The OSU Department of Mathematics maintains a Community at ScholarsArchive@OSU which contains five Collections Faculty Research Publications (e.g., re-prints of previously published articles), Technical Reports (e.g., unpublished research papers), Student Research Papers (e.g., Masters Papers) along with Master's Theses and Ph.D. Theses.

My ScholarsArchive
In order to submit a work to one of these communities, faculty must first Log In to ScholarsArchive with their ONID account and password. Then click "My ScholarsArchive" in the menu to the left. There should be two buttons, "Start a New Submission" and "View Accepted Submissions". Any previously submitted items will appear in a list entitled "Submissions In Workflow Process".
How-to Submit
Upon clicking the "Start a New Submission" button, you should have at least the following two options for Collection: Faculty Research Publications (Mathematics) and Technical Reports (Mathematics). )If you do not have access to submit to these collections, please contact the Library Liason.) Choose the appropriate collection to continue.
Which Collection?
  • Faculty Research Publications is intended for re-prints of previously published articles or proceedings papers.
  • Technical Reports is intended for unpublished research or proceedings papers. Papers submitted for publication elsewhere should not be posted here if publication will require its eventual removal.
  • Student Research Papers is intended for Master's papers (non-thesis), undergraduate Thesis, and other undergraduate research projects.
Submission Process
The submission process is divided into a number of pages with the general categories of: Describe, Upload, Verify, License, and Complete. You can save and exit at any time if you need to continue the process later. Fields marked with * (e.g., title) are required before you can continue to the next step, however all fields for which there is a known value (e.g., authors) should also be filled before submitting. Warning: once you grant a license, the item will be submitted and you can no longer edit it. If you submitted an item prematurely, contact the Library Liason immediately.

For the Student Research Papers Collection faculty have the option of either uploading their student's pdfs themselves, or faculty can direct students to email pdfs to Kevin Campbell in the math office. Kevin will upload the submission and I will approve it. Final approval rests with the library. If faculty choose to have Kevin upload submissions, they should please ask students to include in their emails to Kevin the following items:

  1. Title of submission
  2. List of authors
  3. Keywords
  4. Abstract
  5. Sponsors (e.g., Research funded by NSF)
  6. Other description (e.g., paper based on this work submitted to Journal)
  7. Faculty advisor (indicate approval of submission by advisor)
  8. pdf of submission


Technical Report Numbering
The field "Series/Report No." should be left blank, as this is reserved for internal numbering of items in our departmental technical report series (otherwise unpublished material). (Note that for previously published material the Citation field should be used for external series labeling and numbering information.) We use the labeling ORST-MATH and the numbering YY-NN where YY is the last two digits of the year of acceptance to the technical report series, and NN is the numbering of the items for that year in order of acceptance. In order to request a technical report number be issued for your submission to the Technical Reports collection:
  1. do NOT check the box "The item has been published or publicly distributed before" (this generates an "issue date" rather than prompting you for one)
  2. state that you are "requesting a technical report number" in the Description field (on the last of the Describe pages)
This input box appears only if you indicated on the first page that the item has been previously published or distributed. Enter citation information for this item if it was a journal article or part of a larger work, such as a book chapter. For journal articles, include the journal title, volume number, date and paging. For book chapters, include the book title, place of publication, publisher name, date and paging.
Before depositing copies of published articles into ScholarsArchive, authors usually need to have retained the right to do so (see, as an example, SIAM Journals) or have paid an Open Access fee. The library offers authors help understanding publishers’ copyright permissions and author copyright transfer agreements. Sue Kunda has provided us with a spreadsheet that contains the Mathematics Publishers' open access policies for journals in which the Oregon State mathematics faculty have published articles in the past.

If you have a question about whether or not an article is eligible for deposit in ScholarsArchive, contact


Workflow Process
  1. Faculty member submits item to ScholarsArchive.
  2. Library Liason checks submission, corrects metadata if necessary, assigns technical report number if appropriate, approves/rejects item.
  3. Library ScholarsArchive administrator checks copyright and has final approval. Item is uploaded to ScholarsArchive. Library can make any necessary changes after the item goes live.

Other help information is available inside ScholarsArchive via the Help Guides section in the lower right of the page.