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Graduate Student Summer Seminar
Monday, July 20, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:30
KIDD 364

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Graduate Student - Oregon State University

What is it to know mathematics well enough to teach it? Is it simply knowing how to do what you’re going to teach? Is it just a matter of having taken a certain amount of courses in advanced mathematics? Lee Shulman attempted to answer this question and developed a framework for the knowledge needed for teaching. Since Shulman’s work there have been numerous different frameworks of content knowledge for teaching developed in mathematics. So why do we care about these frameworks? These frameworks help us to be able to assess what a teacher knows in relation to teaching.
The majority of graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) have just finished a bachelor's degree in mathematics and have little to no teaching experience. However when they get to graduate school many of them will have teaching positions as either a recitation leader or a full instructor. So are they actually prepared to teach? Do they have good mathematical content knowledge for teaching? I will discuss some of the main frameworks for mathematical content knowledge for teaching and some preliminary results from my research on GTAs mathematical knowledge for teaching.