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Here are useful tips from our current graduate students on housing in the Corvallis area.


If there is need for a policy exception, a petition should be sent to the Graduate Chair as soon as possible. There is no formal process or required language for petitions, but the following three items should always be included in the petition:

  • An explanation of the unusual circumstances facing the graduate student.
  • A description of the actions to be taken by the graduate student that will bring the student in line with program guidelines.
  • Proof of support from the student’s major professor/advisor.

Writing a thesis

Consult this Graduate School Thesis guide for help formatting a thesis. Here are also LaTeX templates that you may find useful for thesis preparation. See also other Latex templates such as posters and presentations.

Defense and final exam

  • Reserve a room for presentations and thesis defenses (may require several weeks in advance)
  • Let the Graduate Coordinator know the date/time and location of your defense (at least a week in advance). If you are presenting an expository paper or defending with a MS or PhD Thesis, this presentation/defense is a public event and must be advertised in the department.
  • Consult the learning outcomes and print the rubrics for PhD defense or MS defense.

Mathematics Student Organizations at OSU

Graduate Student Computer Orientation