We hope to see you in the MSLC!

The center is always open for independent and group studying.

Tutors are available in the MSLC

Daytime hours: M-Th 9am-5pm; F 9am-4pm

Evening hours: Su-Th 7pm-10pm

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms during weeks 2-10.  Note: No tutoring is available during final exam week or the first week of the term.

MSLC Kidder 108


The services offered by the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center are:

  • an inclusive, welcoming, and always-open study area,
  • free drop-in tutoring provided by math and stats graduate students, faculty volunteers, and advanced undergraduates,
  • textbooks, solution manuals, graphing calculators, etc.
  • make-up testing for mathematics and statistics courses
  • mathematics education resource- and class-room
  • instructional computer lab with Mathematical Software installed