Campus & Surrounding Resources to Know About:

  • Human Services Resource Center: provides supportive resources for homeless and food-insecure students. The HSRC list of resources are Food Pantry and Food Assistance Programs like Mealbux and Full Plate Funds, Textbook Lending Program, Travel Support, and Housing Security. Info about the pantry and other resources can be found at If you’d like to stay updated about the HSRC, sign up for HSRC newsletter at
  • Basic Needs Navigator at HSRC: for students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, the Basic Needs Navigator, Miguel Arellano Sanchez, provides student-centered case management for those navigating challenging financial barriers.
  • Free Food at OSU@eatfreeOSU:  the student's guide to free food events on and off campus:
  • Mindful @ Oregon State University: A weekly e-newsletter features a guided meditation, learn-more section, mindfulness challenge, OSU mindfulness event calendar and crowd-sourced knowledge and recommendations. Subscribe here:
  • Beavers Drop-In Meditation: Mondays through Fridays, weeks 2-10 at 1 p.m., in the Craft Center. No experience necessary. All are welcome. Enjoy a different 15-minute guided meditation each week. Benefits of mediation include stress reduction, better sleep, sharper concentration, anxiety management and happier relationships. Contact to coordinate extra credit for student attendance. Faculty and staff are welcome too. Stay after meditation for a mindful art activity hosted by the Craft Center.
  • OSU Grad resources spotlight: Health and wellness


Stay healthy and well with these resources:

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  • Graduate Student Success:  you will find useful information to be a successful graduate student. You can download the “New Graduate Student Guide” and sign up for the Gradsuccess newsletter;
  • Corvallis Services Consortium (CSC): the CSC offers a number of services in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties. These services are food assistance, rental assistance, utility assistance, weatherization and housing assistance:
  • CAPS Single Session Clinic at the Memorial Union: Meet with a CAPS counselor for a one-time only session to discuss a current problem or concern. During the 45-minute session, a counselor will help you clarify your problem and work with you to develop skills and strategies to create a personalized action plan. Learn more about the single session clinic:
  • LGBT grad group: Join a weekly grad student LGBT group with the goal of fostering community. The group meets 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Pride Center:
  • Religious and Cultural Support - There are a variety of multipath, quiet, and prayer rooms on campus (ILLC Multifaith Room, ILLC 448, Student Experience Center (SEC) Multifaith Room, SEC 323, Quiet spaces are also available in most residence halls, and additional space is available in several of the Cultural Resource Centers). Off-campus places of worship:

-          Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center (610 NW Kings Blvd., Corvallis, OR, +1 541 758 0329)

-          Beit Am Jewish Community (25 NW 36th St., Corvallis, OR, +1 541 753 0067)

-          Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis

-          Korean Christian Church (1625 NW Grant Ave., Corvallis, OR, +1 541 753 9643)

There are a number of other churches and religious groups in Corvallis. Please search for your preferred religious organization.

  • Cultural Resource Centers - OSU’s Diversity and Cultural Engagement office provides seven centers to support students from different cultural backgrounds and identities. Events and activities at the centers include national history and heritage month programs, social justice workshops, cultural holiday celebrations, cooking demonstrations, craft nights and many other programs.
  • OSU Cultural Associations - OSU has many active student organizations focused around countries or culture. These clubs are a great first stop for getting involved on campus, sharing your culture and making friends.