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Date Event Type Event Name Local Speaker Guest Speaker
09/24/2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar An Algorithm for Exploring Eigenvector Localization Jeff Ovall
08/30/2021 M.Sc. Presentation A Critical Analysis of Predictive Policing Methods
08/12/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Constructing a Markov Function Family from Bowen - Series Functions Ayse Yiltekin
08/11/2021 REU Colloquium REU Student Final Talks Team Nabelek and Team Kim
08/10/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Post-Quantum Cryptography Allison Arnold-Roksandich
08/10/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Numerically Modeling Permafrost at Pore Scale and Darcy Scale Lisa Bigler
08/10/2021 REU Colloquium REU Student Final Talks Team Rosulek and Team Kovchegov
08/06/2021 REU Colloquium Examining students’ experiences in an undergraduate real analysis inquiry-based learning classroom Dr. Branwen Schaub
08/04/2021 Ph.D.Defense Proving limit theorems for associated random variables via Stein’s method
08/04/2021 REU Colloquium Making research socially relevant Dr. Glencora Borradaile
08/03/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Finite Presentations and the Lamplighter Group Paul Dalenberg
08/02/2021 REU Colloquium Numerical models for permafrost Lisa Bigler
07/30/2021 REU Colloquium Post-Quantum Cryptography Dr. Allison Arnold-Roksandich
07/29/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Modelling Development of Opinion Matrices Over Time Martijn Oostrom
07/28/2021 REU Colloquium Implementation of 3D electrostatics models within magnetohydrodynamic generators Evan Rajbhandari
07/27/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Functional Stein's Method
07/26/2021 M.Sc.Defense Modelling Development of Opinion Matrices Over Time
07/26/2021 REU Colloquium Hyperbolic geometry Ren Guo
07/23/2021 REU Colloquium So you think you understand fractions? Quick, does 23/67 equal 33/97? A mathematician's secret from Euclid to today David Pengelley
07/22/2021 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Are We Allowed to Do That? A narrative analysis of student experiences in an IBL class Branwen Purdy