MTH 111, MTH 112, MTH 231, MTH 241, MTH 245, MTH 251, MTH 252, MTH 254, MTH 256 and MTH 306.

Group midterms are normally given every term in for these courses. Ask your instructor if there will be a group midterm exam(s) in your class this term.

Group midterms are given from 1900 to 2020 (7 PM to 8:20 PM) and from 2030 to 2150 (8:30 PM to 9:50 PM) on certain Tuesday evenings during each term of the academic year.

Click the following link for the dates of group midterm exams and room assignments for particular sections of each course. Read carefully: Room assignments may depend both on the section you are taking and the first letter of your last name. Group Midterms (If the link takes you to an error or page not found message, this means that the group midterm schedule for this term is not yet available. Check back frequently. The group midterm schedule and room assignments will be posted as soon as they are available.)