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Mathematical Biology Seminar
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 05:00
WNGR 275

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Ecologists have long sought to develop mathematical theory as an explanation
and guide for biological control.  Early efforts relied on Lotka-Voltera,
Nicholson-Bailey, and other simple model systems, but recent efforts have
gone beyond the classical forms.  I discuss two lines of development.  One
is the use of structured population models to help diagnose and exploit
vulnerabilities in the life cycles of invasive species. Another is the use
of reaction-diffusion models to predict the spread of an invader and to
assess the ability of a predator to slow, stop, or reverse the spread of its
invading prey. A common thread in these meanderings is the problem of
pattern and scale. We need to examine how qualitative description depends on
spatial, temporal and organizational scales of observation and develop
methods for linking processes occurring at different scales.