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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/23/2021 REU Colloquium So you think you understand fractions? Quick, does 23/67 equal 33/97? A mathematician's secret from Euclid to today David Pengelley
07/22/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Are We Allowed to Do That? A narrative analysis of student experiences in an IBL class Branwen Purdy
07/21/2021 REU Colloquium Picking the short stick without any sticks Holly Swisher
07/20/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Julia sets, Heights, and Equidistribution Peter Oberly
07/19/2021 REU Colloquium Arithmetic Dynamics Clayton Petsche
07/16/2021 REU Colloquium The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Universality Class in Probability Axel Saenz Rodriguez
07/14/2021 REU Colloquium Finding Positional Representations of Real Numbers By Counting Sets of Outcomes Adaline De Chenne
07/12/2021 Department Colloquium Calculus Remodel: A Step Forward Sara Clark, Michael Gilliam, & Elizabeth Jones
07/12/2021 REU Colloquium Mathematical modeling of phage therapy in lung treatment Dr. Blessing Emerenini
07/09/2021 REU Colloquium Inferring a species tree from gene trees Samaneh Yourdkhani
07/08/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar On Invariant Galton-Watson Trees with Exponential Lengths Guochen Xu
07/07/2021 REU Colloquium Some concepts of stochastic orderings with applications Dr. Javier Rojo
07/06/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar The Horizon Measure: A New Perspective on Curvature Arthur Mills
06/29/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Biot-Pressure System with Unilateral Displacement Constraints Alireza Hosseinkhan
06/28/2021 M.Sc. Presentation Maximal Poisson-disk Sampling for Variable Resolution Conforming Delaunay Mesh Generation: Applications for Three-Dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks and the Surrounding Volume
06/24/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Fields generated by plane curves Michael Allen
06/08/2021 Ph.D.Defense Creating Community: A Case Study of Students’ Experiences in Inquiry-Based Learning
06/08/2021 M.Sc. Presentation Existence Theory in Sobolev Spaces for an Aggregation Equation
06/07/2021 M.Sc. Presentation Kerr and Duffing Nonlinear Polarization Models for Maxwell's Equations with Applications to Nonlinear Optics
06/04/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar To be rescheduled. Ralph E. Showalter