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Number Theory Seminar
Friday, November 1, 2013 - 05:00
Kidder 236

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TU Delft

Subtractive Algorithms were introduced in the 1990's by Fritz Schweiger, as generaliztions of multi-dimensional continued fraction algorithms. Independently, and more-or-less at the same time, Ronald Meester "invented" Subtractive Algorithms in the context of Perculation Theory.

In this talk I first will focus on some older work by Ronald Meester and Tomasz Nowicky, and Meester and CK, on the convergence almost surely of these algorithms. Then some recent work on more general Subtractive Algorithms by Robbert Fokkink, Hitoshi Nakada, and CK will be discussed.

This is joint work with Robbert Fokkink, Ronald Meester, and Hitoshi Nakada.