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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
06/30/2022 Graduate Student Summer Seminar The Fourier Transform and the Uncertainty Principle. Daniel Erickson
06/09/2022 Ph.D.Defense The Biot System with Unilateral Displacement Constraints Alireza Hosseinkhan
06/07/2022 M.Sc. Presentation HARD PASS: An Arts-Based Autoethnography Regarding the Experience of a Graduate Student of Mathematics Katy Ohsiek
06/03/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Dimensional Reduction for the Ferromagnetic SmA-like Phase in Bent Core Liquid Crystals Tiziana Giorgi
06/02/2022 M.Sc. Presentation Using Machine Learning Models and SVD Dimension Reduction to Predict Cancer Outcomes Rachel Wofford
05/31/2022 Number Theory Seminar Topological entropy, weak Perron numbers, and Master Teapots Kathryn Lindsey
05/31/2022 M.Sc. Presentation Parameter Estimation for a Problem in Computational Neuroscience Gil Parnon
05/27/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Student presentations post SIAM PNW SIAM PNW student presenters
05/26/2022 Number Theory Seminar Integer matrices with a given characteristic polynomial and multiplicative dependence of matrices Alina Ostafe
05/24/2022 M.Sc. Presentation Effective Parameter Estimation in Heterogeneous Lorentz Media Wei Xi Boo
05/23/2022 Department Colloquium Generalizations of the Alder-Andrews Theorem in Partition Theory Holly Swisher
05/23/2022 Geometry-Topology Seminar Persistent Homology and Finite Group Actions Chung-Ping Lai
05/20/2022 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No seminar today (attend SIAM PNW instead)
05/19/2022 M.Sc. Presentation A Comparison Between Deep Learning Methods and Wavelet Methods for Signal Denoising
05/17/2022 Number Theory Seminar Iteration of the Mahler measure Lukas Pottmeyer
05/17/2022 Ph.D.Defense Computational Modeling of Phase Change at Different Scales with Applications Lisa Bigler
05/16/2022 Department Colloquium Positive Curvature and Discrete Abelian Symmetries Catherine Searle
05/16/2022 Analysis Seminar Biot System with Unilateral and Friction Constraint Alireza Hosseinkhan
05/14/2022 Department Event Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament 2022 Thomas P. Dick
05/14/2022 Outreach Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament Thomas P. Dick