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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
07/31/2020 M.Sc. Presentation Student Perceptions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Postsecondary Mathematics Education
07/31/2020 REU Colloquium Finite Difference, an Example Application: Magnetohydrodynamics Evan Rajbhandari
07/30/2020 M.Sc. Presentation Analysis and Comparison of Nomenclature of Various Mathematical Objects in English and Spanish with a Language Diversity Perspective
07/29/2020 REU Colloquium Introduction to Homology Rachel Davis
07/29/2020 Ph.D.Defense Investigating Provers’ Understandings of Combinatorial Proof
07/28/2020 Ph.D.Defense On the Existence of Solutions to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with Constant Energy and Enstrophy
07/27/2020 REU Colloquium Look, Knave Thomas Morrill
07/24/2020 REU Colloquium Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases Vrushali A. Bokil
07/22/2020 REU Colloquium Introduction to Kalman Filters in Sensor Fusion Lance Safranek
07/20/2020 REU Colloquium The Langlands Program Michael Allen
07/17/2020 REU Colloquium Remaining Human While Going Remote: An Inquiry-Based Learning Class’ Experience With COVID-19 Branwen Purdy
07/15/2020 REU Colloquium Private Set Intersection and Oblivious Key-Value Stores Mike Rosulek
07/13/2020 REU Colloquium Hypergeometric Functions Fang-Ting Tu
07/10/2020 REU Colloquium Dynamic Donuts: Applications to Geometry and Physics Patrik Nabelek
07/08/2020 REU Colloquium Basics of Video Compression - Understanding how the h.264 video codec works Anthony Lazzaro
07/06/2020 REU Colloquium Investigating Students’ Mathematical Reasoning in a Computational Setting: The Case of Python Programming and Counting Problems Elise Lockwood
06/19/2020 M.Sc. Presentation Curriculum Adaptation of Transformation Geometry in the Complex Plane
06/12/2020 Mathematics Department Awards and Graduation Celebration
06/08/2020 M.Sc. Presentation Implementing Edwards's Algorithm to Compute Veech Groups of Translation Surfaces
06/05/2020 M.Sc. Presentation Instability of Mapper-Type Algorithms for Topological Data Analysis