Ready to plan your summer? Just last week, several new exciting opportunities for graduate students were advertised, such as the IMA Math-to-Industry Bootcamp, Gene Golub Summer School, and the AMS sponsored Mathematics Research Communities, in addition to the previously announced MSRI summer schools. See the website for the current list, also to find out what these are, and how to apply. Some require nominations from the department, so please observe the deadlines.

While most of these opportunities cover (at least) partial travel and local expenses, one can apply for additional financial support, e.g., to the Department, the College of Science and/or Graduate School. These have their own deadlines, also posted on the website(s).

The students attending various conferences can also apply directly to the organisations sponsoring the conference(s), which frequently have funds for partial support. For example, the SIAM Annual 2016 conference has a deadline of Feb.8. for student travel support applications.

Friday, November 13, 2015