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Top 20 events from the archive:
Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
03/14/2020 Outreach Pi Day arts and crafts Sarah Hagen
03/14/2020 Outreach Pi... Probably Sarah Hagen
03/13/2020 Outreach Pi Week: Board Game Night
03/13/2020 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Computing and Analytics at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Robert Brigantic
03/11/2020 Outreach Pi Week: Pie Eating Contest and Trivia
03/11/2020 Mathematical Biology Seminar Concluding talk on "Blowup solutions of a Navier-Stokes-like equation – A probabilistic perspective" Tuan Pham
03/10/2020 Probability Seminar Localization Properties of the Disordered XY Spin Chain Robert Sims
03/09/2020 Outreach Pi Week: Integration Bee
03/09/2020 Department Colloquium Representation of integers by binary forms Shabnam Akhtari
03/09/2020 Analysis Seminar no seminar today
03/06/2020 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Seminar cancelled today
03/04/2020 Mathematical Biology Seminar Dynamical landscape controlled by rugosity of benthic substrate Zachary Randell
03/03/2020 Student Event Allyship in Academia Mentorship
03/03/2020 Number Theory Seminar Moduli spaces and arithmetic statistics (VaNTAGe virtual seminar) David Zureick-Brown
03/02/2020 Department Colloquium Codes, lattices, and modular forms Jim Brown
03/02/2020 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Complexity of the Minimum Bounded Chain Problem William Maxwell
02/29/2020 Number Theory Seminar Oregon Number Theory Days Rob Benedetto and Nicole Looper
02/28/2020 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No seminar today. (Please attend SIAM PNW on 2/20/2020)
02/27/2020 Outreach Periwinkle Science Night
02/26/2020 Mathematical Biology Seminar Matrix models as a tool for demystifying complex life history simulators Nathan Schumaker