Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Opportunity Text: 

In addition to Oregon Laurels Block Grant tuition relief support , the Graduate School provides funding through several other tuition relief programs that are administered centrally:

·         OSU Foundation Fellow Tuition Scholarships

·         Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarships

·         Training Grant & External Fellow Tuition Scholarships

Based on department nominations and requests for this academic year, the Graduate School is awarding approximately $1.3 million in tuition relief funding through these three programs alone in 2011-12.  We hope to award that amount or more next year (2012-13). 

I encourage you to consider these programs while reviewing student applications during this recruiting season.  These are great recruiting and retention tools for your departments.

Here’s a link: containing information on these tuition support programs, in case you’ve not considered them in the past.  The deadline for priority consideration for funding through these programs is February 15th, 2012.