Awards for Math people bestowed by outside organizations.

Award Yearsort ascending Title Awardee Name Award Organization Description Link
2014 Travel grant F. Patricia Medina IMA, University of Minnesota
2014 Graduate Research Internship Duncan McGregor Los Alamos National Laboratory
2014 Conference Invitation and Travel Award Duncan McGregor London Mathematical Society, College of Science, & Graduate School
2014 IMA travel award Tim Costa IMA, University of Minnesota
2013 Student Travel Award Tim Costa SIAM and College of Science
2013 Graduate Student Affiliate Duncan McGregor Los Alamos National Laboratory
2013 College of Science Student Travel Award Duncan McGregor College of Science
2013 SIAM International Travel Award F. Patricia Medina SIAM
2012 Graduate Student Travel Award William Felder American Mathematical Society
2012 CGS/Proquest Distinguished Dissertation Award in Mathematics, Physical Science and Engineering Carrie Manore Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest
2012 SIAM travel award F. Patricia Medina SIAM
2011-2012 Diversity Advancement Pipeline Fellowship Adriana Mendoza OSU Graduate School