Maple Tutorials

 These instructions are specifically for using Maple on machines located in the MLC computer lab. These applications should be installed on most, if not all, computers located on campus. If you would prefer to use a computer outside of the MLC computer lab, certain steps may be slightly different, such as where the program is located on that computer and how to print your finished assignment(s).


Opening Maple

      Log into your ONID or science account on one of the computers in the computer lab. If you do not have a science account, for your username put onid\username. Once you log in, find the icon Maple 14 and get started.

      Maple 14 is available in different formats (i.e., document, worksheet, and command line), and it may prompt you to choose between operating in document or worksheet mode as it opens. Document mode has a convenient interface which allows users to work without knowing much Maple syntax; in contrast, worksheet mode requires processes be entered with code. Either of these formats should be adequate for most newer programs, but older codes sometimes have problems running in document mode. If you have a problem running a code in document mode, try to run it in worksheet mode instead. (On some computers it may be necessary to start worksheet mode from the start up menu rather than from the Maple icon on the desktop.)

Run Tutorials
      Once Maple is open, select Help->Maple Help from the top of the screen. This opens up a window titled 'Maple 14 Help'. In the left hand side of this window is a list of folders, click on 'Getting Started', and then click on the sub-folder 'Tutorials'. It would be a good idea to go through the tutorials that cover information related to the class that requires Maple. If you have never used Maple before, going through the 'Ten Minute Tour' is a good way to get a feel for how Maple works.  Once finished with these tutorials, select and go through any addition help materials related to what your assignment requires.

Using Help
      Once you are in Maple, to get help either use 'Ctrl+F1' or go to the 'Help' drop down menu and select 'Maple Help.' The 'Maple Help' window will open in a new window. On the right is a description of how to navigate through Maple Help. On the left is a search bar where you can type the name of any function you want to know more about.

Saving Your Work

      It is always good to constantly save your work. You have a couple different options to save your work. If you want to access it on any computer on the OSU campus, then save the work to your O drive. In order to do so, after you go to file and click on 'save as' you need to go to 'My Computer.' From there you want to click on 'homes on 'ONID File Server (onid-fs)'(O:)' and save the file there. If you want to have access to the file at your home computer, then you need to save the file (preferably in your O drive) and attach it in an email to yourself.

Printing Finished Assignments

      Once you are finished with your assignment, go to File->Print. Make sure that the selected printer is 'HP Laser Jet P4015x', then press print. Also, keep in mind that printing in the MLC computer lab costs $0.05 per page. Once your assignment has been printed, you can close Maple and log off.

Additional Links (Maple)

Maple Reference Sheet   Helpful for remembering basic Maple syntax. Also there is a side bar that has many different helpful topics.
Maple Worksheets   Includes an introduction and has many worksheets with solutions.
Loops in Maple   Tutorial on loops in Maple.

Last updated May 1, 2012