu Dascaliuc
09/18/2019 to 09/20/2019 GTA Training Workshop Mary Beisiegel
09/17/2019 Department Event 2019 Orientation for New Math Grad Students Mina E. Ossiander Math Program Orientation for New Graduate Students
09/11/2019 M.Sc.Defense Stability Analysis of Coupled Discrete Time Systems on an Invariant Cone