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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
09/24/2018 Department Event Departmental Welcome Meeting
09/24/2018 Department Colloquium No Colloquium. There will be a "Departmental Welcome Meeting"
09/24/2018 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational Meeting.
09/24/2018 Analysis Seminar Organizational Meeting
09/21/2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar No meeting today. But, some Big AMCS Data!
09/10/2018 to 09/19/2018 Student Event First Year Graduate Student Bootcamp, Orientation, and GTA Workshop
09/07/2018 M.Sc.Defense A Ross-Macdonald Model with Vector Demography
09/07/2018 Ph.D.Defense Modeling Porosity: the Visco-Elastic Edition Eleanor (Dwight) Holland
09/07/2018 Ph.D.Defense Wasserstein $\beta$-Diversity Metrics over Graphs: Derivation, Efficient Computation and Applications Jason McClelland
08/15/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar The Coupling Method Bruno Barbosa
08/15/2018 REU Colloquium REU Final Presentation: Eta-quotients of prime or semiprime level and elliptic curves Nick Anderson, Asimina Hamakiotes, Benjamin Oltsik
08/13/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Non-negatively curved Riemannian Manifolds with a large symmetry rank. Zheting Dong
08/10/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - Experiences of women of color in graduate mathematics programs Sarah A. Erickson
08/08/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Alireza Hosseinkhan Biot Systems with Displacement Constraints
08/06/2018 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Seminar Charles Camacho Symmetry and Topological Group Actions on Surfaces
08/06/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - On Robin's Inequality Thomas Morrill
08/03/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - Design principles for educational games Michael Renne
08/01/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - What is the Smallest Number of Edge Crossings in a Complete Graph? Charles Camacho
07/30/2018 Ph.D.Defense Rigidity of Vertex-Regular Actions on Fuchsian Buildings
07/30/2018 REU Colloquium REU Colloquium - Some problems at the interface of Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory Naveen Somasunderam