The services offered by the Math Learning Center are:

  • a well-lit study area with tables and a coin-operated photocopy machine
  • free drop-in tutoring (provided by GTA's, faculty volunteers,
    and a few hired undergraduate tutors)
  • resources (textbooks, solution manuals, a few graphing
    calculators, etc.) to check out for use in the MLC
  • make-up testing (faculty or TA's can leave make-up tests in
    a file behind the MLC desk; clerks will administer and refile
    the completed test to be picked up at the instructor's convenience)
  • a mathematics education resource room
    (for use by the Excel program and mathematics education classes)
  • a computer classroom with Mathematical Software installed
    (for use by students in mathematics classes)

Note: No tutoring is available during final exam week or the first week of the term.