Awards for Math people bestowed by outside organizations.

Award Yearsort ascending Title Awardee Name Award Organization Description Link
2019-20 Larry W. Martin and Joyce B. O'Neill Endowed Fellowship Choah Shin College of Science
2019 SIAM Travel Award Choah Shin SIAM
2019 Travel Award Zheting Dong Australian-German Workshop on Differential Geometry
2019 USC Summer School on Fluid Dynamics Daniel Erickson University of Southern California
2019 33rd Automorphic Forms Workshop Michael Allen Duquesne University
2019 33rd Automorphic Forms Workshop Allison Arnold-Roksandich Duquesne University
2019 Internship at LBNL Lisa Bigler Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2019 Graduate Student Travel Award Alireza Hosseinkhan SIAM
2019 SIAM Travel Award Choah Shin SIAM
2019 SIAM Travel Award Joe Umhoefer SIAM
2019 SIAM Travel Award Azhar Alhammali SIAM
2018-19 Graduate Travel Award Naveen Somasunderam OSU Graduate School
2018-19 AMS Travel Award Naveen Somasunderam AMS
2018-19 Graduate Student Travel Award Allison Arnold-Roksandich OSU Graduate School
2018 SIAM Travel Award Azhar Alhammali SIAM
2018 SIAM Travel Award Choah Shin SIAM
2018 Graduate Internship Joe Umhoefer Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2018 Houston Summer School on Dynamical Systems Alireza Hosseinkhan University of Houston
2018 Graduate Internship Choah Shin PNNL
2018 ICERM workshop funding Choah Shin ICERM
2018 ICERM workshop funding Azhar Alhammali ICERM
2018 Simula workshop funding Lisa Bigler Simula
2018 Data Science Internship Alex Putnam Maiden Re
2018 Oregon Lottery Graduate Scholarship Alhammali, Azhar Graduate School
2017-18 Graduate Student Travel Award Zackery Reed OSU Graduate School
2017-18 Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Poster Charles Camacho Latinx in Mathematics Conference
2017-18 Graduate Trainee Fellowship Andrew Jensen NSF RT
2017-18 Graduate Trainee Fellowship Sebastian Naranjo NSF RT
2017-18 Graduate Travel Award Charles Camacho AMS and NSF
2017-18 Oregon Lottery Graduate Scholarship Emerald Stacy OSU Graduate School