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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
01/22/2020 Mathematical Biology Seminar Mathematical modeling of within-host influenza infection dynamics Blessing Emerenini
01/21/2020 Number Theory Seminar On some questions in number theory, from the perspective of moments (VaNTAGe virtual seminar) Lillian Pierce
01/17/2020 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No seminar today.
01/16/2020 Outreach Family Science and Engineering Night AJ Rise
01/15/2020 Mathematical Biology Seminar Organizational Meeting
01/13/2020 Department Colloquium H-spaces, Loop spaces and Curvature Mark Walsh
01/13/2020 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Space of PSC-Metrics on Manifolds with Boundary or Singularities Mark Walsh
01/13/2020 Analysis Seminar No seminar today
01/12/2020 Outreach Singu-Hilarity: A Robot Comedy Variety Show
01/10/2020 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar On the blowup, nonuniqueness, and stochastic explosion of PDE Tuan Pham
01/09/2020 Outreach Family Science and Engineering Night AJ Rise
01/06/2020 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational meeting.
01/06/2020 Analysis Seminar Organizational meeting Radu Dascaliuc
12/16/2019 Outreach Astronomy and Geometry workshop Branwen Purdy
12/11/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar Taking advantage of pathogen diversity and plant immunity to minimize disease prevalence Frederick Hamelin
12/06/2019 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Reduced-Order Modeling of Nuclear Reactor Kinetics via Proper Generalized Decomposition Anthony Alberti
12/04/2019 Mathematical Biology Seminar TBA Desiree Tullos
12/03/2019 Number Theory Seminar An analogue of k-marked Durfee Symbols for strongly unimodal sequences Holly Swisher
12/02/2019 Analysis Seminar Why are big data matrices approximately low rank? David V. Finch
12/02/2019 Geometry-Topology Seminar Computing Homology Groups Arthur Mills