This page features profiles of recent and current graduate students, as well as a collection of quotes from other recent and current graduate students.

Graduate Student Feature Stories

Zack Reed Math Education Graduated from OSU in 2018, employed as postdoc for Oklahoma State University
Tim Costa Numerical Analysis Graduated from OSU in 2016, now employed by Intel
Emerald Stacy Number Theory Graduated from OSU in 2018, employed by Washington College as Assistant Professor

More Graduate Student Quotes

"I came to Oregon State interested in applied mathematics, and chose to work in numerical analysis. I have had many excellent research opportunities since coming to OSU: internships and funding for my dissertation. This has allowed me to focus exclusively on research and has provided me with the tools and contacts to pursue a career in national labs or industry."
-D.M., class of 2016

"Initially, I came to OSU because I fell in love with western Oregon. I totally lucked out that the math was also great. I was shocked at how approachable and sharp everyone was, from my professors to my fellow students. I learned so much my first year, how to learn and work in this kind of environment. I love being in front of a classroom, at a tutoring desk and in office hours. I really appreciate that I've had the opportunity to teach and TA a wide variety of course, from the first term of pre-algebra to the final bits of linear algebra for most engineers."
-J.M., current student

"I chose the OSU math department because of the unique opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines while getting a pure mathematics education. My advisors gave me an opportunity to present research at multiple conferences, do an internship, and make contacts that led to a postdoc position. Also, Corvallis is a great place to live and work!"
-C.M., class of 2011

"I chose OSU for the strong applied mathematics program. I'll be leaving OSU having accomplished everything I had hoped to accomplish in graduate school, and more. During my time at OSU I was provided tremendous opportunities. By the time I graduate I will have published more than 4 papers, presented research at 9 national and international conferences, worked collaboratively with peers in other disciplines, and have been offered my dream job nine months prior to my defense date."
-T.C., class of 2016

"OSU's math faculty is very supportive of graduate students and have created an environment in which pushing yourself is encouraged and supported. Collaboration and peer learning is encouraged. This is a great department for returning students."
-E.S., current student

"I wanted to get a PhD specializing in probability and actuarial science and OSU has faculty whose research overlaps with mine. My campus visit experience was wonderful and I decided to join the program."
-S.L., class of 2015

"The unique opportunity to work with highly skilled researchers from the Math Department at OSU was essential to get me where I am in my career today: happily employed and doing what I love, Math. Studying at the Math Dept at OSU gave me all the opportunities I needed to excel in my career. The Math Dept at OSU gave me everything I needed to do well – good infrastructure and great professors."
-V.K., class of 2011

"As an international student, beside the robust program, I really liked the friendly environment and the funding. Also, international students appreciate the trust that the department gives to grad students as teaching assistants which builds our confidence and enhances our teaching skills."
-H.A., class of 2016