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Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 08:00 to 10:00
BAT 250

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In this work, a heterogeneous flow model is proposed based
on the non--overlapping domain decomposition method. The
model combines potential flow and incompressible
viscous flow. Both models contain free surface boundary.

The heterogeneous domain decomposition method is formulated
following the Dirichlet--Neumann method. Both the implicit
scheme and explicit scheme are proposed. The algebraic form
of the implicit scheme is of the same form of the
Dirichlet--Neumann method, whereas the explicit scheme can
be interpreted as the classical staggered scheme using the
splitting of the Dirichlet--Neumann method.

The explicit scheme is implemented based on two numerical
solvers. Boundary element method~(BEM) is used as a solver
in the potential flow domain, and finite element method~(FEM)
is used to solve Navier--Stokes equations~(NSE) in the other domain. The
implementation based on these two solvers is validated
using numerical examples.